Marrying a Russian Woman: Top Thirty Quotes About Marriage

Marrying a Russian Woman: Top Thirty Quotes About Marriage

Wedding is one of the main events in the life of every person. It should be memorable and vibrant, bring only positive emotions and memories first of all to the newlyweds, and, of course, their guests. If you seriously decide to unite your life with your partner, then you should understand that sharing yourself fully and openly with another person is not only about a beautiful picture of getting married and celebration.

qoutes about not giving up on a marriage

Some quotes about marriage say that love and getting married incompatible concepts. We refute this statement with a series of beautiful phrases and wise thoughts about love and marriage. Is it possible to continue to love a person even after years of being constantly together? Marital love, which can fight any hardships and life circumstances, is the most wonderful miracle, albeit the most mundane and even funny catholic quotes about marriage prove this.

Top 30 Quotes About Marriage

The aphorisms and quotes about wedding and marriage open the wisdom of the people behind them and explain how different people see the same concept and share their thoughts.

Getting familiar with the conclusions and statements of other people, which succinctly and accurately fit into quotes about not giving up on marriage and believing in love, you can better understand how the attitude of society and individuals to this ritual has changed from century to century. Chances are, most of them you have never heard and when you see a beautiful female in a ladies gallery, you can send her one of those.

1. I want to say that the word “marriage” has a thousand meanings. This word acquires meaning only in human life. Take away the person, and it will be difficult to determine the meaning. If I say that the main meaning of this word is love, I will have to define the word “love,” and what is called love is even more closely connected with life than marriage.

Rabindranath Tagore

2. One must marry not because of love but by all means because of calculation. Unfortunately, understanding these words is exactly the opposite of the concept that they are used to. That is, marrying not because of sensual love but because of calculation of where and how to live is true. It means you think over how likely it is that the future wife will help you in the moment of hardships or whether she will prevent you from living a normal human life.

Leo N. Tolstoyx

3. The union of a stupid man and a stupid woman begets a heroine mother. The union of a stupid woman and a smart man creates a single mother. The union of a smart woman and a stupid man creates an ordinary family. The union of a smart man and a smart woman gives birth to easy flirtation.

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4. A marriage cannot be happy if the spouses, before joining the union, have not perfectly understood each other's customs, habits, and characters. A spouse is not only a lover, but a friend and partner in our lives, and we must learn in advance the idea of loving them when they will be old and young. The dependence of family life makes a person more moral in this aspect.

Vissarion Belinsky

5. The theory behind marriage: if you find a beer that you like, you should immediately quit your job and go get a job at a brewery. Thinking whether to marry us or not, we are afraid of loneliness and dependence at the same time. And when the fear of loneliness overpowers, we get married thinking that we will enjoy the same perfect taste of beer our whole life.

George Nathan

6. In this world, there are few such impeccable women who at least once a day did not give their husbands a reason to regret that they were married and envy the bachelors.what is marriage quotes

Jean Labruier

7. Only husband and wife form the reality of man; husband and wife together are the being of the race, their union is the source of the multitude, the source of other people.

Ludwig Feuerbach

Quotes about difficulties in marriage say

8. To be happy, a person needs confidence in the future, and to be in love, one needs uncertainty. Happiness rests on calm, while love requires doubt and anxiety. In general, marriage was conceived for happiness, but not for love. It’s just always said, if people broke up, that the marriage was unsuccessful. Perhaps people had been living together for many happy years, and then something went differently, and now they have drifted apart. What is wrong with that?

Frederick Begbeder

9. If paper bags with male names were put in one bag, and then a blindfolded child pulled one piece of paper from each bag, like numbers in the lottery, the percentage of happy marriages in England would not decrease at all.

George Shaw

10. Almost every divorce is a loss of the family and ... even from a purely legal point of view, the situation of children and their property cannot be made dependent on the arbitrary discretion of the parents. Thus, not only individual will, or rather, the arbitrariness of the spouses, should be taken into account, but the moral substance of this relationship should be taken into account too.

Karl Marx

11. Since marriage contains a moment of feeling, it is not absolute, but unstable and contains the possibility of dissolution. But legislation should make it extremely difficult to exercise this opportunity and protect the right of morality against whim.

Georg Hegel

12. Venus, a beautiful and warm-hearted woman, was the goddess of love. Juno, a quarrelsome woman, was the goddess of marriage. And they always fiercely quarreled with each other.

Jonathan Swift

What is marriage quotes

13. The relationship of two persons of different sex, called marriage, is neither just a natural, animal union, nor just a civil contract, but above all, a moral union that is based on mutual love and trust and turns spouses into one person.

