What is the likelihood that Libra and Leo can be compatible in a relationship?

It is an excellent combination. But is it possible to harmonize the union of the Fire and the Air element? Consider an example of these representatives. Despite their different temperament, this couple has been fond of each other since the first meeting. In life, both representatives of the couple are optimistic, dreamy, and friendly. However, suppose a couple must make a decision. Then, even if Air looks confident in themselves, they are lost, unlike the self-confident Fire. Outwardly, Air is relatively calm. While inside, they are inconsistent and full of doubt. While striving for balance, they often change their own opinions. Air charms others with their charm and impeccable sense of humor, and they try to avoid conflict situations.

Libra and Leo compatibility

Influenced by the Sun, Fire is bright and energetic. It is a proud, majestic representative, and it is happy to show leadership qualities. But do not try to criticize Fire: a representative of Fire does not tolerate censure in his address. Fire seems formidable from the outside, but he deceives easily at heart. 

From the very beginning, Air and Fire become a perfect couple. Air sincerely admire their partner and does not hesitate to shower compliments; Fire accepts them with gratitude. The couple can adopt their partner's missing qualities: Air will feel confident, and Fire will learn to dream. Both tend to adventure and quickly change their surroundings. Together they are ready to discuss any topic: the latest news, art, or TV series.

Libra and Leo's sexual compatibility in bed

In their intimate union, do not let each other get bored. It gives the impression that these two halves of one whole. Romantic relations combine with passion. These representatives can find themselves in one thing or be in search of something. Air loves everything unexplored, loves to experiment, they easily seduce the fiery partner to any adventure. As a rule, Fire takes the leading position, but Air agrees to the role of the admirer. 

Libra and Leo's friendship compatibility

There will be no problems here. Sociable and good-natured, they can become best friends. The saying "Tell me who your friend is, and I will tell you who you are" is true for them. Representatives of these representatives are self-sufficient individuals. Partners unite by common interests, the love of life, and the search for adventure. Fire intuitively looks for a weaker partner to show his greatness. Air quickly gives priority and listens to friendly advice. But at the same time, having a great mind can help solve a problem: creative thinking and a partner's sense of humor delight Fire.

Libra and Leo compatibility percentage

Libra and Leo compatibility percentage

Are Libra and Leo an excellent match to be soulmates?

Fire will intuitively care for his partner, not allowing himself to show moments of weakness. Romantic Air has a more uncomplicated character and can be inconsistent at times. The partner sees in Fire only the best qualities: vigor, majesty, and nobility. The kinship of souls is the highest in this union. Common interest does not fade with time. They don't show their weaknesses: even at home, partners try to look perfect; they will not sink to the level of wearing a leaky dress or stretchy pants.

What are the potential relationship problems between Libra and Leo?

Fire is not afraid to start a new business; for the sake of success, he does not hesitate to push competitors aside. Even your favorite partner is no exception. In this union, Air must be constantly ready to match the level of their soul mate if they want to avoid being pushed back by Fire. Both like noisy company, but the problem may arise when you don't expect it: Fire likes adoration and admiration. And will be jealous of a partner who has seized the initiative. Air is good-natured, likes to joke, and can be quite a worthy opponent. In order not to blow up scandals, Air will have to learn to concede the superiority of the proud partner.

Air should be ready to be accountable for every step. At the same time, Fire can make serious decisions, "forgetting" to consult with his partner. In turn, Air loves to give arguments in an argument. Sometimes the process for them is more important than the subject of the dispute. Naturally, this will significantly irritate the overbearing Fire.

What will be the communication between the changeable Libra and the fiery Leo?

Fire authoritarianism will increase with age. The more Air fights for his independence; the more tension will arise in the couple.
Coupled together as a couple, each partner must allow the other to relax in their social circle. Respect for personal space will benefit the family union. 

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