What attracts a younger woman to an older man

What is so worrying about the age gap that couldn't be passed? It's nothing but the anxiety of a young woman who got used to hanging out with peers and now facing an opportunity to settle down with an older man. However, any young lady should remember that age gaps may be far less destructive than such of interpersonal nature.

An older man is more likely to have a stable career that secures the success of future relationships. Counting on his spontaneity or immediate change in direction would be ridiculous, even though it is atypical for a younger woman. For her, it is natural to like a sense of adventure in a guy, but a more prosperous life with a more mature gentleman makes each new day no less different from the previous.

What attracts a younger woman to an older man

Older men know how to resolve her daddy issues

A degrading relationship with her father doesn't have to cause a romantic feeling in older men from a woman. Her evident or alleged interactions with the father she was yearning for are now substituted with the attention of the same-age guy. The perception of a potential father stepping into the role of a protector with whom she feels safe is paramount for her. 

A woman's childhood dramatically influences her choice of a partner unless she finds more reasons. A girl lacking parental love and care will be trying to fulfill an emotional emptiness. She's addressing her heart to the one resembling her father's, no matter how harsh it was.

Her dramatic dating experiences due to family issues may be the primary reason she remains single. Her unconscious reprehensibility determines an according predisposition toward any single man that shows up on her path. Surprisingly, a predominating tactic involving seeing an individual utterly different from her father is either very successful or a total fiasco. 

A lack of commitment or passion with her peers will spur her search for an older gentleman that reminds her father. The basic idea would be finding a decent and reliable guy — a potential husband, no matter how hard and long she tries to separate the wheat from the chaff. In her childish being, her father would never let her down, protect her from the violent current keeping up with her kinks and quirks.

More senior men know what they want and how

Sometimes dating can be a riddle that gets away quickly if a man isn't trying to work out how a woman feels about him and whether she's interested. A more experienced gentleman won't be entertaining a young cutie with serenades or exhaust with jealousy if she seems equally devoted to their mutual future. Your upcoming dating experience with her will help distinguish whether she's just playing games or having fun.

What attracts a younger woman to an older man - image 2Usually, being more mature than her looks, she won't confront your desire for a serious relationship, sometimes even putting too much pressure on you. At the same time, you both should stand on the same grounds concerning where things are heading, as if there's a dilemma — choose mutual understanding rather than love. She expects you to be honest about your intentions, and you are entitled to demand the same in return.

What is astonishing is that your negative experience of a failed marriage might be more exemplary for your new spouse. More mature, you have been through all hardships wading through the thorns together with your ex. And even though your last ship sank, nobody will ever persuade her to pick up a man closer to her age if she knows where the wind blows. 

Your story might lead her to the understanding of a female type you need because, having met you — a typical Mr. Right — she obviously won't need a few more years to think about the future. Just don't hinder her from confiding in you her innermost fears with all their thought loops, like negative self-perception or a hyperbolized male appreciation. Instead, ensure your more traditional and silent approach to women is appealing to her, and she'd better waste time with you than anybody else.

Older men make a young lady feel desirable by offering ample choice

You're not obligated to fuel her broad spending sprees with diamonds and dresses, but common sense tells her that your funds must make a good substitute for your impending dementia. The same sense tells her you won't be fond of exhibiting her stunning looks to strangers but rather occasionally showing it to friends or ultimately concealing to yourself. Your future wife's physical attraction compares to your wisdom more than your fading looks, which proves the contrast between a younger girl and a more mature woman. 

For a beautiful young chick, meeting an older man who appreciates her grace and feels captivated by her vigorous roller coaster lifestyle, with its ups and downs, is a jackpot. If she does not make you feel younger inside your declining body, you either don't need it or don't care. You shouldn't think, however, that she is a queen of the jungle, whatever knockout she looks.

Beware of tagging her a gold digger before she finds a reason to misuse your platinum Mastercard. A stereotypical hypothesis is that such women are mostly money-wise and are looking for big shots to inherit a bit of high life. Being attracted to wealth means she never minds your physical condition, which might be insulting for some gentlemen.

