Female Manipulation Tactics You Need to Be Able to Recognize

Society condemns manipulators, considering those who are being manipulated to be weak and defenseless. But in fact, those lucky ones who masterfully control the minds of other people run the world. Each of us manipulates to a greater or lesser extent. All people have it genetically, but female manipulation tricks are much more elegant and professional than male ones, and there are reasons for this. It is like dating a player – you never know what to expect from such women. Almost every woman has a set of tricks that can be used to correct the decisions and behavior of men. Let’s figure out in what ways women most often manipulate men and how men can confront this.

manipulative woman signs

What is manipulative behavior?

The word manipulation in the minds of most people is associated with the concept of “use”. Is manipulative behavior really that unethical and extremely destructive? This type of psychological influence is harshly criticized and condemned, but each of us used manipulation in the process of communication. Manipulation is a psychological technique for controlling the behavior of other people. That is, a person fulfills the will of the manipulator, but at the same time, believes that he/she decided to take certain actions based on their own motives. So, in the process of communication: the manipulator skillfully controls the behavior of their interlocutors. Even if you meet ladies online, they can also manipulate you.

Studies show that typical manipulators are characterized by a high level of selfishness and distrust of others, it is difficult for them to change their behavior, they adapt to a new one for a long time. They are also well-versed in people, and quickly find their “weaknesses”, which allows them to choose the optimal strategy of behavior in each specific situation. How is manipulation fundamentally different from other communication strategies? Manipulators absolutely don’t take into account the interests and desires of their “victim”. These people fulfill their desires, often neglecting other people’s needs.

Male vs female manipulation: the difference

Manipulation is a problem that is difficult to notice and deal with in romantic relationships. Manipulative behavior can range from mild and unconscious to open and calculating. Manipulation in relationships tends to destroy the bond between partners, as well as the personal happiness of each partner. For the relationship to work, people have to remain one team, solving any problems together. Manipulative behavior tends to turn people into enemies since it is closely associated with deception in many situations.

As the psychology of a man’s love for a woman states, they see caretakers and mothers of children in their women. Therefore, in men’s understanding, the vulnerabilities of a woman will be precisely those topics that relate to the functions of the wife and mother, and, of course, beauty and sexuality. Men use the following tools manipulating women:

  • compliments
  • finances and gifts
  • emotions
  • promises
  • showing of love
  • feelings of pity
  • low self-esteem
  • too much care

The female manipulation looks like cunning and acting. These are the main strong points of female manipulation. Let’s now talk about what techniques women use to manipulate others, in particular men, and what makes them special:female manipulation tricks

  • crying
  • demonstrating weakness
  • asking for help
  • beauty
  • sex
  • jealousy
  • resentment
  • delight
  • demonstrative stupidity

Female manipulation tactics you need to know

A woman is sometimes trying to get what she wants from her man. For this, she can resort to some tricks. In a relationship, female manipulation tricks are a way of influencing a partner through the use of special psychological techniques in order to get personal gain. Let’s talk about the most common methods of female manipulation.

Manipulation of resentment

No one likes to see a crying, sad girl. At such moments, she looks weak and defenseless. Women, who know how to manipulate a man, can easily show an offense in order to achieve the desired result. Not every man is able to withstand emotional stress. They want to take pity on a poor, unhappy, offended, and, most importantly, beloved woman. Many men don’t realize that in moments of quarrel, a girl psychologically provokes the chosen one to ask for forgiveness first, therefore, achieve the desired result.

Manipulation of help

It is generally accepted that a manipulative woman should be weak in front of a man and in need of all-round support. A man subconsciously personifies himself with a hunter and protector. Therefore, when there is a chosen one nearby who needs his help and care, he perceives this with understanding and willingness to help. Providing his beloved with support, a man experiences real pleasure from her gratitude. This allows him to feel more confident in his own strengths and capabilities. And here comes the well-known psychological effect of addiction. Over time, a man begins to voluntarily offer help and some kind of protection, counting on gratitude and admiration in her eyes.

Manipulation of sex

This is one of the surest means used by a woman manipulator in a relationship against men. Some married women use these female manipulation techniques as a kind of tool to put pressure on their husbands. She can reward her husband with sex for something or, on the contrary, punish him by his absence. Such husbands have to please their wives in every possible way, just to “earn” the right to have sex.

Manipulation of jealousy

Does your girlfriend register on a dating site or is she often flirting with male colleagues? Perhaps she just misses your attention. When getting married, men often mistakenly believe that the chosen one has already been conquered and that they can do nothing further. However, a woman who doesn’t have enough love and affection starts looking for it from someone else, or causing jealousy in her man becomes the goal.

Manipulation of shame

“Have you decided to start your own business? You’re a loser in life, you’d better stay at your job and don’t rock the boat so that you don’t get fired”. This is how one of the most obvious manipulative woman signs looks like. With this manipulative technique, some ladies are trying to destroy their partner’s self-esteem, thus strangling any pride of a man for his achievements, developed qualities or successes. Gradually, the woman forms in him the image of a loser.

Manipulation of ignoring

Women use special methods of attraction so that a man is always at their feet. Girls often resort to some female emotional manipulation, for example, they don’t allow a man to approach themselves, ignoring his courtship, but at the same time, giving vague hope for a future relationship. Even when a couple has lived under the same roof for a long time, girls often use silence and a threat of a breakup as manipulation.

How to confront a manipulative womanwomen are manipulative

By engaging in female manipulation tactics, you destroy yourself, harm the integrity of your personality, and sacrifice your interests and desires for the sake of the self-interest of other people. By developing the habit of boldly repelling the attacks of manipulators, you shape your new reality. A firm position will show women how you shouldn’t be treated. You will no longer agree to sacrifice yourself, and this will certainly affect the improvement of your standard of living. As a result, only you are responsible for your life and no one can influence you, manage you, and dispose of your time, energy, and life resources.

So, how to not let a woman manipulate you? First of all, calm down. Be confident in yourself, don’t mumble. Defend your opinions and principles. Otherwise, the girl will endlessly try to manipulate you. Ignore women’s tricks. You can listen to her, but don’t react. The universal problems she describes are really little things. Tell her about it and calm down. Change the subject of the conversation. Let her understand that these manipulations don’t work and don’t affect you at all. So, you didn’t give in. Use non-verbal tactics – look her straight in the eyes, don’t lower your head. Look confident, it will slow her down. Learn to refuse and say no to her. Behaving like this, you will save time and nerves.

Summing up, we want to say that women are manipulative and there are a lot of tricks and manipulations that they use being with their men. This is not something new. And the emotional, moral impact is unlikely to ever come to an end. It is simply impossible to change the character of women. They are driven by a natural desire to survive, to get joy and pleasure from life. It is difficult for men to resist female cunning and seduction. Moreover, they rarely look for a catch in a relationship and trust their women. But when such provocative measures go beyond all boundaries, the situation needs to be drastically changed. Talk to a girl and stop her attempts to control you. But if this doesn’t work, threaten her with serious consequences, including a breakup. This is what can help you.

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