Online Dating Advice

  • How To Buy & Give Virtual Gifts On RomanceCompass
    Whatever the occasion is, women adore gifts! And it’s important to celebrate your dearest lady with a carefully crafted gift. While physical gifts are always lovely, they may not be the realistic option for some reasons.
  • Top Facts Proving Hidden Origins of Valentine's Day
    The history of Valentine’s Day is complicated, as it has not always been about a highly commercialized romance. The idea that there was a time when people celebrated most authentically still persists.
  • Breaking Records: Black Friday 2020
    Your Black Friday treat this year is really tremendous! We’ve got a couple of ideas for you! Grab 70% off specials and jump into our Love Train!
  • 10 Hot Tik Tok Girls to Follow This Year
    The most beautiful Tik Tok girls produce tons of content every day. Why do they have so many subscribers and why do these people follow them? Almost everyone who makes enough effort can gain popularity and recognition on Tik Tok.
  • How to Slide Into a Girl's DMs: Simple Tutorial
    If you are a registered user on a dating site or on social networks, then you have probably come across the fact that it can be quite difficult to start a conversation with a stranger. That is why we have prepared a simple tutorial on how to slide into a girl’s DMs
  • Is it Possible to Make an Interfaith Relationship Work?
    When you meet a person who doesn’t believe in God or belongs to a religion different from yours, it’s sometimes tricky to build a lasting union of hearts.
  • Video Live Chat Before Dating: Top 10 Tips for Guys
    We live in an amazing time when we can contact each other from almost anywhere in the world. And there are many opportunities for dating: social networks, messengers, and all kinds of Internet resources for communication. Video chats have significantly expanded the possibilities of dating.
  • How Dateable Are You: Ultimate Guide and Quiz
    Each person has experienced a feeling of loneliness at least once, and this is quite normal. People are social beings by nature and need communication, which is why many are so diligently trying to find their soulmate. But is it necessary to look for a soul mate?
  • What Are the Main Relationship Attachment Styles?
    Why do some people seem detached and withdrawn, while others are open, outgoing, and even a little intrusive? It's a matter of attachment styles. But what does this mean? What is your attachment style?
  • Benching in Dating: Is It the Same As Ghosting?
    Many men know this behavior of women: you have been dating for a while, you have good relations, and it all looks like love. And then she says something like: “I’m not ready for a serious relationship, let’s stay friends,” or “Let’s take a break,” or she simply disappears.
  • How to Be a Supportive Partner for a Woman
    Women are often overly emotional and can be very worried about different situations. Guys should know how to support them so as not to ruin a relationship. So, how to be supportive?
  • How to Talk to Young Girl? Best Things to Talk About
    Often young people get acquainted via the Internet, and only then, if they are interested in a person, they make an appointment to meet in real life. But for this meeting to take place, it is necessary to know what to talk about with a potential partner.
  • All About Libra Women: Dating, Relationships & Best Matches
    Dating a Libra woman is exciting, and here’s a couple of rules you should know before approaching them.
  • Dating Tips: How to Meet Girls Younger than You Online
    Earlier society accepted the relationships and marriages of young girls and older men. Moreover, the older the man was, the more attractive he was in the eyes of the girl’s parents. However, times have changed. Although nowadays a relationship between a young girl and a mature man is not condemned, still, sometimes society doesn’t accept it.
  • Senior Dating: How to Attract an Older Woman in 5 Simple Steps
    Relationships with older women are the norm in our time. However, some men are still surprised by this fact and prefer to meet Russian ladies online (or women of other nationalities). But still, what attracts men in mature ladies?
  • 12 Dating Tips for Single Parents
    Can a single parent date? Of course, they can. But dating is not always easy, we tend to overanalyze our partners, overanalyze ourselves, worry too much for certain things, give in to various fears and anxieties, when, in reality, there is nothing to worry about (well, at least in most cases).
  • Online Dating Advice: 9 Must-Know Tips for Online Dating After 40
    We are used to finding love in real life, it just feels more natural and less contrived to do so. In some way, this is the evolutional way we’ve met each other, online dating was around for only 30-something years, yet there are some important reasons why it is so convenient and popular.
  • How Long Should You Date Before Becoming Official
    Those people who have already found someone who will be the one for them can already call themselves happy people. They are not asking about dating and how long before official. If a formal wedding is part of the life plans of both partners, then it only remains to decide when and where exactly to organize the wedding.
  • How to Build a Conversation with a Girl Online
    Nowadays, the Internet is just perfect for finding a partner, and the successfulness of online dating is affirmed by several studies, for example, by the research of the famous British psychologist who encouraged young people aged 20 to 27 who were ready for committed relationships to evaluate the effectiveness of online dating. So, they were looking for soulmates on dating sites, and about 70% of the participants took their chatting to the next level.
  • 15 Tips for Creating Online Dating Profile Pictures for Guys
    Does online dating work? Sure, it does, some of us find it to be the most important part of our lives. I am serious. The online dating industry has been growing rapidly for the past few years, and there is no sign of it being less popular any time soon. It would seem like girls spend a lot more time and effort on their online dating profiles, especially photos.
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