Valuable tips and tricks on how to keep a girl

Table of contents:

  1. Why do routine and indifference replace romance?
  2. Tips for men on how to "bind" a woman to him seriously and for a long time
  3. Speak her love language
  4. Protect your woman from negativity
  5. A few words about her inner child
  6. How to be a man in the end?

A man dreams of finding the woman of his dreams. When he sees it, he realizes that it is with her that he wants to live the rest of his life. This is a gift from the universe. However, you have to do something to keep the relationship alive and always remain the most beloved and desirable for her. As a result, men often need help.

how to keep a girlfriend

Psychologists and specialists in family relationships write many tips and articles about them, but more needs to be clarified. In our paper, let's discuss how always to remain a hero for a woman and not lose the warmth of her feelings over the years.

Why do routine and indifference replace romance?

Most couples have a great start: romance in relationships, waiting for new meetings, calls, correspondence, kisses, hugs, gifts, and joint plans for the future. Of course, such a period only lasts briefly, but what comes next? The lovers begin to live together. It is a natural evolution of the relationship when people can't imagine life without each other.

Finally, they are under one roof. They arrange their nest. Household activities and various daily chores begin. Not everyone can withstand this. And then, the man and women have very different views on specific issues. Small quarrels start to eat away at feelings, followed by significant conflicts. Unwillingness to hear each other and make concessions leads to a breakdown. Gloomy picture, but in many cases, it is accurate. Both parties are guilty in this situation. But everything could be different.

After losing a loved one, many men make "work on their mistakes" and try to change their behavior in a new relationship. However, all women are different. Something suitable for one can be entirely unacceptable for the other. Therefore, we will consider the general rules and recommendations appropriate for every lady and help keep the relationship strong, sincere, and harmonious for many years.

Tips for men on how to "bind" a woman to him seriously and for a long time

We only begin to understand how he was dear to us after losing a loved one. Do not lose your woman. You can adhere to the following tips and be happy in a relationship with her.

Never stop caring for your woman, don't be lazy to show your admiration for her. She should always feel loved and desired and see a decent man by her side.

Become a better person. Change daily, become the best version of yourself, and constantly develop. Let her reach for you in this development, admire you, appreciate and respect you.

Note in your woman her virtues, emphasize them, and admire them. Please do not be shy to talk about your feelings, giving her sincere compliments. If you need criticism or want to give advice, do it delicately.

Surround her with care and give her security in all areas of life. She should not feel anxiety, fear, or uncertainty about the future; it kills a woman morally. Instead, it should be calm and comfortable next to you. It is much appreciated in our chaotic, fickle world.

Sincerely interested in her life, work, and hobbies. It is helpful in the evenings to sit together at the table or on the couch by the fireplace and discuss how the day went, what happened, and plans for tomorrow.

Be honest and open, earn her trust, and never give cause to doubt your sincerity. Loyalty to the family is a quality that is worth its weight in gold, especially for a woman. Please take advantage of it.

Do not try to change your partner. You love her just the way she is. She will be different if you change her appearance, character, and habits. And it's not a fact that you will like this woman of the new format.

Listen to what she tells you. But listening and hearing are different things, so listen and take note of every word, especially if your chosen one is smart and speaks to the point.

Keep your alliance safe from outsiders. Do not let anyone enter this fragile private world for two and destroy its harmony. Let your relatives, colleagues, friends, and acquaintances be at some distance.

Stay by your lady's side in any situation. No matter what happens, you are her protector and support, the man who can not turn away from giving up your beloved. She must know she can come to you with any trouble and will not see the judgment and disappointment in your eyes.

Speak her love language

According to Gary Chapman, author of the bestselling book "The Five Love Languages," each person has their own 1-2 love languages through which he or he expresses his feelings. They are words of encouragement; spending time together; gifts; help and support; and touch. So, think about what love language you speak and what love language does she speak? Of course, please coincide with these moments. But if you have different love languages, you need to find compromises.

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If she cares about words of encouragement and gifts, she won't appreciate your help around the house and constant touching. In the same way, you will only enjoy her small and large presents in beautiful packages if you expect touches and help with something urgent. It is also crucial to tell her what is important to you so that she understands how to behave with you. Be careful and explore what is essential to your woman. Give it to her, and she will be happy. You will become a superhero in her eyes, which should be cherished and kept near her because there are few men like that nowadays.

Protect your woman from negativity

We are often used to pouring out all our worries, adverse events, and news on our partners. It may be easier for men to cope with a stream of negative information, but it can cause a woman's nervous breakdown and even illness. Therefore, do not tell her everything if you value your loved one. It is better to keep silent about troubles at work that you can solve by yourself. Or about petty theft in the subway. Or that the bank blocked your card, and you need to go to the branch. Or about a minor accident where you slightly dented the side of your car.

You should not get mad at your woman if you are in a bad mood and need someplace to vent your anger. Go to the pool, beat the bag at the gym, shoot at the nearest shooting range or go to the countryside, where there is no one, and you can shout out all your grievances against the world. Do not poison the relationship with nagging, reproaches, and unfounded jealousy. It is better to tell your partner something nice, praise her for a delicious dinner and a clean, cozy house, compliment her dress, makeup, hair, the ability to calm you down after a challenging work week.

If your woman is angry or crying but doesn't want your involvement, leave her alone. She sometimes needs to get her emotions out. And they are entirely unrelated to you and your behavior. Respect her boundaries, needs, and desires, and it will also strengthen your union. 

A few words about her inner child

There is a little girl in every woman, even if she is a strong, active, goal-oriented businesswoman. And from time to time, she requires attention and care. If you can make friends with this girl and conquer the inner child of your lady, you can always be the leading superhero for her.

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The inner child of every woman wants that somebody hears it. She is not waiting for edicts and parenting lessons but warmth, comfort, and compassion. And if she gets it thanks to you, then the woman will open up, can trust infinitely, and will keep this relationship at all costs.

Pamper and praise her inner girl, and give her presents. Find out what she loves and gets excited about, and offer it to her: dance, vocal or painting lessons, travel, craft classes, or cooking classes. Keep bringing new things into her life, which will often pay off. Gradually remove her fears and concerns, and show that she is safe by your side and can live freely and happily.

How to be a man in the end?

You have to work hard to keep the woman you care about close to you. Every day. No days off. Constantly invest time, effort, soul, and money in the relationship. Yes, yes, money is a must! Don't spare any money for your beloved. Every man is pleased when a beautiful, well-kept, and stylish lady is by his side. But all this requires money. Therefore, even if the representative of the fair sex herself earns good money, take care of her financially. Let her money stay with her. It has long been proved that a generous man, who sincerely invests financial resources in his woman's image, business, and appearance, gets her a powerful energy boost to make even more money. Therefore, it is not worth saving your soul mate.

Initially, she chose you, so she evaluated you as a man, noticed the potential and prospects of the relationship, and, therefore, everything is in your hands. Love, care, protect and support your beloved. Show your concern and admiration; she will not even think of going anywhere. She will be comfortable near you, meaning a long and happy life together and a solid harmonious love union await you!

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