Let’s find out whether passionate Aquarius and calm Pisces are compatible if feelings develop

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In the partner's variety, there are two representatives of the couple, for whom spiritual values come first. However, this tandem has its stumbling block: along with dizzying happiness and love, betrayal is not uncommon. On the other hand, partners can create an almost perfect duo in love and friendship. Still, with one condition – they need not only to know and feel their mate but also to work on some of their character traits.

Pisces and Aquarius compatibility

Water men have a precious gift – intuition, so their partner should not play with them or try to deceive them. And Air girls can boast of inquisitiveness. Therefore, in such a symbiosis, the result is one – a happy life together. However, one and the other always need to be on guard because the representative of Air, at some point, will want to take everything into their own hands. Despite this, their partnership is built on three pillars: understanding, respect, and goodwill in communication. They are interested in figuring each other out. If they reach compromises, the marriage will be harmonious and long-lasting.

Dreamy Pisces and determined Aquarius: how sexual compatibility is showing in bed

The water element’s representative worships his partner in this couple’s intimate sphere. Relying on their intuition, the latter allows them to enjoy their mutual feelings. Intimacy for this union has not only physical but also spiritual meaning. Their tandem has a lot of tenderness, complete trust, creation, and willingness to experiment. They are comfortable being around each other: there is no room for reticence or reproach. For both, fidelity is not an obligation but the norm. People born in February and March dissolve in their chosen one because they understand that excessive control and limiting their freedom will only harm the union.

Partners with these representatives lose themselves when they stop feeling support; they do not show their determination and inspiration and become passive and irritable. If feelings fade – the thread of spiritual intimacy is lost, and therefore physical intimacy is impossible. On the other hand, such honesty between them allows lovers to remain friends even in the case of separation.

Friendly Pisces and goal-oriented Aquarius: the main features of friendship compatibility

A representative of the air element of the symbiosis in question has a solid and committed character: intelligent, hard-working, persistent, and independent in decision-making. He is no stranger to family values, and he is ready to sacrifice for their sake. He quickly connects with people and loves communication, but without a decent rear gives vents to weaknesses and loses his bearings in life. When communicating with the people of Water, he feels more confident, as if it wakes up creative energy and optimism. It is not for nothing that the representatives mentioned above are great friends. After all, their buddy tandem is built on a mutual love for creativity, creating something new and valuable for others and society.

The Water attracts the attention of the “airy” companion with its charm, calmness, friendliness, and intelligence. They appreciate creativity, skillfully follow changes, and are willing to compromise. Friendly unions between representatives of these constellations are based on benevolence and mutual respect. Their tandem quickly develops into something more: they need to be near each other.

Pisces and Aquarius compatibility percentage

Pisces and Aquarius compatibility percentage

The power of attraction for Pisces and Aquarius: how much is it a good match to be soulmates?

Differences in perception of the world attract both; they intuitively seek to satiate the intellectual and spiritual world of each. Representatives of the Water, as more sensual and dreamy personalities, are attracted to the movements of the air element, which support their ideas and help them bring them to life. The highlight of this union is the encouragement of initiative, ease, and respect for each other’s personal space. There is no competition for the leading role. The Water will make its partner of the earth element feel at its best; why infringe on its creative impulses? This state of affairs suits both of them completely, making them more cohesive.

What are the potential problems in a Pisces relationship? Will the freedom-loving Aquarius be able to withstand?

The fact that these two people are almost perfect in friendship and love does not mean there can be no disagreements between them. Disappointments can await this couple in everyday life and daily life. They can jeopardize limitless happiness. The ability to switch from dreams to reality, to live tomorrow without forgetting about today, helps lovers of these people to save and strengthen their union.

The duality of Water nature can often become a stumbling block in such a tandem. They often lose the line between care and the overprotection of their chosen one. Freedom-loving and creative Air does not like such a situation. Openness and honesty in communication will help to achieve mutual understanding. The ability of both to agree to resolve all conflicts without scandals and tantrums makes this friendly symbiosis the most prosperous and long-lasting.

The freedom-loving temper of the Air person often hurts his “aquatic” chosen one. They experience it intensely inside themselves, and avoiding sensual outbursts is not always possible. The rapid change of mood of the latter helps to switch and discuss the causes of anxiety with their partner. Both eventually realize how important they are to each other.

Symbiosis of sensual Pisces and responsible Aquarius: what are the prospects for marriage compatibility?

Even before marriage, this couple weighs the pros and cons so as not to disturb the idyll that has been created and to preserve everyone’s personal space. Their union provides perspective in all endeavors. Their tandem is ideal for people of creative and highly intellectual professions – poets, musicians, actors, journalists, fashion designers, doctors, politicians, etc. There is an atmosphere of mutual understanding, support, and admiration. At home, the Water will take on most of the responsibilities, protecting his loved one from additional problems. Still, the character of the Air will not stay in debt. If necessary to do some repairs, he will organize everything independently.

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