Dating Two Girls at Once: Does It Work?

Dating Two Girls at Once: Does It Work?

Maintaining one relationship can be hard, with all the nuances that come with life, your work, your family, your hobbies, your interests, everything else that takes up your time and drains your energy, all of these things make it hard to maintain a healthy relationship with a single person. But, some of us find it easier to deal with that, some of us end up having multiple partners at once, but it’s not always easy. Today we will talk about how to date two girls at once, try to find answer to the questions, “Why do guys try dating two girls at once? Is dating two girls at once ok?” and everything that has to do with this issue.

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Dating Two Girls at Once: Is It Cheating?

One of the first things one may encounter in such a situation is a sense of guilt, an uncertain feeling about whether or not they should be dating two women at once? Is it cheating? Is it wrong to date two girls at once? Is it something you can and should do? Let’s find out.

Dating and Relationships - the Difference

What does it mean to like 2 girls in dating? The first thing you should think about is whether or not there is even a place for cheating at all. What I am talking about is that, if you are just dating, and your relationships are both unofficial and not that strong in general, then you are a free man. Sure, we all have our standards of when a relationship truly begins, whether it is after the first kiss, after the first sex, or only after you make it official. But, generally speaking, the easiest way to let go of guilt and make it easier for yourself, is to talk about it with a person you are dating.

What could go wrong?

What is the worst thing that can happen when it comes to dating two girls at once? The worst thing that can happen is that a person will stop communicating with you after they find out that you are dating someone else. Some of us are just too clingy and obsessive, as we’ve said, we all have our own different standards of what is a relationship and what is cheating in general. If you feel like one of the women, you are dating is clingy at times, and it is likely that they will not appreciate such a turn of events, then you should remain silent.

How do women treat this?

What will a woman think when she finds out that you are dating two girlfriends at once? Fortunately for you, women are quite open nowadays to being more sexual, and freer when it comes to relationships in general. True, not all women will appreciate your desire to date someone else at the same time, but then again, you can always find a woman that will be ok with this idea, and if so, you should give her the same freedom as she granted to you. And it is not as hard to do as you might think, you can meet Russian ladies online that are open to such relationships and do it for free.

Let’s now talk about how to date two girls at once.

Dating Two Girls at Once: Main Stepsdating multiple women

What are the most important parts of dating two girls at once? What does it take to handle this pressure and not fall flat on your face? Let’s find out.

Step 1 – Figure out the things you want from such a relationship

The first thing you should think about is identifying your goals in dating 2 chicks at the same time. Identify the motives that encourage you to date several women at once. There are many reasons for this. For example, you are doing it just because recently you have ended a difficult relationship, or you are polygamous by nature.

Try to understand if you plan on dating multiple women for a long time or if it just suits you at the moment. It's okay if you are not sure about the long term but be prepared to openly tell your partners about it. If you are not happy with a relationship you are having, then you can start a new, if you want to meet a woman now, then there is no reason to try to save a relationship that is not working out.

Step 2 - Be careful when discussing a relationship

I am dating 2 girls I like, what do I do? Sometimes the moment that a woman is going to find out about your desire to be polygamous will affect her future perception of you. By speaking directly and openly, women are more likely to agree to polygamous relationships. But you should always act like you are the only man she has. Respond to her messages or calls in time. A girl can feel disrespected if you are too busy or indifferent. Do not provide her with all sorts of unnecessary information. For example, if she wants to know whether you will be free on Friday, then it’s better to say, “I already have other plans,” instead of, “I have a date with another woman.” If she insists that you should clarify your plans to her, tell the truth, but do not provide more information than she asks.

Step 3 - Follow the principle of “relevant information”

Here’s yet another thing you should know about casually dating two girls at once. This rule applies both to the women you date and to other people. Relatives or employees may not share your need to date with several women. There is no need to lie about the situation, but do not talk about it without any reason for it.

When talking about your personal life, be prudent. Do not tell the woman about your feelings for another woman. Women do not like to hear that you are crazy about another lady. If you start telling her what you do not like about other partners, then you may be considered unceremonious, and that you can tell your other partners the same thing. If you need to be frank and talk to someone without any restrictions, it’s better to talk with a friend. If one of the women insists that you talk about something you don’t want to admit, then tell her, “I'm sorry, but I’m not comfortable discussing this with you” or “Is it really important for you to talk about it right now? I don’t feel like it.” If she considers this important, then you must decide whether to share such information or not.

Step 4 - Discuss the rules of your relationships

Such a conversation must be held with all of your women. You do not bind yourself to them with monogamous obligations, but this does not interfere with other rules you may come up with. The rules will help you avoid misunderstandings in the future.

