Pros And Cons Of Dating & Marrying A Russian Woman

Russian women are known the world over as good wives & devoted partners. The modern online dating scene allows for so many options with popular order mail brides destinations encompassing many Latin American & Asian countries. But for those with less exotic tastes looking to marry a white lady, Slavic countries are the best alternative. Russian women are one of the top choices, alongside Ukrainian and Belarusian ladies.

With high educational standards in the former USSR countries, many Russian ladies will have 4-5 years of University education by the age of 21 too – as a bonus to great looks. Let’s review the pros and cons of marrying a Russian girl.

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Why Do Men Choose Russian Women?

First things first: Russian ladies are gorgeous. OK, not everybody is, true. But Slavic beauty is subtle and classic and there are so many young ladies with ravishingly good looks. Did you know that Pamela Anderson and Natalie Portman's ancestry have Russian blood in it?

There Are Millions Of Unmarried Ladies In The Country

Russia is huge. Let’s get down to realism a bit. Russia is really big. Territorially it’s the biggest country in the entire world. Not so much in terms of population, OK. But it still has 150 million people give or take. That boils down to tens of millions of ladies in marriage material. Tens of Millions. This is what we call choice.

Russian Province Is Bottomless & Replete Of Unpolished Gems

Those who are asking themselves how to marry a Russian woman might have grown weary of the demanding overly-emancipated western ladies. Ladies, who see men as a temporary fun factor in their lives and girls, who have a hard time committing to a family lifestyle.

For those looking for a less ambitious and more appreciative girl in their lives, Russian women looking for marriage are indeed a viable option. Specifically, those residing outside of Moscow and maybe even St. Petersburg. The further away from the metropolis capital, the less money you will spend in the process and the more precious of an unspoiled gem of a wife you may find.

Look for ladies from Voronezh, Yekaterinburg, Kazan, Novosibirsk, Samara, Perm, Saratov, Krasnodar. These towns provide high-quality genetic material that is not ultra-material. [the pun is intended indeed].

Russian Women: What Are They Like?

It should be noted that with the onset of the internet and globalization, nations world over become more and more westernized. Even Russia. Not so fast as other countries, true, with VK instead of Facebook and Yandex instead of Google, but the country cannot be subjected to globalization sooner or later. But the traits inherent to the nations historically are still to be found in its representatives, for example:

Russian ladies are used to patriarchal ways

dating a russian womanWhile men used to be the dominating figure in families, many modern families nowadays still have this type of relation hierarchy and it's considered pretty normal for all generations of 30+. The younger Russians may be looking for more parity, but the societal overall norm is still men being the head of the family, even when they are not the main provider.

This was partially instilled due to the demographic split of the nation with women never being in minority and during the ward times men becoming a rarity per se. So women got used to as much as sharing men or taking it OK if a man would father kids with few women in the village in the post-war times.

They are feminine and know how to use their looks

Russian girls in general, and even more so Russian brides for marriage are by and large feminine. They will wear high heels everywhere. Not a joke. Take this literally. Like wearing high heels when they are rooting for kids in a stadium is to be expected.

On the one hand, for a western man, this is a huge advantage. Many guys love having a well-groomed lady by their side who attracts glances as you walk into a restaurant. On the other hand, a man with a lady of that caliber gets used to endless spas and make-up expenses and all the feminine stuff with the pink tax on them.

They are survivalists

If you have been to one Russian train, you have been to all of them. If you have seen one provincial Russian town, you have been to all of them. It doesn’t get better. It does get worse. People who grew up in rough conditions have high pain thresholds, lower expectations, and higher levels of appreciation for everything a western country has to offer. Most Russian women will be able to put together a passable dinner out of thin air when you thought your fridge was empty.

Popular Stereotypes About Russian Woman

Russian girls turn into Babushkas

True, the lucky ones, who live past their prime years, do turn into babushkas. The sexy Russian girls though turn into sexy babushkas.

Russian ladies love vodka

Well, the drinking culture is changing. But the rule of thumb is that the less affluent the area the girl comes from, the more likely she will have vodka as the drink of choice. It's neutral in taste. The government makes sure it's good quality and cheap for the people. It does the job quickly. What's there not to like? But in sophisticated environments or for a social occasion, ladies will choose a wine or a cocktail.