Whatever stingy you might find her, the fact that your income attracts her more than your bingo game talents is totally fine unless you feel humiliated or more uncomfortable in her company than with yourself. Your career guarantees a single young lady some solid perspectives to marry you. While you can enjoy the benefits of her young, healthy body, let her enjoy the benefits of your success. 

She may be struggling to afford your lifestyle, but this in no way means she's solely interested in easy money to make ends meet. Neither your experience nor her youth is faulty if you love each other and want to build good relationships, mapping out the path at an early stage. Let her know she's always welcome in your world of trustworthiness and honesty.

An older man has everything set for himself and the people he loves

For a young woman, dating a guy of the same age could bring about some natural opportunities, like bringing up a healthy posterity. Catching up with an older, more respectable, and responsible man allows for making more far-reaching plans, like securing a good education for children. The latter is much more relevant in a longer perspective and pays off well in a decade or two.

In her favor, you won't make her cope with your immaturity and subsequent issues, like jealousy, lacking commitment, or distrust. Arguments followed by disagreements and disappointments reshape the family landscape sufficiently, and not always in a good way. Conversely, getting into a relationship with an older man, your sweetheart is getting into a relationship with someone who has already known life through and through. 

Will she find your thorn path of a noble hidalgo boring? If only she's either stupid or a senseless female lacking sympathy for the devil like you are. But you're not going to teach her a lesson of love and devotion over the years but here and now, are you?

A well-established guy probably won't waste time on mediocre women, as he needs a more straightforward prospect of their mutual future. Your outstanding patience may bring you harmony with a reckless and wild creature, taking anything you do to her for granted. To sidestep a one-way street, especially in a rainy season, your better half should be more responsive and responsible in her actions.

Mature men aren’t afraid of tight bonds

Younger men won't consider the possibility of swift marriage before they make a destiny-determined decision to leave a womanizer's league to dedicate their lives to the one and only — God knows when exactly. With all that wholesale bootylicious stuff left right behind, more mature gentlemen perhaps are more ready to stick with a more intellectual woman. A monogamous relationship predisposes the idea of committing to one person for the rest of your life, and a doll with no brain is a good fit for the same numbnuts.

What attracts a younger woman to an older man - image 3A decent woman feels her clock is ticking, and whatever child-free status she wants to keep, which is a changeable value no matter her age, a female’s loneliness is devastating. If a girl you find a good match for you wants children, her commitment to building a sound family unit is natural, but your age gap could be an issue. No matter how hard you try to make her a good living upon the most excellent standards, if you don’t ace impregnating a woman who’s not willing to suppress her maternal instinct — she will find a more fertile man.

On the other hand, if she is already raising a boy scout with hedonistic inclinations, she would never disavow your posture of a great dad, whatever transparent it might appear. The responsibility of a serious relationship, especially burdened by extra weight, is overwhelming for a fresher guy. A wise older man, independent in his thoughts and actions, emotionally stable, stakes an archetype of a reliable individual. 

A silly young girl won't expect you to let her down, not because you're old enough to substitute her dad or realize how to settle her daddy issues, but because she simply loves you the way you are, with your wrinkles and fatigue. Your free spirit, escorted by the power of your sometimes grotesque intelligence, has been looking for a safe haven since the first coming. And that could be her soul.

Conclusion: why a single lady is terribly attracted to someone older

Enclosing a query for a mentor figure matching their pretty mentee, she wants to resolve her feelings once and preferably forever. As a more mature guy, you need to ensure that your past experiences won't appear in some outrageous contradiction but are mutually reinforcing instead. Successful living is your proficiency in designing and achieving the most desirable goals in life, including finding a decent woman. 

A young beauty will give a chance to help an older man rediscover his past years and experience some sexual reawakening. Your itinerary may be changed immediately and irrevocably, as well as her path toward your personality. The question is if you two get complete with one another eventually.

For her, it is natural to fall in love with an experienced guy with a less turbulent personal life. For you, it’s natural to feed a black kitten with white milk, but be ready to spot a bowl untouched some early morning on your latest day. For you both, the age difference won’t signify the wrong person at the wrong time, as it’s just a number.

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