Emotional Attraction Vs. Physical Attraction: What's the Difference?

What does mutual attraction depend on? Why does love at first sight happen? Why do some people attract us like a magnet, while others, no less smart and attractive, do not evoke any feelings at all? Today, we are going to talk about physical and emotional attraction between a man and a woman.

signs of emotional attraction

What Is an Emotional Attraction?

In the psychology of relationships, there is such a thing as an emotional attraction — that is, an emotional bond between two people that is based on inner emotions and various subjective feelings. It is very important for both partners since its absence will lead to a breakup. Of course, in addition to the emotional attraction, there is also a physical one – it is an instinctive sexual desire, directed at a person of the opposite sex. Any long-lasting and strong relationship is impossible without it.

Emotional Attraction vs Physical Attraction

There are 6 main differences between emotional and physical attraction.

1. Physical attraction is lust, while love is an emotional bond

Love implies not only sex (as in the case with physical attraction) but also the need for emotional intimacy with a person. When you love someone, you want to spend more time with this person, and it's not about sex but rather about hearty talks and the feeling of emotional bond.

2. Physical attraction is impulsive. Emotional bond takes time

When you love a person, you are always ready to wait for them, and your feelings do not diminish over time. Physical attraction requires instant pleasure. It is impulsive and impermanent. Emotional attraction is a long-playing feeling that gets stronger with time, like expensive wine.

3. Physical attraction is superficial. Emotional attraction digs a little deeper

Physical attraction is associated with superficial factors, but not with the deep perception of a person. Lust is a state of mind that focuses on the human body, on tactile temptations, and sex fantasies. Emotional attraction is multifaceted and originates at a deep emotional level. When you are in love, you open up to a person, become vulnerable, and at the same time, full of confidence in your beloved one.

4. Physical attraction is short and sudden. Emotional attraction is slow and constant

Sexual attraction to a person can quickly run its course and burn down, especially if one has already had a desire. On the contrary, emotional attraction can live in a person forever and a day in all circumstances.

5. Love becomes stronger with time. Lust decreases

The love between a man and a woman is based on an emotional connection that strengthens over time. Physical attraction is based on a strong sexual desire that eventually fades away. So, no matter how passionate your relationship may be, if it is based only on physical attraction, the break-up is inevitable.

6. Physical attraction is only about “I.” Emotional attraction is about “we”

Physical attraction is selfish and most often associated only with your own desires. If you want to take possession of a person you love and do not give them plenty of rope, then you are just physically attracted but not emotionally. Emotional attraction is not selfish. In other words, if you set someone's happiness above your own – you really love this person.create emotional attraction

Signs of Emotional Attraction

Many people do not know how to understand whether there is an emotional attraction in their romantic relationship. Such insecurity spoils relationships, and consequently, leads to the breakup. Therefore, there are 7 sure emotional attraction signs in a relationship.

1. You talk about important things

If there is an emotional attraction, the lovers can talk about the most significant and innermost thoughts and feelings. If you can share with your beloved one the thoughts that you didn't discuss with anyone before, it means that you trust each other and feel emotional attraction. In general, girls are easier to utter their intimate feelings. It is difficult for men to build such a deep connection right away. They need time to make sure you match each other.

2. There are understanding and trust

You can truly understand and trust a person only by experiencing a strong emotional bond. If you look at your loved one and know what emotions and feelings they experience, then you have the emotional attraction.

3. You are attracted by the personality of your beloved one, not by the way they look

It happens quite a lot that you are attracted not by the appearance of a person, but their inner world that seems so similar to yours. It indicates that you have an emotional bond but not a physical attraction. Occasionally, the emotional bond is so strong that physical attraction appears.

Nowadays, people find potential partners and get really strong relations with the help of special online dating services. They communicate via the Internet for weeks or months and do not even know how each of them looks like in reality. But the conversations are so pleasurable and enjoyable that appearance makes no matter at all. This is how emotional attraction is created.

4. You respect each other's opinions

If it is interesting and important for a man to hear a woman's opinion on some controversial issues, then this is one of the clearest signs of emotional attraction from a man. If there is no emotional bond, then the partner does not take an interest in what she thinks.

5. The feeling that you are a part of something

If all the feelings and emotions that you have ever experienced to someone were just about lust, you would never feel like a part of romantic relationships. In this case, you would realize that you have a person with whom you can spend the night, but nothing more. You should create an emotional attraction to feel that you are a part of something great and meaningful.

6. You are ready to tackle problems together

If the relationship is serious, then the problems of a loved one become yours. You deal with an issue together and do not put this burden just on the partner. The desire to make life easier for your significant other is one of the clearest signs of a real emotional attraction.

7. You know how to listen to each other

If there is an emotional attraction, lovers can both talk on different topics and listen to each other. Moreover, you should keep this balance. After all, everyone needs support and attention. And who can do it better than a loved one?

Creating Emotional Attraction

All people are quite emotional and seek to share happiness, love, sorrow, and a lot of other feelings with someone else. Romantic relationships without emotions are like a trip without a destination. In most cases, it happens when two people build relationships only to obtain certain sexual pleasures. Perhaps, it can be called a compromise, which ultimately brings only frustration and disappointment. And yet, how to create emotional attraction with a man?

1. Listen to your partner

Try to be a good listener. Make your partner trust you with the most intimate desires and fantasies. Accept them with understanding and respect. Do not interrupt your loved one with numerous questions, opinions, and advice. You should be a good and understanding listener – this is one of the best emotional attraction triggers. Become the best friend for your loved one.emotional attraction triggers

2. Be honest with each other

Believing in the honesty and reliability of others is a very important component of an emotional bond, which is based on trusting communication. Honesty leads to a high level of emotional attraction between two people. It is difficult to trust someone who is not honest and straightforward with you. So, you should be honest and trust each other. This is the key to the longevity of your emotional attraction.

3. Spend time together

It is very important to spend time with your loved one to create a strong emotional bond. However, this is not about the initial stages of a relationship but about your ordinary life together. Spending time together with your loved one gives you the opportunity to talk about your feelings openly and share the most intimate things with each other. It is one of the tips on how to create emotional attraction with women. You should find common activities that can inspire both of you or try to understand and become interested in the hobbies of your partner. It is hard to create emotional attraction if you do not care about the interests of your loved one.

4. Form pleasant associations

Do not be lazy to send a partner your favorite songs, especially if your musical tastes and preferences match. Each couple has its own "soundtrack of a relationship," so do not be afraid to make a whole songbook. The more songs and musicians you listen to together, the more they will be associated with your relationship. After all, there is nothing better than inspirational music and a woman whose image appears with its sounding.

5. Treat friends of your beloved one with respect

Do not forbid your partner to communicate and spend time with their friends. Let your loved one know that you like their circle of friends and acquaintances. And, most importantly, you should become a part of this society – then your partner will not have to be torn between two fires, choosing between love and friendship. It is the best tip on how to trigger emotional attraction with men.

6. Develop intimacy

Talk to each other every day. Make it a habit to discuss everything that has happened during the day. After all, you should become not only lovers but also best friends. Remember childhood, mischievous tricks, funny and ridiculous stories, in a word, everything that can be told only to the closest person.

7. Place confidence in your loved one

Show your partner that you trust them and are not going to limit their personal space. If there is a jealous tyrant-woman next to a man, he wants to escape as soon as possible. You cannot create strong and happy relationships without trust in each other.

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