How well compatible are Pisces and in a long tandem - let's talk about an alliance with Scorpio

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What kind of development awaits this emotional union? A fascinating trip to the countryside, a visit to the cinema, or a restaurant – lovers will never get bored spending their leisure time together. Why does this happen? This tandem is ideal because both partners are highly attentive to their mates. In this situation, the union of different characters of the same element forms harmony.

Pisces and Scorpio compatibility

They have every chance to create a lasting alliance; this is clear at first sight. The second person is the more decisive partner who is not afraid of obstacles. It is he who initiates the acquaintance. The latter are happy to follow their partner. The combination of assertiveness, flexibility, initiative, and softness makes the tandem harmonious without a tug-of-war of leadership.

Sexual entertainment in bed: intimate compatibility of tender Pisces and ardent Scorpio

These people are like two puzzles that form a perfect picture. It's hard to imagine a couple more suited to each other in bed. These two know how to please. The first representative prefers to obey his partner, follow him, and his half is a born leader and a passionate lover. There are no prohibitions in the intimate sphere for a couple, and both are ready for erotic experiments. It is impossible to imagine the existence of the first person without sensitivity and sensuality. That is why their chosen one will be happy, fully allowing himself to experience these qualities of the second half.

Despite its seeming indecision, the first person reveals itself over time, casting aside all doubts and becoming more relaxed, fully trusting the brave lover. Not only a confident example is crucial to them. An opportunity to rely on a strong shoulder that will not let the romantic sail away into the ocean of dreams for unrealistic illusions is also vital.

Pisces and Scorpio in non-committal friendship: can social compatibility be created?

Tell me your friend, and I'll tell you who you are. This statement best describes the friendship of these people. Due to the similarity of interests and temperaments, the close harmony of the couple is most likely. It is building on the intimacy of the soul, which both are very dear to them. 

The first is unselfish; they are always ready to rescue at any moment and will give a shoulder to lean on. The partner's feelings are more relaxed and rational, but they will always help the loved one. In this case, the one born under a different element will be a powerful core for another. Their mutual sincere affection will grow stronger daily, even without erotic overtones.

Pisces and Scorpio compatibility percentage

Pisces and Scorpio compatibility percentage

Are Pisces an excellent match to become true soulmates with Scorpio?

How to know beforehand that it's your person? Only some people can correctly assess the situation. These two can see a kindred soul, picking it out of the crowd of different people with their eyes. From the first meeting, they find a lot in common. According to famous astrologers, such a union is not rare; it can thrive.

On the one hand, the first is an eternally doubting, indecisive character who seeks support in all his actions. His qualities are vulnerability, sensitivity, and irrepressible imagination. This character can think up many creative ideas but needs to implement them independently due to indecision and dependence on others' opinions. They need a confident partner who will support them. 

It is this person who is the second representative of the couple. His actions are bold and agile. This representative will never care what other people think about him. Moreover, no one can guess what he has in mind. The mystique gives him a unique charm. It is worth mentioning that these two are attracted to each other. They will build joint projects on the materialization of shared dreams.

Are potential problems with Scorpio possible in the ocean of love of Pisces? Will their relationship last?

There are no significant problems to be found in the union. Can there be a breakup? It can be like everyone else, but generally, a long-term, faithful, vital partnership is about this couple. This kind of connection rarely leads to divorce. Partners equally do not accept lies and trickery. They have a keen sense of each other. The second takes the leader position, not allowing others into the union. Partners, being together, positively influence each other, and there is an excellent prospect for personal growth. The first is gaining confidence in their abilities; their partner, on the contrary, loosens the usual control. They may stumble over their shortcomings, but they must get bogged down in their selfishness. Lovers value what they have, so there are better strategies than pulling the blanket over themselves and their needs.

Is it successful emotional and marital compatibility between the pragmatic Pisces and the fiery Scorpio?

Common interests, a tender union, and mutual fidelity are the main components of a strong bond. Being under the influence of Mars, the second person is possessive and jealous. Their partner doesn't despise this; he is flattered by such an attitude, creating a semblance of reliability.  

The connection only gets stronger with time, although both do not tolerate stormy clarifications and scandals. A successful marriage is also likely; the chances of happiness in love are noticeably higher than in other tandems. The second person can show irritation or flare up on rare occasions, but the first can calm their partner. Therefore, they will succeed if these two balance sensitivity and the influence of reason to add a touch of practicality to an imaginary world where there is only room for two. Mutual caring, love for children, and a tendency to create a cozy home inspire excellent prospects for the future.

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