How Long Should You Date Before Becoming Official

How Long Should You Date Before Becoming Official

Those people who have already found someone who will be the one for them can already call themselves happy people. They are not asking about dating and how long before official. If a formal wedding is part of the life plans of both partners, then it only remains to decide when and where exactly to organize the wedding.

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For other people, we must say that there is no single factor or readiness for marriage. Nowadays people begin to meet at different ages and various periods of their lives. Remember, your every single year and experience matter, even bad ones. Before making a decision, evaluate how well you know your partner, how confident you are in a relationship with him or her. Honestly expect what will change after the wedding and try to predict where you both will be in ten years. This is a short answer, read our article to learn more about when it is the best time to get married.

Do You Know Each Other Well?

This sounds like a very strange question, but it is not. People may live all their lives together and after 20 years of a happy marriage get divorced because they know a little about each other. How does your partner behave in a critical situation? Are you sure that you know his or her long-term goals? Marriage is way more than just an official paper and stamps. It means that two people share the same goals, ideas, and interests. Otherwise, your marriage is not going to be happy. Sometimes people need to face some big problems first, to put their relations to the test and only then they will be ready to marry each other. And sometimes they marry pretty fast, without testing each other at all. The most interesting thing here is the fact that those both marriages may break up. We are all different. What is perfect for someone, may not be even good for you. If this is your case, then maybe it is the best time for you to end this relationship and try to find a singles girl online.

How long have you been dating?

How long do you know each other? How long have you been in relationships? Here is no direct answer for how long should you date before becoming official. If you have been dating each other for a long time and you are not married still, then your friends, relatives, and parents may look inquiringly at you, and your relationships. They may even wonder why you haven’t married yet if you have been dating for X years. So, time does matter, yes, but not the way how people imagine. Before marrying, you both need to make sure that you suit each other. If you still ask how many weeks of dating before making it official, then we say, “As long, as it takes to get to know your partner well.”

Is it comfortable to stay with your person for a long time?

People can date differently. Some begin to live with each other since day one, other couples just spend evenings after work together, but live in different places. And some meet each other only at weekends. Let’s imagine that statistically, all those relationships have been lasing for one year. But does it make them equal? Nope, people in those relationships have spent a different amount of time together. So, for a couple number one that lives together, the marriage sounds like a good result of their dating. While for the couple number three, marriage is going to be a restricting factor. If you feel comfortable living with your partner together, then marriage is unquestionably a good idea. Otherwise, you may consider visiting single ladies dating sites.

Declaration of Your Feelings

For any couple, it is crucial to keep expressing their feelings. When was the last time you have been to the cinema? Go visit your local cinema’s website to check for “Before I fall” official release date to make sure that you still can book tickets for you and your girlfriend. But what about officially declaring your feelings? Love is the most important feeling in our lives, you should express it to each other, not only with your words but also with your actions.

Official registration can say more about your real intentions than any words. Your girlfriend will be happy to know that you want to official registry your relationships, this is the best way to declare your feelings. According to statistics, average dating before official has a very wide range. So don’t be afraid that some other people will look at you somehow unpleasant or wrong. After all, it is your life, not theirs. If you feel that you want to spend the rest of your life with your girlfriend, then you should surely consider turning her into your wife.

Trust in the relationship

If you don’t trust your partner, then it is better to put this relationship to an end. Here is why. Tell me, how can you live with someone whom you don’t trust? If you love that person but still have some issues with trusting him or her, and don’t want to break up, then you should try to find a reason for mistrust between you two. For example, maybe one of you is too jealous? In this case, mistrust is very subjective and shouldn’t be tolerated. When you will find the reason, it is necessary to talk to your beloved one and explain to him or her your concerns. Explain to your partner that trust is crucial for a happy marriage.

How is your communication?

We have already touched this topic before, but now it is time to take a closer look at it. Before asking how long to date before being official, you should ask yourself a question about your communication. Do you communicate well? Can you confess everything to your girlfriend? Here we are talking not only about being honest with one another. You must never lie to each other. But if you can’t communicate without arguing and having disagreements all the time, then it is surely too early for you to get married. Having arguments is normal, but if your all communication consists of them, then it is not okay.

Can you maintain the intimate side of a relationship?

