Long-Term Relationships: How to Keep the Fire Burning?

Being in long-term relationships is not easy. In the course of time your feelings change but it does not mean that they are gone, they just come into the new stage of the development. It is not true that your relationships are fresh and exciting only during the first few months. When it comes to long-term relationships, we ourselves decide how to make our relationships spicy and save the passion and intimacy of our first dates. This means that you both must be aware of certain behaviour, habits and traps that couples who stay together for a long time usually fall into. Here are six tips that can help you to stand the test of time.

long distance relationships tips

Why Do Long-Term Relationships Need a Hard Work?

When you are going to create a complex construction, you understand that it will be a time-consuming thing that needs a lot of effort. A committed relationship is a complex thing. When you start dating, your body is under the influence of certain hormones that make you turn a blind eye to the drawbacks of a partner. You see only their good qualities and build castles in the air. When the honeymoon period is over, you face the harsh reality and the need to decide whether you are ready to work on your relationships to save them or it is better to leave and never look back. You need to learn to find compromises and work as a team where both partners share responsibility for their union. All these things require much effort. You need to adjust to the new conditions and learn to live in harmony. You are two individuals with your own worldviews and desires, so healthy and happy relationships in which both partners can still develop need a hard work from both sides.

Make sure that you can laugh and have fun together.

It is very important to share some funny moments and be able to laugh together. The sense of humour helps to compromise when there occur some tense or thrilling moments. Laughing at each other can prevent you from some some serious quarrels in relations.

Do not forget to express your love all the time.

Of course, it is easier to say "I love you" than to show your feelings and express your emotions to your partner. Do not hide your excitement when you meet, try to find time for a short talk, show your affection by holding hands and having eye-contact. These simple things are easy to lose in everyday routine, however, they can be a key to keeping your relationships moving.

Open up.

Open dialog can help us deal with different obstacles in communication. Let's say your relations are long-distant relationships, open communication, dialog and mutual understanding are of vital importance to keep your relations live. While disputing, you should be able to listen carefully to your partner and find the grain of truth in his/her reasons, instead of arguing or making excuses. Be respectful and honest with your own feelings and the feelings of your partner.

Remember not to miss your personality.

One of the most dangerous things in relationships is loosing your personality. Never forget that you are individual and have your own identity. In relationships couples must complement and support each other instead of penetrating into each other, losing the individuality. Be unique and value every single trait of character your partner has.

Do not be afraid to experience something new.

It is important to share your likes and dislikes. If you haven't tried some activities in the past, you have a chance to do it now if your partner likes it or has it as a hobby. Be attentive to the things that are important to your beloved and do not restrict his/her happiness.

Travel together.

Travelling is always exciting, discuss the routes and places you would like to visit together. Even if it is not possible to head off for some country now, just plan and talk about it, since it will give you the opportunity to share your dreams. Take your RomanceCompass and start dreaming together, this will always keep your long-term and long-distant relationships exciting!

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When I was much younger, I thought that everything would work by itself if I met the right person. But the life showed that it doesn’t matter what a perfect match you are, you still need to pay efforts to make things work out.
22.07.2020 16:07

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