Is such an airy Aquarius compatible with other people? What will be the reaction of Scorpio?

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The harmony of our today’s heroes is relatively low. It is because the representatives of these elements have too different characters and differ in temperament so much that it is almost impossible to build a normal relationship. 

Aquarius and Scorpio compatibility

Water too often shows intransigence even in simple matters arising with a loved one. This situation seems strange to the Air dreamer because his easygoing nature does not understand the importance of down-to-earth things. Yet, at the same time, he is known for his friendliness. Still, he begins to experience stress when facing some negative attitude. If considering all this, it is possible to say that in the basic sense, the combination of partners here is fragile. However, it is always possible to find points of contact.

The seething sex life of Aquarius. Will he be able to find compatibility in the same bed with Scorpio?

Suppose not taking into account the first time of the relationship, when emotions are pounding, and lovers literally can not tear themselves away from each other. In that case, this couple is poorly compatible. Here we see people with completely different temperaments and desires. They want to avoid differing views with their partner and being with him on the same wave. The constant dissonance of desires and the frequent refusals of one of the parties prevent an everyday intimate life.

Aquarius needs a real psychological connection with their partner to have pleasure. Unfortunately, their chosen one is only sometimes able to give it. In addition, water representatives rarely agree to various experiments and implementations of the partner’s fantasies. In many ways, this is the cause of poor compatibility. A possible solution could be the appeal to a psychologist. An apparent hesitancy to talk about specific topics also plays a serious role. As a result, both parties do not get what they want for a long time. Dissatisfaction gradually accumulates, which leads to a breakup.

The ideal friendship of Aquarius or the isolation of Scorpio? What about their compatibility here?

Representatives of these two signs only sometimes make strong friendships. It happens because they need to make an effort beforehand to start communicating with each other on some topic. Therefore, it is better to refrain from discussing how difficult it is to develop such a friendship. 

The only realistic chance of forming a healthy companionship is if some common cause unites both parties. That is, provided there is a basis for their shared interests or occupation, one can hope for camaraderie or companionship. However, one should not expect any special closeness. Most relationships between representatives of these elements do not go beyond the work ethic. Of course, there are exceptions to this rule, but it takes a lot of effort for participants to move forward.

Aquarius and Scorpio compatibility percentage

Aquarius and Scorpio compatibility percentage

To whom will Aquarius make a good match? Will they be able to become soulmates with Scorpio?

Because of the inconsistency, it is impossible to accurately predict such a union’s success. In the first stages, the relationship may develop very well. After that, however, problems, understatements, and simple grievances accumulate over time. And most of the difficulties will be related to the inability and unwillingness of people to communicate effectively to solve simple household problems. Of course, both parties may tolerate this state of affairs for a while because of physical attraction. Still, sooner or later, someone will get tired of it.

It is worth noting that relationships in such a couple constantly develop unpredictably. People can become the closest in the world and abruptly lose interest in their partner, despite recent feelings. In a broad sense, a relationship will inevitably be a successive overcoming of trials to preserve the union.

What potential problems await Aquarius? What awaits him in a relationship with an egocentric Scorpio?

The critical problem in the relationship of the couple in question is that its participants agree with great difficulty to make even minimal concessions to each other. Because of this, there are inevitably resentments, quarrels, and so on. It turns out that the representatives of these signs value their independence too highly, afraid to go for a little compromise.

Also, unwillingness and inability to share their feelings with the other half bring a lot of difficulties for the parties. If they keep many things inside for a long time, a sense of alienation inevitably begins to form. Therefore, the only correct way out will be a constant conversation on any occasion. At least this will help them develop the proper habits and learn to communicate with each other. The biggest problem for a couple is the need for shared plans. For this reason, such a relationship lasts for some time on passionate attraction. However, when it passes, there is an emptiness.   

What is the ideal marriage for Aquarius? Is Scorpio Family Compatibility Possible?

Marriage between these individuals is possible only in the presence of irresistible feelings and complete understanding. In this case, the key to a successful marriage is that the lovers will live together first. Then, they want to learn all the features of the nature of their second half and only then make the fateful decision. Otherwise, the couple may fall apart quickly, stumbling over simple domestic problems. Naturally, a man plays the role of leader and breadwinner in this duo. However, it is not a bad option, as it allows the representative of the weaker sex to realize her desires, develop in the creative sphere, and so on.

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