How long should a first date last

Anyone looking to optimize time with a newly met person is wrong by default because two strange worlds need a decent amount of time to collide. Getting a plausible impression of a future match is relevant in all senses, no matter how strategically your disposition will change with a closer look. If so, you better think less of timing and more of her beautiful hazel or blue eyes, perfect physique, and clever mind. 

Quality time with a classy lady allows a gentleman to implement a broad spectrum of goals, and the number of those predisposes the timing. The number one goal is to foresee the remaining feelings of one another afterward and test the waters for the future tryst. To know exactly what to expect from each of you and gauge the level of appeal and inducement, you should classify the person pretty significantly and emphatically.

How long should a first date last

How to choose the time and place to recognize a spark

To create a high-quality picture in your head, you should elaborate on some key qualifying questions from the beginning, like her ancestry shifts or favorite fragrance, as both are vital. This approach demands plenty of time, and minding that it's pretty limited by the number of minutes you have at your disposal either in video chat or on your first date in real life, you should be wise with your money and time. The first date is never about drinks and chat, but it's always about coupling images into a diptych. 

You only get one chance to make a first impression, no matter how hard your consciousness tries to guide you through the pitfalls. To avoid saying too much, your first date with a gorgeous single woman shouldn't go for hours. If there's a click, you both will feel like you’ve known one another for ages and feel comfortable together. 

If you're enjoying her company, you won't set a timer, but she's in her right to shorten your performance to a single act. You never know her exact plans, but establishing understandable communication rules is her inherent prerogative. It could change the subject but going with the flow is fine unless you're uncomfortable with that. 

Either online or offline, you should have enough time to catch a spark and feel tied to her gracious body and mind. Before you start seeing each other, the seeds of love must be sown to justify the process. If none of you believes in love anymore, instead willing to cherish some failed relationship experiences and not willing to throw yourself into a new life — the length of the first date is of no importance.

Why short dates with single women could be more productive

Your Saturday night fever concerning your date may approach a problem of jumping to preliminary conclusions and defining future commitments before you’ve met the person, which makes you obliged to stay longer. It's essential to trust your judgments that your subconscious mind generously admits and reciprocates to hers within a few minutes before it's too late to retreat. Your first date may turn into happy hours or go down as an unbearable frustration when a few hours of your life are gone, a poker night with your mates exchanged for a pair of tipsy cocktails and drunk eyes.

How long should a first date last - image 2Of course, God forbids you both to know more about each other than necessary at the first glimpse, but by blocking out the entire process of acknowledging your achievements and inherent flaws up to date — you’re taking the risk of skipping a worthy individual with the potential ability to love you from the bottom of their heart. But if you turn to be setting a rhythm of the dance and fail to keep the flow from the first step, no promises are made that it'll go smoother in a year or two. You'll still have space for a multitude of other things in your life, like your job and hobbies, but going through longer dates to substitute your alter ego could be detrimental to your health. 

It’d be smart to advocate your positions based on the experience you have gathered during collaboration with classy females through the hectic years of glory and fame if you have such. If you don’t, what you invest will be more than you get in return if you don’t weigh the range of benefits of faster dates other than saving a penny. Squeezed in time, you will reflect better during the date, not after, and you shouldn’t worry about seeing your vis-a-vis again if you’re not inspired by her straight away or get a definite no in a ‘goodbye and never come along’ kiss.

A few words about the initial attraction that is usually never obscured

Chances are you have never paid sufficient attention to initial attraction and never given credit to the nonverbal potentials of you and your partner. Some delayed effects of neglected physical attractiveness resulting in vague impressions followed by the first encounters will come true early. With all female dexterity and artfulness implied, she won't be able to conceal her admiration of your torso and worship of her buttocks, which is clearly noticed in that little black dress. 

The widely known dynamics of nonverbal emotional cues may also significantly impact you online or offline during the date. It's not her sixth sense but surreptitious monitoring of your entire body, from tips to toes. What she puts on scales of likability should measure up to yours. 

