11 Signs She Is Losing Interest in You

When you date only one girl for a big period you may feel that she is getting colder in your relations. Don’t despair, there are still things that you can do to stop this. When you get involved in some serious long-term relations you at some point may wonder, why your girlfriend loses interest in you. Usually, there is one big reason for this fact. She no longer sees you as someone strong enough to support, appreciate. This happens because with the time you begin to treat your woman, not like a treasure, but like she is yours for granted. In this article, we are going to provide you with reasons and ideas that will help you to understand why your girlfriend may lose her interest in you.

why do women lose interest in men

Why Nowadays Females Lose Interest in You: Real Reason

Usually modern female searches for other men because their men are not caring about them enough. If you are not communicating enough or behave badly with each or stopped taking care of one another, plus you faced with problems in your bed, then there is nothing surprising that she lost her interest in you. Keep reading this article to learn why this happens.

Sexual Problems

Before you lose interest you lose your sexual libido. There can be millions of factors that can influence your sexual life. But the most common and important factor is the sexual displeasure or the lack of physical pleasure. Without sexual satisfaction, there is no way for you to build a strong relationship with your girlfriend. This is why it is so important for you to demand less and provide more. Remember, never forbid your girlfriend to act openly in sex. You may want different things, yes, but you still have to be creative to satisfy one another. And in the end, even you have never had any sexual problems you still may get used to each other and your sex may become boring.

Problems with communication

When you are miscommunicating you both will be losing interest in one another. This may even end your relations. Your communication is the most important factor in your relations. Without it, there is no way to build a healthy and successful relationship. Don't forget to be attentive to your girlfriend, talk to her about all that bothers you and listen to her attentively and at least trying to understand her. Modern young women usually hate when their men talk more than they do. This is one of the reasons why they lose interest in their boyfriend. And don't forget to express your emotions the way how she would be able to understand you.

She found new interesting friends

Things are very bad if she is searching for new friends. It means that your girlfriend is not satisfied with her life together with you. She may not be satisfied in many ways. The best option here is to talk to her openly. Maybe she just feels lonely if you have no common friends. You don’t have to think about the worst that she is cheating on you. All you need to do is to be calm, open and ready to change. Same about her.

Your goals and relationship expectations don't match

Any expectations in a relationship will inevitably lead to frustration. By our expectations, we create ourselves an unrealistic future, and when our expectations are not met, we become disappointed in the partner, in life or ourselves. It is important to love your partner for what he or she is. But this does not mean that you should abandon your preferences or change your values. We all have certain principles that guide us in life that can never be changed. She may start losing her interest in you because you are not going to change for her. So, seek for a balance here.

She is cheating on you

If she is cheating on you, then there is no way back. Women always want to see the strongest men around them. She is cheating on you because she doesn't recognize you as one of those strong men. She found someone else and even if somehow you are going to draw her attention back to you, there is still no guarantee that she is not going to cheat on you again. Sooner or later the same problems will appear again and again. The more you forgive, the more often she will cheat on you. Remember, there is no place for cheating in healthy relationships.

signs that your girlfriend is losing interestYou turned out to be another person

When you were dating you were everything for her, like a real hero. But with the time you revealed yourself because you stopped feeling like you need to fight for her. By that time, she got used to "old" you and your new version is not good enough for her. The same thing may happen in reverse when she changes with time. But in both cases, there are still chances to save your relations by expressing your concerns. Usually, men expect that women are going to stay the same as the day they met, and women expect their men to change.

Many indicators can precisely say that your girlfriend is losing her interest in you. If you want to act to prevent problems from this fact, then you need to act cautiously. Remember, one or two problems are not going to destroy your relations. So, you must search for several reasons that decreased her interest in you. We created the list of signs that will help you see if she is losing her interest in you.

Facts that your girlfriend loses her interest in you


When are forced to do what they don't want to do, they become irritated. The same may happen in your relations when your girlfriend may be forced by many outside factors to date with you. It may look like she irritates without any reason. But there is always a reason. Maybe right now she is not ready to break up with you due to those external factors. At some point, she will even change her attitude to the relations with you to find a justification for her behavior.

Pressure and Unhappiness

She may lose her interest also because of the pressure or unhappiness. Your girlfriend may have doubts about breaking up with you and these doubts can easily lad her to depression. You can find out that she is depressed if you see how she refuses to do what she used to enjoy before, she may also start eating lees, or become homesick, plus if you started to argue more. There will always be something strange about her if she is depressed.

