What Russian Women Want to Hear from Men?

One thing that has always kept men wondering is what women want to hear from men. Men are usually completely sure about one thing: women love compliments, and Russian ladies do not make an exception. Your date can be lovely if you sometimes compliment a woman during it. The secret of a truly great date is to tell her compliments about the things she already knows about herself. What woman doesn't want to be appreciated for her beauty or for her caring attitude? This might sound strange but it's true: there are some rules of how to impress women and I have managed to make a list of things that women would love to hear from men.

No matter whether you are new to the game or not, you need to learn its rules. You have to keep impressing your woman on a constant basis in order to gain her love and company. Giving her such beautiful gifts as pearls and diamonds will not let your relationship fade, you will have to walk the extra mile. So what do you have to say while dating a Russian woman? Here is the secret list:

  • You are the prettiest thing I have ever met” This phrase can easily impress every woman. Tell her lots of complements about how gorgeous she looks in a particular dress. Tell her that her beautiful face is the first thing that you want to see every morning. Impress her with compliments – that will raise her self-esteem. She might be aware that she is really pretty but when you tell that to her, it will make her feel special and help to improve her self-image. The more comfortable she feels about herself, the more she wants to be by your side.

  • You are the first woman in my life” Once she understands you are the one-woman man, you will win half of the battle. Every woman wants to be the first in her man’s life but when you tell these golden words, she will get overwhelmed. If you are looking for long term relationships with a Russian woman, then it is important to put her on the first place in your life. This way all her insecurities will turn to big love and desire.

  • Nobody can beat you in bed” Whenever you say these words, they will rise her mood. Women love to hear that there is no one better than them in bed. She will be also conquered if you call her “The sex goddess”. The moment you declare that she is your only desire and you cannot keep your hands off her, she will be ready to give everything to you.

  • You will be the best mother ever” Every woman has a secret desire to have kids but sometimes she doubts if she can be a good mother. If you convince her that she can be the best mother ever, you will definitely win her heart. Russian women feel complete happiness when they are able to give birth to children and if you succeed to chase all her fears and doubts away, she will put her faith in you and your relationships.

  • Would you meet my parents?” This is the perfect expression when you think you are prepared to take your relationships to the next level. Your woman will always be eager to meet your folks and when you're saying this to her, it’s like completing the circle. All her doubts about relationships will vanish if you tell that you want to take her to your parents. She will be convinced that you are really serious about the relationships and that you do care. For Russian women family is the most important thing, so she will be very touched by your gesture of welcoming her into your family. After this, every woman will have the desire to settle down, and meeting your parents will probably be the official proof of this.


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