The truth is that emotionally open, extroverted, and physically attractive individuals are usually evaluated more favorably than grim characters. However, the correlation between introversion/extroversion is independent of the physique. If you stand somewhere in the middle but have a feeling of a great date, a time long enough to persuade her of your sincerity is an essential requirement. 

Such an initial connection is a starting point for things to continue to date number two under a single condition — you have deciphered her signals correctly. Fascination is fast-growing, but who cares if it takes her more than thirty seconds to surrender if the first thing that came to mind when you first saw her profile photo was how she resembled Monica Belucci? Just give it a try, but briefly.

Affection growing within seconds — true or false?

Soon the attraction will evolve into affection, followed by a dangerous temptation to take her right there unless it's bogus. Such feelings may be exacerbated even more after you meet in person based on the connection made in an online chat. Make sure it's not a trick you play along to have a one-night stand with a stunning chick who likes you a little more than you do her.

How long should a first date last - image 3Your lady's initial affection for you takes more time than just a physical attraction because women don't typically get what they see — they need to accuse, defend, and judge you afterward to justify their choice. It’s not that they aren’t looking for something casual if you don’t fit for a breadwinning type on the first date, but they’re far more aesthetically rigid and less flexible in terms of your smoking habit or any other addictions, like women, for example. Therefore, the trick is to find the right time balance for a date between long enough for affection and short enough not to change the team ultimately.

How to date faster and more efficiently — a few rules

When it comes to deadlines, here are a few tips for a more productive date:

Suggest an appropriate dating idea

A coffee date is a fast and non-threatening way to get to know each other in a public place and leave when you want if things don't work out for you. If you feel matched with a woman online, she’s not just a chatterbox, and you want to continue — just ask her for a coffee. If there’s a click, you like each other and get on well, and it’s okay to suggest going for a drink later on; she won’t blame you if you do absolutely the same if there isn’t.

Don’t withhold your further plans

You’re very much looking forward to meeting her but don’t be afraid to embarrass her with your plans or future expectations as you are adults and each has a personal life. If you like the girl but don’t want to stay for too long, try to avoid the awkwardness of a first date by telling her that you have plans for the rest of the day or whatever plans you have. She could guarantee with a hundred percent certainty no less equal determination to get rid of you immediately after she realizes you are the one and only, just savoring your disarray (who knows what is going on behind those blue eyes).

Try being sincere about the course of events

If you don’t feel each other and don’t make any effort to, or you don’t enjoy communication or even feel uncomfortable, don’t be afraid to cut it off immediately. Life is too short to spend time on the wrong people, and by saving minutes, you save hours, which is why your propensity to eliminate unnecessary contacts is the best policy. A first date is always a challenge, but you shouldn’t knock her down with your straightforwardness but respect and accept the differences you have instead.

Take dating seriously

It’s worth mentioning that dating isn’t a mating game, nor is it a game of numbers stuffing a dating pipeline with several senseless first dates. Unless your life is a long conveyor belt rolling on a brand new beauty each day ahead — you can share your fifteen minutes of fame in video chat, easy as pie. But completing a dating task in a shorter time frame is complicated since members of the better half of humankind are sometimes surreptitious and trustless.

A conclusion that is never enough

So how long should a first date last for, say, a late middle-aged guy and a young lady? Obviously long enough to conduct a precise assessment of the pheromone capacity that could be dissolved in each of you without residue over time. Long enough to leave an initial impression growing into attraction followed by affection. Conversely, it’s better to be sufficiently short to transmit low-frequency signals if you don’t match to let you both be ready for a more engaging endeavor with other people. 

So, it’s all about proportion: you don’t have to set any boundaries or overthink leaving your date filled with mixed emotions. Make the most of it, have fun, and enjoy the company of a posh little cutie waiting for a sign from the above while her disposition below the waistline is clear. The life of a real gentleman can be incredible, too, but boring without a distinguished lady.

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