Dating an Aquarius Woman: Tips and Advice

Dating an Aquarius Woman: Tips and Advice

Do you think it’s wise to date a girl, based on her zodiac sign? We think it always makes sense! Believe it or not, but people do behave like their signs, and it’s the truth. That’s why if you don’t know why an Aquarius woman acts the way she acts or does some mysterious things or appears to be too incomprehensible in her deeds, it’s reasonable to read this article. Besides that, Aquarians are beautiful people who will give you their heart when you get to know them better.

when Aquarius woman ignores you

This article will also give you a clue whether you are compatible with this sign, based on your traits.

Aquarius Woman Traits

A lot of men always ask, “How to get an Aquarius woman?” Why are they individualistic? Why do they have such high standards? Why is difficult for them to open up?

how to get an Aquarius womanIndeed, led by Saturn and Uranus, Aquarians are highly unique and creative people. Everything you do, they can do gracefully and effortlessly. They are a magnet for men.

Being an air sign, Aquarians can’t stand routine. Similar to Geminis, they love changes, love taking up new sports, so often you may see an Aquarius as a hot female athlete, an excellent cooker or a flight attendant. They are up to so many different things, you won’t be able to notice their transition. What else can one say about an Aquarius woman?

  • She is glamorous. They like doing everything in style. They love new and fresh trends, combining many new things, like trying sexy and innocent clothes. Nevertheless, an Aquarius woman is never vulgar, they are perfectly amazing in their own style. The best match for Aquarius woman will be a stylish and fierce man who is ready to experiment with his looks.
  • She has a wide circle of friends. An Aquarius never sticks to a certain group of people. She can talk to artists, lawyers, policemen and feel equally interested in all groups of people. However, a boring and well-established long-known circle will be the epitome of boredom for this sign.
  • She is very intellectual and quick-witted. Aquarians can maintain any topic, starting with religions to politics, and from fashion to astronomy. You won’t feel bored or overwhelmed when talking to an Aquarius. She knows the perfect middle ground in every conversation.
  • She is interesting and communicative. Aquarians are always people from the other planet. They are otherworldly and often perceived as “ahead of their time.” · She is independent. Casual dating rules are not for her. She knows the value of herself and is very rebellious. If you want to chain her down or degrade somehow, she will silently abort. But if she knows you are the right type of person for her, an Aquarius can do a lot for you. When an Aquarius woman ignores you, then you were either pressing too much on her or you contradicted her interests too much without even noticing.
  • She is hard-working and bright. A lot of showmen (or show-women) happen to be Aquarians. They have such a unique and lovely personality, it is absolutely captivating!

How to Seduce an Aquarius Woman?

If you are a boring and stable person, don’t go near an Aquarius. They hate settling down and spending usual nights at home all the time. Their heart longs for adventures. How to attract an Aquarius woman? Be unpredictable and a little bit crazy, in a good way. They are okay with switching homes, flying to new countries, being all active and touristic. They love working hard and playing harder. If you are a bit of a slob, don't expect an Aquarius woman to like you. They will abort the mission in no time. They like experiments and new emotions. Although Aquarius women are devoted and won’t cheat on you, they won’t think twice when living you for a better life.

  • An Aquarius woman in love is unexpected. She rarely turns into a good wifey who’ll always wait for you by the stove. They need some drive, so dating an Aquarius woman is always a fun and safe experience. Mind that they are on a graceful, not on a crazy side!
  • You won’t have any problem with winning her interest. Aquarians love a good challenge; they are excellent social butterflies and adore flirting. But don’t expect your first date to guarantee a steady relationship. Some signs will marry you after a second date because it means a lot to them. Aquarians just want to have fun. Also, read signs an Aquarius woman likes you. Because

of her easy-going nature, you might think she’s infatuated with you, but she might see you as a friend and a fun to get an Aquarius woman

  • Don’t try to act serious and don’t speak about the future, they are not the right sign for it. If you don’t want to intimidate and scare an Aquarius off, don’t talk about children and marriage during the first months of your dates.
  • An Aquarius sees her man as a partner in crime and a hobby hubby. How to know if an Aquarius woman likes you? She involves you in her world and shares her secrets. Bear in mind that they don’t like to go too deep into emotions and whine about life.
  • You should be original in your compliments, talks, gifts, and dates. Instead of Netflix and chill, buy her glamorous presents and take her to a crazy date. Something like kayaking on the Nile river or bungee jumping would be enough.

Aquarius Woman in a Relationship

How to tell if an Aquarius woman likes you? Wait until you are married! She is always different, so expect different approaches every day. She will do all she wants to do. You will have an easy and fun relationship without too much drama or depth. Don’t expect them to cling or be overly jealous. She won’t show you to her parents and be a homegirl too much. If you want a fruitful relationship, don’t try to chain her down and be a boring chap. You will be the best man if you respect her personal space, so wait until she settles down and be her friend.

Aquarius Woman in Bed

If you think that being interesting in everyday life is enough for an Aquarius woman, you’re wrong. These girls love crazy experiments; they aren’t afraid of trying new things. She won’t shy away from new positions since she doesn't adhere to many moral norms. She likes having sex in new locations. For a man tired of everyday routine, an Aquarius girl is a treat.

Now you know all about an Aquarius woman (although it’s quite impossible). These charming, strong-minded, independent and creative women like interesting men who are ready to change the world.

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