Best Gifts for a Ukrainian Girl

When it comes to dating, your main goal is to win the woman’s heart (if you do like her). Men resort to different methods and tools to achieve this goal. Some guys flood women with compliments, some show their manners, and some give lots of presents. Each method is working but combined in reasonable doses, they create even a greater effect. Is it appropriate to bring a gift for the first date? What would a Ukrainian girl like to receive? Keep reading to get the answers.

Should You Bring Her a Gift?

Whether you’re traveling to Ukraine to finally meet your online date in real life or you’re going out with a Ukrainian girl for the first time, you may wonder whether you should show up empty-handed or bring some gifts for her. Generally, Ukrainians give presents on important occasions such as birthdays or holidays. A first date is a special event but it doesn’t necessarily compel you to bring a gift for a girlfriend. But no one and nothing can prevent you from surprising your Ukrainian girl with a small present. The keyword here is “small”. It should be something inexpensive that will not make her feel as if she owes you something.

If you’re not complete strangers, which means that you’ve had a long-distance relationship before, your first visit to her country is your opportunity to make an unforgettable impression. There is a tradition in Ukraine to come to the house you visit for the firs time with a present. If it’s your case and you’re going to visit her parent’s house, bring presents for her and her family. If you know that there will be children, bring some toys and sweets for them. The best gift for her mother will be flowers and something for dinner (a cake or a bottle of champagne).

Best Gifts for a Ukrainian Girl

Is It Okay to Come Without a Gift?

Remember one very important thing: gifts are optional on first dates while flowers are a must. That is why you should show up either with a nice bouquet or with a nice bouquet plus a small gift. If you want to stand out from the crowd dating Ukrainian girls, you should impress them with a first-date gift. If you come without a gift, it’s not a problem, but if you come without anything, your girlfriend might think that you don’t care about her. Of course, she won’t show it because Ukrainian girls are tolerant and polite. Moreover, if she has strong feelings for you, it won’t matter to her. Still, if you don’t want to disappoint your date, give her flowers as a symbol of your admiration and romantic interest.

What Kind of Presents Ukrainian Girls Like

All women love to receive unexpected gifts, which are given without a special occasion. If you bring a present for your date, you demonstrate that you’ve been thinking about her. You put some effort into coming up with gift ideas for a girl, so her surprised and happy face will be the best reward for you. One of the best presents for a girlfriend would be a certain item associated with the place where you met. If it’s a holiday or a special milestone and you want to buy a perfect present for your loved one, there is a wide choice of gifts for women. If you run out of gift ideas for girls, here is a list of items your girlfriend would like to receive.

  • Flowers

As you already understood, a bunch of flowers is a universal gift. Dates are unimaginable without flowers. While in contemporary western dating culture flowers are optional, they are necessary in Ukraine. Ukrainian girls like to receive flowers. Many of them prefer field flowers, such as chamomiles; still, roses are always to the point. If it’s your first encounter and you didn’t meet online, a single beautiful rose will do for your first date. If you already know each other a bit, you might know her favorite flowers, so go for them.

  • Sweets

Ukrainian men usually bring their women a classic set on a date that includes flowers and chocolates. If you know that your girlfriend has a sweet tooth, you can bring her a treat. Ukrainian sweets are delicious, but if you travel to Ukraine from your country grab some of your local chocolates.

Something she’ll definitely appreciate

If your date has an online prehistory, you have enough information to choose a gift for your girlfriend. You’ve discussed many things starting from your favorite movies to the places you’d like to visit, so it’s time to make use of that information. You know that she’s trying to improve her English – buy her a book in the original language. You’ve traveled to her favorite country – bring her something you bought there for a keepsake.

Once again, dating Ukrainian women, you should keep in mind that there are gifts that can be given at the initial part of your relationship and the ones that will be appropriate only after you enter into a serious relationship. Among the gifts that are appropriate for a later period of your romance are the following.

  • Jewelry

It’s an old tradition to give jewelry to the woman who stole your heart. A necklace, a pendant, or earrings will make a nice present for your loved one. Make sure you know what metal your woman prefers – gold or silver. Every woman secretly dreams about getting an engagement ring with a diamond. By the way, giving a ring (not the engagement one) is considered to be a bad sign.

  • A plane ticket

If you know that your Ukrainian woman wants to see the world but she’s never been abroad, book the tickets to her dream destination. Apart from new experiences, it’s your opportunity to spend more time together and enjoy each other’s company.

  • An unforgettable date

Sometimes the emotions we experience are more precious than physical gifts. Since women are emotional creatures, one of the best gifts for them would be impressions. Take her out on a date of her dreams. Choose the location she’s never been to and make sure it’s super romantic. Going on romantic dates is extremely important, especially if you’ve lived together for years.

Also, you need to be aware of some superstitions associated with giving presents. It’s not recommended to give a watch since it’s a bad symbol that your love will run out. Wallets are not given empty – you should put there at least some coins or notes.

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