Pros and Cons of Travel Girls for Dating

As far back as you can remember, you always wanted to travel a lot and to be a citizen of the world. You always strive to implement your desires, become independent and happy. You have grown up and now has your own recipe how to cheer yourself up, enjoy yourself and meditate in order to become a lot better and happier. Traveling is your own manner of meditation. You travel for pleasure, for a new experience and sometimes even for your work.

Your life principle is – love what you do and do what you love. And you really do. Recently you are tied up with one important question – where to find a girl, with whom it will be interesting not only watching a film and eating in the restaurants but also having a really cool dating somewhere in the Middle East or spending your weekend not in the city but in a totally new place.  Or you might travel a lot for work, living alone and missing a good company.

What about travel girls for dating? Of course, every good idea has its own pros and cons. In the moment when you hesitate each point is crucial. Let’s discuss main pros of a travel dating site. It might be right to save the main pros for dessert and start with first two cons, that are not so huge but quite important.


1.   You will spend almost all the time with an unknown girl

You met each other at a dating site a couple months ago. You have discussed many different topics, trying to get to know each other better for two months. Now you know that she likes hiking, knows French and Italian and has already read many books, started from some on philosophy and to criminal detectives by Agatha Cristy. It may even seem that you know each other very well or even that you have known almost the entire life, but the truth is that you are the same strangers as two months ago.

You can evaluate her appearance by a photo, find out some interesting moments in her behavior, but you don’t still know how she will act in this or that situation. If you are going to travel in some foreign country with the girl for up to several weeks, it would be better to date her before this trip. In the unknown place and in the middle of the travel it will be difficult to break off the relationship and send her back home.

2. You will spend almost all the time together

If you are a solo traveler and prefer to spend the big part of the day alone, you might be inconvenienced, spending almost all the time with another person. You have to be together during the whole way to the intended country whatever means you choose: plane, train or a car. Some man doesn’t like to eat in the presence of a woman, and if you are one of them – you have to forget about this whim. You don’t want to look weird, do you? Your travel beauty might not want to have a breakfast or lunch alone. Try to relax and don’t worry about the little stuff, because it’s you who will be asked in any case and every problem, regardless the time of day. You will be only one familiar person for her, so you have to find some activity for both of you or give that right to the girl.

3. You will get to know her better

Don’t be in a hurry to imagine many different strange situations and her wrong behavior in it.  Among many travel girls you chose her, you have spent the time to know her better, so it’s a perfect opportunity to look closer and open this girl from another wonderful side. You have made a good choice: she is smart, beautiful, strong and self-sufficient.  She definitely likes sport and looks great to please your eyes all the day long.

Who can make a better company for travel ever than a witty and intelligent beauty with the sun-kissed skin? There are so many topics you haven’t discussed yet, for example, you know general information about her education, but you don’t know if it was her choice or maybe her parents. You don’t know how she laughs, maybe she gets that little crinkle above her nose when laughing. Might she make goo-goo eyes at you?

4. You will not be boring

If you decide to date one of the girls who travel, you will not have a dull moment. She will strongly encourage you to take an exciting adventure of the trip and will impress your day after day, making you fall in love with her. Usually, a traveling girl is a perfect story-teller, who can talk fascinating about her adventures or just some cute moments abroad for hours. A girl who loves traveling hardly will be shy and gloomy, she is social and has an amazing ability to make friendship with everyone and everywhere.  So, you can easily become not only a romantic couple but also good friends. 

5. You will get to know yourself better

Traveling with a beautiful stranger is some kind of getting out of your comfort zone. And every time when you change your today’s sedentary lifestyle, your habits and so comfortable and familiar solo-travel, you become a better, stronger and healthier version of yourself. You discover some new abilities and possibilities, getting invaluable experience and one of the best education. A traveling girl will help you to take what life offers, being understanding and easy-going, she knows how to appreciate the small and simple things in life. She will certainly make a positive print in your life. 


6. You will be surprised

If you think that a traveling girl is a light-minded beauty who wants just to get pleasure, you will be definitely surprised when you realize that she might one of the hardest working girl you have ever met. The fact that she constantly changes her job and doesn’t have even one steady workplace, means that she is a dreamer. She cannot imagine herself in a four-square room with a working schedule from 8 am to 6 pm and instead of that she may take several jobs with a free schedule to earn more money and have an opportunity to pack up and go to travel any minute.

She might also have a travel blog, sharing her travel experience and making it an extra source of income. Life itself is a big adventure, you only need to stop thinking about others and start live the way you really want.

7. You will broaden your horizons

If everything seems to you mundane, you want to change everything and go far away, but don’t have the energy to plan your trip, to choose a country and to make all the arrangements, give the reins to the girl and she will come up with a travel perfectly. This trip will surely create magic excitement in your life and will be like a breath of fresh air.

She will open your eyes to a whole new world and expand your horizons to things you never imagined and take you to places you never thought of visiting before. This girl travels around many different countries, having a great sense of direction, she will be a perfect company in which it isn’t scared even to get lost. She allows you to discover many new things and add extra fun and happiness into your life.

So, if you are bored of travel alone for a work or for pleasure and don’t have a perfect travel companion, it's high time to pay your attention at one of travel girls dating. Such kind of girl is smart, beautiful and optimistic, she will surely enhance your energy, have a positive impact in your life and helps feed your wanderlust. Enjoy all the pros and forget the cons, they are too small and not worth looking into.

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