Georg Hegel

14. Marriage is the reality of love. True, only a fully matured soul can love, and in this case, love sees its highest reward in marriage and does not fade when the crown shines, and it opens its fragrant color more luxuriantly, as in the sun.

Vissarion Belinsky

One of the best quotes about a happy marriage

15. In not married, where can you see examples of pure affection, genuine love, deep trust, constant support, mutual satisfaction, shared sadness, understood sighs, shed tears together?

Denis Diderot

Quotes about giving marriage advice

16. Some cunning people choose wives who are less intelligent hoping to give them orders, and always make mistakes.

Samuel Johnson

17.Almost none of my friends did marry their first love. And those with whom this nevertheless happened, constantly repeat to me that they missed something very important, that they did not live through everything that they should have.

Paulo Coelho

18. The advantages of polygamy include, among other things, the fact that it eliminates the clashes with the parents of the wife necessary for monogamy, the fear of which keeps many from marriage. But, on the other hand, dealing with 10 mothers-in-law instead of one is also not a particularly pleasant prospect.

Arthur Schopenhauer

19. At first, the newlyweds should especially beware of disagreements and hassles, looking at how recently glued pots easily crumble from the slightest push; but with time, as the soft pots become firm, neither fire nor iron will be able to break them.


Happy marriage quotes

20. All my life I have thought that an honest man who has married and raised a large family brings a thousand times more benefits than one who, having wished to remain single, only knows what to talk about the good of humanity.

Oliver Goldsmith

21. Human frivolity is more often seen in such a terrifying measure as the arrangement of marital unions.

Nikolay Leskov

22. In love, the situation becomes truly alarming when a couple moves from porn to babble. It becomes noticeable very quickly: even voices break for several months of marriage. The courageous macho with a loud bass begins to lisp, like a baby on his mother’s lap. A fatal woman with a hoarse voice turns into a syrupy girl, confusing her husband with a kitten. Our love was ruined by intonation.

Frederick Begbeder

23. I know many married men; I even know many men who are happily married. But I don’t know anyone who wouldn’t fall into the open sewer hatch, running after the first pretty girl who winked at him.

George Nathan

what makes a good marriage quotes24. I do not know marriages that would break up with greater ease or be more difficult than prisons because of a passion for beauty or because of love.

Michel Montaigne

25. Living under one roof is a terrible thing in itself. Living together all the time, people are too close to each other, see each other too much, too widely and quietly tear off all the flowers of a wreath surrounding poetry and grace that was on the head of their lover.

Alexander Herzen

What makes a good marriage quotes

26. If only marriage based on love is moral, it remains so only as long as love continues to exist. But the duration of the feeling of individual sexual love is very different for different individuals, especially for men, and since it has completely dried up or was replaced with a new passionate love, then divorce becomes a boon for both sides and society. If only it was possible to save people from the need to wander through the unnecessary dirt of the divorce process.

Friedrich Engels

27. Do not marry a person who is suitable for you only under certain conditions of life and will not be suitable if these conditions change; but when two people correspond to each other, in whatever position they find themselves, in whatever country they dwell, in whatever rank they find themselves, this will be a strong union with a special bond.

Jean-Jacques Rousseau

28. Marriage of convenience quite often turns into the rudest prostitution, sometimes on both sides, and much more often it happens so for a wife because in this case, she doesn’t differ from an ordinary courtesan but who has sold her body once and into slavery.

Friedrich Engels

29. If the bride and groom did not fully get to know each other in eight days, they will not achieve this even in eight years: time will only throw a veil on their eyes, a thick veil of love, so that they do not find each other’s flaws, or rather, that these flaws become to seem virtuous to their captivated eyes.

Miguel de Unamuno

30. To appreciate family happiness, patience is needed; impatient natures prefer misfortune. Of all that has been said about marriage and celibacy, the following remark is more reasonable and fairer, “Whatever you choose, you will regret it anyway.” So, just be patient and work on your relationships.

Nicola Chamfort

A wedding is one of the most important transitions that a person makes in their life, let it be a man or a woman. This is the line that separates two lives: unmarried (single) and married life. And at the same time, it is a kind of bridge from one life to another. But is it so easy to cross over?

Of course, we remember that initiation is an ancient rite of transferring a person from one status to another, in particular, from the status of a child, adolescent, to the status of an adult. And this rite has been very cruel since ancient times. In the process of initiation, the teenager had to overcome deadly obstacles, and, following this path, received an "adult" name and the right to be called a full member of the community.

Therefore, we can safely say that the wedding and the following marital life is a full test, initiation. And as you know, to not overcome obstacles on your own, you get married, so that you have a person you can always rely on. One of the Latin quotes about marriage says, "Living with the person you love is as difficult as loving the person you live with." But if you find powers to fight for your happiness and be patient, your marriage will last for sure.

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