Are the air astrological element Aquarius and the fiery astrological element Sagittarius compatible?

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Freedom-loving people always tend towards extremes. Their tandems are either based on mutual trust or respect. In that case, partners find their happiness. On the other hand, there is an alliance of two loners who are together for completely incomprehensible reasons. 

Aquarius and Sagittarius compatibility

Therefore, an air couple usually coexists in an environment without conceivable boundaries. It is standard because people with such characters would otherwise feel trapped in a cage. While in constant motion, they feel happy. Moreover, they reach the top in any chosen activity by finding a like-minded man and a partner.    

Sexual life of Aquarius in bed. Will there be such perfect compatibility with Sagittarius?

As for the intimate life, it can be called entirely satisfactory. There will not be something cosmic in it, but two loving and open-minded people easily find common ground in any situation, including the bed. The key to this couple's success is in the search for something new and a whole openness to all kinds of experiments. There is a balanced mutual understanding here because both parties are unafraid to offer new things and quickly respond to the partner's fantasies.

Separately, the partners in this pair are not only physiologically but also morally harmonious. Thanks to this, they receive a genuine pleasure they cannot achieve with other partners. Moreover, due to the physical and spiritual unity, this couple can boast of a strong bond, where the fire does not cool down even after the primary love has faded.

What is the compatibility in friendship with Sagittarius? will they be able to build a strong team with Aquarius for centuries?

The union between the elements develops quickly, smoothly, and perfectly. Interests and themes emerge naturally under the initial lack of common contact points. At the same time, we see the union of two confident personalities who are used to popularity. It is usually balanced and devoid of such concepts as envy and disrespect.

Both people can show gentleness and cheerful disposition, but they can also stand up for themselves and know ways to help defend their point of view. It allows them to balance their friendships if one of the parties starts to do something excessive. It is especially true of public humiliation - Air and Fire do not forgive such antics. And this concerns both third parties and people close to them. In practice, this means that despite full harmony, you will have to be careful in choosing words and actions to maintain the microclimate in the family.

Aquarius and Sagittarius compatibility percentage

Aquarius and Sagittarius compatibility percentage

How good is a Sagittarius match? Will he be able to become soulmates with Aquarius?

Without too much exaggeration, the two people represented are mutually suitable. It means that people born under these constellations do not need to do almost anything to emerge with mutual empathy. Due to this, an attraction quickly appears between the partners, and it does not disappear over time. On the contrary, it only gets stronger. 

Over time, the members of the couple get to know the opposite side better and better, and various controversial points and disagreements can arise from this. But that is the peculiarity of this union - it is always easy to find a compromise if the partners are interested in continuing the mutual union. Moreover, the initiator of conflicts will usually be a fiery person, which is of an open nature. In turn, Aquarius has a habit of saying only some essential things. But in the case of building a trusting union, there should not be such a problem. 

What are the potential problems for Sagittarius if he starts a relationship with an airy Aquarius?

There are various inconsistencies and problematic situations even among people with the most excellent possible harmony in communication. It is quite natural because there is no perfect smoothness between two people. It is possible to highlight the problems that such couples face. People love themselves and their hobbies so much that they sometimes need more time for their soulmates. It can become a problem if the parties do not respect each other's opinions, desires, and personal space. These difficulties can arise in the middle of the tandem. There will be no such problems in the beginning and after becoming a couple.

Both persons tolerate such unpleasantness as a constantly repetitive family routine. But over time, people naturally become bored in the familiar environment. Fortunately, they seldom get bored with each other, and having a solid foundation makes it easy to deal with minor disturbances. Separately, it should be said that their freedom is at the top of the priorities for both people. Therefore, calmness in the union is maintained as long as neither of the parties feels any encroachment. Fortunately, this is a mutual character trait of these elements; therefore, they know they need to treat their loved ones with respect.

Marriage for a while with Sagittarius or perfect compatibility with Aquarius?

As you can see, the representatives of these astrological persons are quick to tie their lives to another person by officially formalizing the tandem. It is due to the same desire to feel freedom in all forms. But if they decide to take such a step, you can be sure that the soul mates have found each other. Separately, a light attitude towards life allows the airy person to cope with the domestic side of family life. As for children, it is always a conscious desire for them, taken without undue haste. As practice shows, Aquarius and Sagittarius become good and responsible parents.

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