Are the air astrological element Aquarius and the air astrological element Libra compatible in a relationship?

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According to both prominent members of the astrological community, the signs in question are perfect for each other. Furthermore, the common element makes their views on the vast majority of life issues similar, if not identical. Because of this, the couple rarely experiences difficulties finding a common language, and the solution to even relatively serious conflicts is easy and natural. 

Aquarius and Libra compatibility

In addition, these signs are very cheerful, open, and friendly people. Thanks to this, they are never bored with each other. On the contrary, the number of their common topics increases exponentially. The main goals of such a couple are freedom and personal independence. That is, participants of the couple respect the personal boundaries of their partner and jealousy adhere to them.

Attractive in bed with Aquarius. How compatible is he with Libra in a sexual aspect?

In the sexual plan, the representatives of the air element complement each other in the best possible way. When they are together in bed, they continually pursue only one primary goal – to give their partner the maximum possible pleasure and to enjoy the process themselves. It turns out that partners are ready to provide the maximum of what they are capable of and receive in return the same zeal of the other half. 

Both signs have an extremely positive attitude to intimate life, professing the principles of total liberation and trust in the partner. In practice, the parties will maintain interest in bed pleasures. They can constantly make a variety in the process due to the loyal attitude to any experiments or proposals of the partner. Moreover, it is essential to mention that in such relationships, not only the physiological pleasure is staked on, but also the psychological component. Because of this, intimacy always has a solid dose of romance. And the partners enjoy creating the appropriate atmosphere and mood even after many years.

Will Aquarius be able to create a strong friendship with Libra? How compatible are the partners?

As for friendship between representatives of the considered signs, it is quite possible. But it is only necessary that one critical condition was initially fulfilled – a spark of passion must not slip between people. If this happens, the feelings very quickly grow into true love. Therefore, it is already somehow incorrect to speak about friendship. 

Based on this couple, people probably made the well-known conclusion that friendship between a man and a woman does not happen. After all, even a passing acquaintance quickly becomes a friendship, becoming a solid love relationship. Of course, everything will only sometimes work out according to the ideal scenario. However, practical observations and astrologers’ research results suggest that this is the outcome to expect from the formed initial friendship.

Aquarius and Libra compatibility percentage

Aquarius and Libra compatibility percentage

What does Aquarius need to do to become soulmates with Libra? How good will they be as a match?

This couple’s relationship develops quickly and rapidly and in absolutely all manifestations. They usually see each other as exciting personalities close to each other in spirit and outlook. Therefore, even in quarrels or conflicts, reconciliation is found in just a few minutes. It is because representatives of both aspects do not tolerate aggression in their direction and refuse to use it. 

Separately, despite the seeming perfection of the relationship, there are still certain pitfalls. After all, more is needed to have similar characters and preferences. Their worldview and the critical issues of life must also coincide. Otherwise, it will be impossible to avoid friction. But all this does not prevent Aquarius and Libra from feeling each other as kindred spirits. It can manifest itself in many ways, from the endless number of common topics for conversation and ending with a sincere desire to compromise or seek it in any situation.

What are the potential problems to face in an Aquarius relationship? Will he cope with changeable Libra?

Difficulties can occur even in a seemingly perfect couple of soul mates. The airy couple may encounter difficult moments despite the apparent ability to find ways out of different situations amicably. It is complicated to argue with Aquarians. They do not just defend their position but also put a lot of effort into imposing their opinion on the opposite side. It is good when views on various issues coincide because, otherwise, it is difficult to avoid conflict.

Jealousy also occurs in such couples. And on the one hand, it is more lighthearted than others. But on the other hand, talkative individuals love to spend a lot of time analyzing controversial situations, during which it is easy to cause great pain to the partner. Of course, the kinds of difficulties that people encounter as they develop their relationships depend directly on the environment and other conditions surrounding their love. Therefore, it is impossible to say what difficulties there may be. Still, it will be easy to face something like this.

Will Aquarius create a marriage with Libra? What is the compatibility of a couple in a family?

This case is unique because we see almost one hundred percent compatibility here. Finding a couple that would suit each other so well is challenging. Perhaps, for this reason, many relationships between representatives of these signs end with an exchange of rings and two cherished “I do.” Some young people make the mistake of confusing falling in love with love. In the first case, the marriage can be short-lived. But if the partners make the decision seriously and based on a balanced position, success is inevitable.

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