Is Aries compatible with Aquarius in relationships?

These incarnations have an indulgence towards each other's weaknesses. Before the Bull cool, Aquarius melts. However, people relevant to these constellations do not give the impression of a perfect couple. Despite the difference in characters, these people can have a lot in common. Ox and Aquarius rarely fall head over heels in love. The well-known astrologer and psychic Inbaal Khonigman note that both constellations have a sense of leadership in relationships, so their first impressions of the meeting cannot be called expensive. According to the expert, the Ox considers the representation of the element "air" to be an arrogant and cold person, and the latter attributes to the partner's excessive irritability and lack of patience. But if both such people can figure out their opposites, this can cause a strong attraction, based on which they build an alliance. Astrologers emphasize that they will not be bored in each other's company. The mutual interest of partners will surprise others.

Aries and Aquarius compatibility

Combining the efforts of the representative of the element Earth and the unfading creative efforts of the element of Air into one is impossible. These people have different worldviews, which does not prevent them from respecting and admiring each other. The two constellations have a lot in common; this applies to intellectual abilities. Astrologers believe that Aquarius will give the Bull the expediency of exploring unexplored depths. Partners corresponding to these constellations can supplement mutual communication with sharp jokes or talk for hours on topics understandable only to them. Such constellations enjoy adventure and the accompanying knowledge.

Aries and Aquarius sexual compatibility in bed

Communication of partners is a manifestation of the initiative of the representative of the element Air, which ignites a partner. The joint life of both is the cultivation of energy, perseverance, and endurance, which astrologers explain by the belonging of both elements to the category of male power. The first representative is passion, warmth, and energy, combined with the creative and adventurous nature of the second constellation. The air element always wants something new, and the Ox is not averse to experiencing it. Two such people feel that a friendly partner has appeared in life, eager to translate secret sexual desires and needs into reality.

Aries and Aquarius friendship compatibility

As for friendly relations, the tandem of two personifications of the elements of Fire and Air turned out to be highly productive. Honigman noted that these people pay the most attention to honesty and sincerity. Both constellations demonstrate excellent communication skills with comrades. The embodiment of fire craves adventure, and the Air loves to look for something new. These constellations will never get bored together. Independence is the main feature of both constellations. They may focus on solving their problems and reappear after a few months. These signs will always support each other. Honigman says that they would be partners in crime if the fire and air elements were friends. They do not care about other people's opinions; they like to have parties, create companies or make fires on the Mediterranean coast. A couple can find mutual hobbies in the absence of mutual friends and acquaintances. Aquarius prefers an active lifestyle, but Aries does not tolerate injustice. This constellation, ruled by Mars, will fight with all its might against the aggressor or oppressor, and the representative of Air will resolve the issue exclusively by legal methods, experts say. Diverse in nature, partners can unite in a powerful, friendly alliance.

Aries and Aquarius compatibility percentage

Aries and Aquarius compatibility percentage

Are Aries and Aquarius an excellent match to be soulmates?

Despite the similarities in intimacy and intelligence, partners may need help with emotional connection. Astrologers believe that hot warlike Mars rules the Bull, and the embodiment of Air is cold Uranus. The Fire incarnation may have subtle and profound feelings but does not show vulnerability. "Air" is more logical and believes emotions distract from what is essential. This sign cares; it's just that he is more guided by logic than by emotions. If one of the partners does not want to reveal their feelings, the consequence may be loneliness.

Potential problems in an Aries and Aquarius relationship

People under these constellations cannot imagine existence without independence; they need personal space. The Bull is fascinated by the idea of freedom, and for the "air" representative, freedom is an integral element of the life cycle. Experts note that the personification of Air can start a romance, but all his thoughts will come down to flying to distant galaxies. Aries is the owner, and Aquarius is prone to rebellion. The Bull prefers total control, but in partnership with Waterman, this is not possible. Some representatives of the fire element need more time to be ready to accept this, which causes controversy.

Aries and Aquarius Communication

Both zodiac constellations are entirely different in communication. The first is characterized by straightforward statements and honesty and will always fight for the right to be heard. On the other hand, the representative of the Air tries to find expressions and words to express his opinion correctly. When solving problems, Aries usually speaks quite a lot, while Aquarius carefully monitors the partner's conversation and analyzes what is said. Experts note that representatives of the air element are quiet, do not like to talk a lot, constantly listen to the interlocutor and remember everything. If the Bull is to blame, he will not get away with it. Combining the personifications of Fire and Air into a single whole is mainly satisfactory. Experts say that mutual frankness leads to a lasting connection in an intellectual and spiritual sense. This can lead to a beautiful marital union.

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