Questions to Avoid on the First Date with a Ukrainian Lady

When men find themselves on a first date with a woman, many of them regret they haven’t attended any rhetoric classes or courses. What questions to ask a girl? How to behave? Which topics are appropriate to touch upon? If you date a Ukrainian girl, the number of your questions doubles. You must have heard about cultural differences and you might feel anxious before your first date with a Ukrainian woman. Yes, Ukrainian dating culture and national mentality should be taken into account when dating Ukrainian girls. However, you shouldn’t forget that in order to have a good conversation, all you need to do is to be friendly, attentive, and positive.

Questions to Avoid on the First Date with a Ukrainian Lady

How to Develop a Conversation with a Ukrainian Lady

Your ability to communicate largely determines the success of your date. Everything matters on a first date: your manner of speech, questions you ask, your reactions to your date’s questions etc. As the man, you should take the lead in a conversation. You should be responsible for introducing new subjects and dealing with awkward silences. However, it shouldn’t look like you are the only one who has the right to take the initiative. Listen attentively to your interlocutor and don’t interrupt her. Women like when men listen to them – this is how they understand a man is interested in them.

The secret to a successful conversation is to know how to start it and how to keep it going. After greeting your date, ask how her day was or how she got to the venue of your date (if you didn’t pick her up). Compliment her to make her feel confident. You may also say something interesting about the location where your date takes place – maybe, it’s your favorite spot or you asked her here because you want to experience it together. If you take the right attitude and free yourself from anxiety and nervousness, your conversation will unfold naturally and both of you will feel comfortable. Still, it’s a good idea to prepare interesting questions to ask a girl beforehand in order to make your conversation go without a hitch.

Questions that Should Be Avoided

It’s your first date with a particular woman, so you’re the strangers, basically. We tend to be wary towards people we hardly know and we choose our words in order not to put our foot in it. There are some first date questions to ask and some questions to avoid. Your date may be going well but suddenly, you ask the wrong question and the positive impression you’ve made simply banishes. If you don’t want to spoil anything, you should know which topics you’d better leave alone.

  • Previous relationships.

You should simply accept the fact that your date has her past. Today, she is with you, so her exes shouldn’t bother you. Of course, she’ll tell you about her previous relationship but it won’t happen on your first date. You also have your failed love stories but your date is not the right occasion to tell them.

  • Money.

Among the bad questions to ask a Ukrainian woman during a first date, money-related questions are one of the most off-putting. Ukrainian girls are more interested in spiritual rather than material values, so your question may turn them off. While it’s totally safe to ask a woman about her job, whether she likes it not, asking how much she earns is unacceptable in terms of Ukrainian etiquette. Boasting about your financial status, you’ll attract the wrong kind of woman or turn off the right one.

  • Politics.

Today, Ukraine often appears in the limelight of European news. Don’t try to figure out the political situation in Ukraine on your first date. Politics is one of the dirtiest topics two people can discuss. These discussions often grow into debates and word battles turning the interlocutors into opponents. Don’t turn your date into a mess. Just don’t say a word about politics and politicians.

  • Faith.

Most Ukrainians are Orthodox Christians, so you don’t need to ask this question on your first date with a Ukrainian girl. Moreover, if you met online, her religious views are stated in her profile. If person’s religion is of no consequence to you, there is no point in bringing this matter up.

  • Intimate topics.

There is a surefire way to embarrass your Ukrainian date and make her want to run away from you. Simply say something sex-related. It can be a vulgar anecdote or a too personal question. Hope you’re a sensible person and you don’t even think about something like that on your first date. Also, don’t even try to hint at first-date sex. You should wait until your woman can totally trust. Then, she’ll drop hints herself.

Best First Date Questions and Topics

Now that you know which topics to avoid, it’s time to learn the right topics that will help you get to know your date better and keep the ball rolling. Here are some great first date questions.

  • Hobbies and interests

All of us like to talk about the things we are interested in. However, the question, “What is your hobby?” often catches many of us off-guard. This is because we have some interests but we can’t call them our hobbies. So, cross this question out of the list of questions to ask a Ukrainian girl. Instead, put it another way. If you met online, you probably saw her photos on which she is involved in a certain activity. Ask her about it.

  • Dreams

While Ukrainians are rather superstitious when it comes to sharing their plans, they feel safe to tell about their dreams. Asking your date about her aspirations, you’ll not only get to know her better but also realize whether you have something in common.

  • Hometown

One of the good questions to ask a girl is showing interest in her hometown. We feel connected to the place where we grew up because it’s associated with the best periods of our lives – childhood and adolescence. Ask your date about her favorite locations in her hometown, maybe what it’s famous for, etc.

  • Trips

Even if your date has never been abroad, she has a list of destinations she’d like to go to one day. Bring up this subject to learn more about her wishes. Share your impressions from your latest trips.

Here is a final tip. Knowing the questions to ask a Ukrainian lady is good, knowing which ones to avoid is great, but knowing the right moment to ask them is the best. Don’t flood your date with questions. Ask only the most important ones to find out whether you’re compatible. If everything goes well, you’ll have your further dates for discussing other topics.

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