Russians like to put on the show

This is somewhat true, yes. This Russian stereotype holds water alright. Russians are flashy. As a nation. Russian ladies dress to kill and expect to be taken to posh places. A modest wedding or a small Birthday? Forget about it, the entire big family with second cousins and all the nephews will have to be there.

Why Russian Girls Want A To Marry A Foreigner

First of all, the quality of men in Russia could do with some improvement - to put it mildly. Alcoholism, unemployment, low self-esteem corrode the male part of the population of the country. Hardly able to fend for themselves, many middle-aged men rely on women to pay for the utilities, buy food and in many cases – pay for their cigarettes and vodka. Being exposed to that kind of reality makes many Russian ladies want to marry abroad.

Secondly, with more successful cases of marriages to foreigners, the grapevine helps many beautiful Russian brides to be about this glamorous option for their future. It’s a classic win-win for all parties, after all: a foreigner brings home the humblest yet stunningly hot masterpiece as a wife candidate and the lady gets to live in comfort and respect for the rest of her life.

Pros And Cons of Dating & Marrying a Russian Girl

Below tips on dating a Russian woman will come handy for those looking to date and thinking of a marriage to a girl from Russia.


  • marrying a russian womanYou get to be a man next to a woman
  • You can have 24/7 access to delicious homemade food
  • Your kids will look fab and will speak 2 languages as their native
  • You get taken care of and the household is looked after


  • The language barrier might turn into an emotional barrier
  • Travel cost might add up for family visits
  • The cultural gap may turn unsurmountable for some couples eventually

Mission Possible: Getting a Russian Woman

Getting yourself a Russian girlfriend is not that easy but is definitely possible. Too many men ask themselves: Why are Russian women so hot? So you need to expect some competition here. Sex tourism is huge in Russia, so you need to know where to look for quality material. If you choose the right channel, do all the work from home online, and get yourself to a few best candidates to meet in person on a trip, you should be able to find a good match.

Dating websites offer a heart-stopping selection of Russian women for marriage. These girls go through a thorough casting process to be featured and are interviewed to make sure they are ready to relocate and prepared to work through cultural differences. If you are looking for a fling, go for Tinder, OkCupid, and other dating apps, that offer matches almost in real-time.

Difficulty Of Acquainting With Russian Woman

There are a few obstacles to be overcome if you set your mind on dating or wedding somebody from Russia. First of all, ladies from provincial towns may be a bit shy and take everything personally. They are not used to the boisterous manner of conversations of Americans, so they may feel awkward and need some understanding while adapting.

On the other hand, ladies from Moscow and the Northern Capital, St Pete, maybe too demanding in terms of dates and presents. So if you don’t mean to be taking another loan any time soon, going outside of the 2 capitals is the best alternative.

Where Can You Meet Russian Girls?

Online options include:

  • online dating websites, like RomanceCompass
  • dating mobile applications, like Tinder
  • social media groups with specific hobby and interest in mind

Offline alternatives encompass:

  • Disco & night clubs
  • Main walking street – this requires the mastery of the art of pick up
  • Retreats & health sanatoriums
  • Resorts & health spas, like Sochi

marry russian girlTips for a perfect date with a beautiful Slavic girl

There are endless tips and best practices on how to win a girl on a date, so we will keep it short and personal. Below is tried and tested knowledge derived from empirical experiences. What worked for us, should work for you.

1. Be a gentleman. It does include opening doors and assisting with a chair in a restaurant. It does include helping with her coat and opening a bottle of bubbles. It does include a paid taxi home for her on the first night. Yes, it does mean her first night and your first night are two separate nights.

2. Bring on your alpha male. Place your order confidently in a restaurant. Don't go into long disputes with the waiter. Know what you want. Give her the freedom to choose. Don't be helpless even though it's your first time in the country. Order Uber confidently. Have a plan for both of you. You are in charge. She needs to feel like you have it all covered.

3. Pay your way and pay her way. This is a bit of a non-negotiable thing in Russia. Men pay. No Dutch nonsense of 50/50. You pay all the way. If you don't pay, the chances are, she will be scared into thinking you are a tight-fisted bustard, who is not capable of feeding your children. This is how it works, sorry not sorry. You'd better find it out here and now.

To make things easier on you, only choose the girls you are happy to pay for and take her to places you can afford to take her.

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