Less Sex

When you are falling in love, your sexual life usually is the most often saturated, vibrant and more than regular. But with a time you get used to each other and our sex becomes less frequent and often disappears at all. Many glossy magazines advise in such situations to try something new, go for experiments and so on. Often this indicates that you became cooler to each other and you lack emotional closeness. Your body can never lie. You can fool your brain with your fantasies or rational explanations, but you can't fool your body. Remember, you may have sex regularly, but there is no guaranty that your girlfriend wants it too.

More Arguments

All these factors can lead to arguments between you two. These arguments may appear for very minor reasons. If you have the feeling that your girlfriend can argue about everything. But these fights always have the reason to exist. If you don’t see this reason from a first glance, then this is something way bigger. Long dissatisfaction, depression and many-many other factors may lead to arguments between you two. Plus, it accumulates over time.

You don’t spend much time together

In healthy relations, humans enjoy spending time together. Usually, they tend to spend all their free time together. We are going to sound strange, but partners who are truly in love ready to sell the whole universe for each other. If you start spending less time together, then you have to reconsider your relations. You will need some time to find out what both of you want from your relations.

You are not making plans together

Remember, women always want more in their lives. But this is good. They want you to evolve, change, adapt to new conditions of the world around you. This is why it is so important for them the build plans together with you. If you are planning things together, then she feels more confident in you. She knows what you want from this life. Women hate when their men stop improving their lives. They have no upper limit for the achievements. And if you think that you have achieved everything and there is nothing else you need, then she will start to feel unhappy with you.

One of you is not active anymore

If you with your girlfriend started to spend less time together, make fewer presents, you forgot when was the last time that you told how you love her and so on, then your relations are in big problems. Partners who love each other tend to give all the efforts to spend more time together and do some pleasant things for each other. This condition may even feel like your girlfriend broke up with you already. You should act swiftly if you see such changes in her behavior.

Interpretations of the Past

Remember, your past is not important. So, let the past stay in the past. If you are not in the healthy relations, then your girlfriend may use her past as a weapon against you. She may try to compare you with her ex-boyfriends and this comparison is not going to be pleasant for you. She may also be searching her memory for facts to understand how she ended up with someone who she doesn't love anymore. This all indicates that your girlfriend is not happy with you. Also because of those memories, she may falsify your present relations.

Financial difficulties and Domestic Problems

Sometimes couples can’t organize their lives the way how it would be pleasant for both of the partners. If you have some financial or domestic problems, then you both should work on fixing them. It is relatively easy to fix these problems in your relations because they have nothing to do with your love for each other. But they can bring tension in your relations, this is why it is so important to fix them.

how to get a girl's interest backCheating

Cheating is the worst thing that can happen between two people who are together. But cheating never appears if you have no problems in your relations. If your girlfriend is cheating on you, then it means that she is not happy with you and she lost her interest in you. Usually, cheating partners destroy relations between you two. Remember, you should never ignore cheating because it is caused and leads to very huge problems between you two. In successful relationships, people tend to look for similarities between each other. Usually, they share the same interests, hobbies, traits, and goals. While in the unsuccessful relations people tend to pay attention to their differences. If this happens to you in your relations then this is a very clear sign that your girlfriend is losing interest in you and tries to rationalize her feelings.

How to win your girlfriend’s interest back

Well, now you know that she is losing her interest in you, but what should you do? This situation can be fully avoided. We are going to introduce you to a number of ways how you can get her interest back in your relations.

Never let your sex life to be boring

Doing something new in your bed is the best way to revive her interest to you. Your sexual life should never be boring. Go to the sex shop and buy some toys there, plus you can try some new positions and places. It is all in your hands, don’t be shy.

Fix your communication problems

The most crucial thing for you is to fix your communication issues. To do that make sure that you are listening to her attentively. Your girlfriend will like it if you will be paying more attention to her. And don't forget to express your feelings and ideas too. Don't keep everything inside you, be honest and open with her.

Make sure that you support her

Care and support are the two best tools to make your girlfriend feel special. Remember to always support her and you will easily win her interest back.

Bring up more romance to your relationships

Girls like romantic men. So, you should use it to your advantage. We recommend you to organize romantic evenings no less than once a week.

Surprise her

Girls love when their men surprise them. For example, set the table, light candles, buy wine or champagne. Pick up a piece of light music. An unexpected romantic evening accompanied by soft music will reforge your feeling for each other.

So, you learned why your sweetheart is losing her interest in you and now it is all up to you. Only you can save your relations.

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