You and Her: All the Truth

  • Most Romantic Christmas Destinations
    What is so special about this upcoming Christmas? Maybe you’d like to spend it together with your beloved one? Choose any among the listed destinations to experience the warmth of holiday cheer. These spots are not very popular winter getaways, so you will find a way to dazzle her.
  • Female Manipulation Tactics You Need to Be Able to Recognize
    Almost every woman has a set of tricks that can be used to correct the decisions and behavior of men. Let’s figure out in what ways women most often manipulate men and how men can confront this.
  • How to Fight Loneliness: 7 Tips to Never Feel Lonely
    Social networks create the illusion of being involved in communication, but as soon as people turn off their phones, they feel the strongest loneliness and detachment from the outside world. So, the question "how to battle loneliness?" is definitely relevant in our time. And today, you will learn what to do if you are lonely and single!
  • How to Overcome Doubts in a Relationship
    The beginning of a relationship is the hardest, albeit a very pleasant period. Why the hardest? The main reason is that both partners don’t really know each other and therefore have no idea how to behave with each other.
  • Why Is Loyalty Important in a Relationship?
    Everyone dreams of selfless love, accompanied by sincere loyalty. Many are interested in what secret meaning the word itself carries. Many single women looking for single men know that relationships are based on it.
  • Signs Your Relationship Is Getting Serious With A Woman
    The problem arises not even in building serious relationships but in the very understanding of this phenomenon. It is essential to initially find out how your chosen one understands a serious relationship and whether your ideas about it coincide.
  • 10 Romantic Date Night Ideas To Jazz Up Your Personal Life
    Do you find yourself, binge-watching Flack, & See once too often? Did the relationship slide into the abyss of the boring and routine? Do you want to surprise your girlfriend with a creative memorable evening that titillates your senses? Is emotional charge wearing off exponentially?
  • 10 Hottest Redhead Models and Actresses
    In the Middle Ages, sexy redhead women were called witches and burned at the stake. Fortunately, the attitude towards the redheads has changed a long time ago. Today they are considered the most temperamental, hot, and sexy women in the world. Red hair always distinguishes girls from the crowd.
  • How to Meet Teacher Women for Dating
    It seems that the fantasy of dating a teacher is one of the most popular nowadays. This can be explained by many aspects: from the image of a mentor to the feeling of something “forbidden”.
  • 10 Hot Female Skiers You Need to See
    Girls who choose to become a woman skier sacrifice their childhood for hard training and hours spent on skis. What they receive instead? It may be a world recognition or at least great shape and discipline. Let’s check the list of famous women skiers we find beautiful and successful.
  • All the Truth: Sex for Over 50 – Most Important Tips
    The fiftieth birthday party often becomes a milestone after which life significantly changes. It is believed that it is time to stop having sex at this age. However, experts have cleared up this popular misconception. They believe that people give up the sexual sphere of life for physiological reasons since hormones continue to be produced at a sufficient level in men, an erection can be slower, but it lasts longer. Psychological barriers prevent a full-fledged life with having sex over 50.
  • Dating Two Girls at Once: Does It Work?
    Maintaining one relationship can be hard, with all the nuances that come with life, your work, your family, your hobbies, your interests, everything else that takes up your time and drains your energy, all of these things make it hard to maintain a healthy relationship with a single person.
  • Christian Dating Advice for Christian Singles
    In one wonderful book, it is said that most of the literature is written either about a person’s relationship with God or about the love of a man and a woman, which also seems to be a nice proof of the fact that God is Love. This gives the relationship between men and women a “special status”, raises them above the worldly vanity and sets them apart from the natural world. At the same time, it is these relations that are easiest to vulgarize, distort, and destroy.
  • Senior Dating: Dating a Girl Older than You, Useful Tips
    It has already been noted that the average age of the most popular women among readers of men's magazines ranges from 25 to 30 years. How to explain this rather unexpected pattern?
  • All the Truth: How to Deal with Ghosting in Dating
    With the fast development of Internet technologies, relationships between a man and a woman have changed a lot: we estimate the degree of sympathy of a partner by likes, monitoring their digital loyalty, and cheat on a loved one just in a few clicks. In such a digital age, it is very easy to disappear from someone's life – so simple that this phenomenon even has a name. So today, we are going to talk about ghosting dating.
  • Travel Dating: Top Most Romantic Places in the World 2019
    Nowadays we can hardly call ourselves romantic people. Some consider this a sign of weakness, and some consider this behavior to be too brutal. Unfortunately, the notions of romance, love, and feelings are taking a back seat. Modern people barely know where the most romantic city in the world is.
  • How to Make Her Chase You After You Slept with Her
    Few of us can imagine a situation where a beautiful and attractive girl would run after a guy to get his attention. Nevertheless, we are used to the situations when it is the guy who becomes the main initiator of the relationship, and it is he who makes his way through the ice and indifference to the girl.
  • 15 Things Every Single Guy Looking For a Woman Should Know
    The question, "What do women search for in men?" is quite relevant in our days. Although it seems that men don’t care, in fact, this question worries men at any conscious age. Every guy wants to please girls. The most important thing is not to try to please absolutely everyone. To achieve this, you need to understand what kind of girls like.
  • Best Dating Sites for Disabled People
    Sometimes dating for disabled can be a burden, but this kind of obstacle is not a prerequisite for successful relationships. Such people are striving to get the necessary support. Any relationship with a person with disabilities suggests the presence of strong love and feelings.
  • Healthy Boundaries in Relationships: How to Set Them
    Healthy boundaries are a sign of respect for each other. This indicates that each person takes into account the feelings of a partner and, therefore, this is a sign of true love. So, how to set boundaries in a relationship?
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