Every aspect of life is important when you are planning to live together. Your intimate life is crucial for happiness in relationships. Yes, people don’t spend too much time in bed together. But still, dissatisfaction in bed may lead to consequences and may lead to an end of your relationships. But don’t worry, if everything is ok, and you only doubt your intimate side of relationships, you still can change it. All you need is to talk to your girlfriend. Try to be open with her and express your doubts and fears. Chances are high that you will be able to manage and resolve this problem. But if you have this problem, and it hasn’t solved yet, then it is not the best time for you to get married to your girlfriend.

Butterflies in one's stomach

Surely, each of us is familiar with a strange sensation, a bit like a slight-light tickling or tingling that occurs somewhere in the abdomen. It appears at the moment of meeting with the object of sympathy, or during hugs or kisses and even before an important event such as an exam, conversation, etc. This feeling is romantically called "butterflies in the stomach," and it resembles the fluttering of delicate small wings. But what is it? “Butterflies in the stomach,” by the way, can be accompanied by mild nausea and arise as an answer not only to a joyful event. They appear if a person is very scared or excited. So, it is a good sign that you like each other, but this feeling is not strong enough to get married.

Be at ease with each other

A tension with two people can never lead to anything good. A positive attitude toward each other is important. Even if your partner does something you don’t like, it is always better to tell him or her what bothers you, and politely ask not to do this again. If you get angry with one another all the time, then maybe, it would be nice for you to take a small break and spend a week separately. Thus, you will begin to miss each other, and this will help you be at ease with each other.

Get closer

When was the last time you asked her about her parents? And what about a romantic dinner? There are many different ways of how two people can get closer to each other. If you ask, "How long do people date before becoming official?" then the answer is “As long as it takes them to get close enough to each other.” Being close is very important, and it is better if you get very close before marriage. In this case, your connection will be strong, and you will have lower chances to mess up your marriage. Don't expect that marriage will help you get closer. There is no guarantee that if you are not close now, then when you get married, it won’t feel like a prison.

You want to stay longer

If due to some reason you don’t live together, but you try to spend as much time with one another, as it is only possible, and it is still not enough, then chances are high that your marriage will be successful. It is better when people live with each other before marriage. In this case, they get used to each other, and already know every sight of their partner. It is very hard to hide something if you live together. Plus, this increases the time that you spend together. Thus, you will know if your partner will be enraging you occasionally.

Are You Talking about How This Relationship Is Important?

Another important part of the answer to the question, "How long do you date someone before becoming official?" is an answer to the question, "Do you talk about the importance of your relations?" Those conversations are crucial. When you get married, then you and your partner connect your lives forever. Of course, forever is a very idealistic world, the reality is way harder, but we should seek for ideal, right? So, to make your connection (marriage) strong, you need to be sure that your partner feels the same not only about you but also about the goals of your relationship. Otherwise, your marriage won’t be successful.

Without conversation about how important your relationship for both of you is, you can’t expect your partner to understand you. For example, he or she may not even know that you want to make your relationships official. This may explain why he or she is surprised when you ask your long-married friends, “How long did you date before becoming official?” Because he or she may believe that you don’t really care about that matter. This is only a small example, but there can be another matter too. And those matters may even destroy your marriage at all.

If your partner is in no hurry to start conversations about this topic, then you should do it. You may start from far, try to discuss an average dating period before an official in your country and see how your partner reacts. If his or her reaction will be positive, then it is time to make some certain steps about your marriage, if not, then you should continue your attempts to begin an open conversation about how long you date before becoming official. If your partner avoids having this conversation with you, then it is clear that he or she doesn’t want to get married to you.

Is your significant other really into you?

The answer to this question has to be a clear "Yes." If you have doubts about your partner’s attitude to you, then it is better not to get married to this person. Because only a few things can be worse than living with someone who doesn’t love you. Maybe living with you is comfortable for your partner and this may also be the reason why you are not married yet. If your partner doesn’t love you, then you should break up with him or her. Remember, we all deserve to be loved and happy with those who we love.

Discuss your future together

Making plans together is a very nice way to get closer and see how both of you see your relationships in the future. You must see a perspective of your relationships in the same way. Plus, it is easier to realize your plans if you both make them since you begin to feel like a team. Remember, you should discuss almost everything, a democracy can’t work if something is unclear between you two. Be polite and don’t be pushy during your discussions, or your partner won’t be happy to discuss anything with you anymore.

We hope that now you know when it is time to get married, and won’t need to ask anyone, “How long did you date before becoming official?” Marriage is an alliance of two people. It will only be happy if the love between you and your partner is mutual and strong enough to get you through all the problems and complications that will happen during your life. We believe that you will find someone who will be the one for you, and you both will be happy in your marriage.

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