The Expectations of Russian Women

Russian women are unlike any other women found anywhere on Earth, that is probably what makes them so desirable, but that is also what confuses men most. Pleasing your Russian girlfriend would take more than just charm and expensive presents, although some love and sincerity from you may do the job very well. To understand the qualities that Russian women love men for, let's take a look at the ones they despise and detest.

Russian men are dominant and tough, their women are very feminine and gentle. Russian women expect their men to be strong and masculine enough to protect them and their family form any harm. They like men who act like gentlemen, holding the door open, carrying their shopping bags and treating them like queens in public. They consider these types of men to be “real men” as opposed to those who demand equal amounts of work from their wives and girlfriends.

Due to the harsh conditions in Russia, both economically and socially, the women are tired of being their own protectors, providers and caretakers. They dream and hope to find a man who will take care of them and treat them like they’re supposed to be treated. Russian women are often quoted as saying “I want to be a weak woman standing next to a strong man.”

Russian women sometimes want to be treated equal to men in some regards, but not in all of them. They want to have considerable amount of equal rights in a relationships and feel that they can decide, something their western counterparts enjoy. They want the same opportunities and educational options that are offered to men, but they expect to be treated like ladies at the same time.

In exchange for all the love and cooperation offered by men, Russian wives are more than happy to care, love and support their husbands in everything they do. In Russia, sex is still considered as marital duty in marriage and if you treat your woman the way she deserves, she is certainly going to make you feel special in her own ways.

Russian women are very dissimilar to women found in other regions of the world, especially Western Europe and America. Very few Russian women are feminists and they don’t want to be better than their partners or husbands in any way that doesn’t please them. They want their men to lead and dominate in the relationships.

Russian girls living in America often complain about their boyfriends who expect them to pay half the rent and contribute to other household expenditures equally. They seem unfamiliar with this culture and expect their men to act a bit more manly and take care of things duly. For them, if a man demands money or any financial contribution from his woman, he is not a ‘real man’.

Men are expected to be courteous, behave as real gentlemen and respect their ladies. Holding hands in public is something Russian women find very adorable and they like showing this in public. Russian ladies are very down to earth and have a very natural attitude. All that men have to do is be charming and sincere to sweep these beautiful girls off their feet, with no artificial game and wooing techniques.

Another characteristic, Russian women believe ‘real men’ possess is dominance over the entire household. They admire men who take care of their families, including their parents and grandparents. Financial responsibility is expected in the same way as any man would expect his woman to be the perfect wife. Although Russians are also very educated and many of them have decent jobs, they like taking care of the family more than just focusing on their own career. Grandparents and parents in their old age hold a special value in the eyes of these women and are treated with the utmost respect.

If you want to meet a woman you can love and treasure for the rest of your life, a Russian woman may be the perfect partner. Your Russian wife will fall in love with you more and more, day by day. It is in their genes and nature, raised in them since childhood. You Russian wife would sacrifice all her desires for your happiness.  

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