Rules may limit who you can and who you can't date. For example, a woman may prevent you from dating her friend. A woman may agree to your relationship with another woman if it doesn’t involve sex. It is not necessary to accept mirrored conditions. For example, if she does not mind that you meet with her friends, then you are free to forbid her to meet with your friends. If the rules cannot be agreed upon, such a relationship may not be viable in the first place.

Step 5 - Do not disclose your relationships on social networks

Sometimes this is not easy and requires some effort on your part. Try not to comment or rate each photo or publication of your partners. You do not need to hide the fact of polygamy, but fueling female jealousy or insecurity is also useless.

Do not share your photos with different women. If a woman marks you on a joint photo, then you can remove the mark and discuss this point with her. Say, “I would not like to be marked on the photographs you post online. I meet with different women, so it’s embarrassing and uncomfortable for me to appear on photos like that.”

Dating 2 Girls at Once: Main Tips2 chicks at the same time

Now that we know a few things about dating two girls at once, there is no reason to stop because it is not an easy process. Thus, here are some other tips on how to date two girls at once.

Be honest

Be honest, tell a woman what you want to receive from a relationship. Never lie to interest a woman. If you are interested only in fleeting connections, then say that directly. You may be surprised and find out that she pursues the same goal.

You can ask about a woman’s intentions before confessing the same to her. Say, “We never talked about what kind of relationship we want. It would be nice to know what you think about it.”

Choose the right moment and speak at ease. If the question arises of past relationships or plans for the future, then say, “Since then, I do not want a serious relationship” or “It is difficult for me to imagine that soon I will be ready for something serious and long-term oriented.”

Keep it casual

Maintain a relaxed relationship. Dating several people is much easier if you treat them with a touch of ease. If a deeper feeling arises, then a person begins to be jealous or demand emotional support of a completely different level.

Over time, you may have strong feelings for one or more women. If this happens, then openly admit it to yourself and to the people you date with. Ease is not a synonym for callousness. If you are dating a girl, then always treat her with respect and attention, regardless of the ease of relationship.

Deal with jealousy

Discuss jealousy on time. Jealousy is possible in both monogamous and polygamous relationships. When dealing with several women, the likelihood of jealousy increases, so it’s better to be honest, but not to overdo it. If one of the women begins to be jealous of you, then try to talk to her, but do not lie. For example, if her jealousy is justified, then say, "I have strong feelings for another woman, but this does not diminish the joy and pleasure of dating you."

If jealousy arose not without reason, then use it as a chance to admit the truth. Say something like this, "I believe that I spend more time with her. I think that our relationship with her can become more serious at one point, but now I am glad to be with you." This will help a woman realize her role in your life, but it can also convince her to stop or reconsider her relationship with you.

If you are jealous of a woman in her relationship with another partner, then tell her about it. Do not make scenes or show anger. Just say, "In truth, I have begun to be jealous of you for another man. I think I need more of your time and attention." It doesn’t matter who is jealous. It is much more important to talk about it directly and openly. This is the only way to better understand your desires and feel self-confidence.

Be present on a date

During a date, do not be distracted and be careful. During a date, give a woman all your attention and strength. If she considers you a good (or at least worthy) guy, then it is possible that next to you she will temporarily forget about your other women. When together, do not discuss other partners unless this is necessary.

On a date, you do not need to constantly look at the phone or refresh the page of a social network. Focus on the woman next to you. The rest of the women can wait.

Find women who are looking for something same

Find a woman with similar desires. If you want long-term polygamous relationships, then look for women with similar views. If you are interested in short ties, then women should share these desires.

Most modern online dating apps let you specify your preferences. When looking for one-time dates, you don’t need to date women who are married. For one-time dates, do not plan exquisite or romantic dates, otherwise, you may be misunderstood.

Let them date other people. Do not forget that monogamy is often mutual. Always assume that the woman may have other partners. Over time, you will need to discuss exclusivity in great detail. Sometimes the time for such a conversation comes very quickly, and sometimes it takes months. If you are prone to jealousy, it will not be easy for you to accept the fact that a woman may have other partners.

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I, for one, treat such a kind of relationship quite acceptably, but only in case a guy doesn’t lie to me about the presence of another girl and does not mind that I’m dating someone else too. But at the same time, I do not consider this relationship serious.
10.01.2020 11:51
Thank you a lot! This is exactly the information I’ve needed and looking for! I was confused about being torn between two amazing ladies, but your tips helped me to find a way out of the situation.
10.01.2020 11:52
The question of whether it is worth trifle with affections of several girls at once is debatable. Most of the female population may say that it is immoral and gracelessly. Men also have a great range of views and many representatives of the stronger sex see no reprehensibility in such relationships. I, in turn, can say that dating two girls at once or not is a judgment call. The main thing is that everyone is happy.
10.01.2020 11:54
In my opinion, relations with two girls at once are wrong and immoral. Although, maybe someone thinks the opposite and considers such “love” acceptable.
21.08.2020 11:10

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