Is Capricorn compatible in a love union with Aries?

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Those who had the honor to be born under the elements of Earth and Fire are, by nature, strong and independent personalities. They are leaders who are not used to obeying but love to subordinate. Of course, they can get together, but no one knows how it could end. Stability and confidence in the future are essential for the Earth’s elements. Still, adventure, drive, new experiences, and emotions are vital for the fire element. Fire creates chaos around itself, while the Earth, on the contrary, likes order and steadiness. The fire element is the engine of the world, while the earth element is its flesh. So there is a chance that they will become friends. There is also a chance of building a strong union.

Capricorn and Aries compatibility

Mars, which patronizes Aries, stimulates vitality and energy, and Saturn, under whose patronage Capricorn resides, rules the organization of life. So the earth sign can exist next to the fire sign. But only for that, he needs to stop paying attention to his partner’s outbursts and some of his oddities. Fire is blazing with passion, flashy, abrupt, and expressive. And he can be bored with a down-to-earth individual who often shows stubbornness and coldness. But a representative of the fire sign needs only to dig deeper to understand that Capricorn is not what it may seem at first glance.

Earth is a calm, balanced, very closed sign, challenging to open up immediately; Fire is just the one that can help in this. He will unleash the secretive and cramped person, even reveal new facets of his personality. Aries, in turn, can rely on a companion who can keep secrets, always honest and reliable. Fire is chatty by nature; he does not feed bread and gives only talks. Earth is silent. In this respect, each partner of the couple sees the other half of the ideal chosen one in the person.

The sexual life of Capricorn - how compatible is he in bed with Aries?

Let's look here at how temperamental lovers are. If one is shy because it is his character, the second will be active, acting passionately and confidently. But, as a rule, the latter role always falls to Fire because they naturally love to dominate and be the leader.

How does Capricorn reveal itself in friendship with Aries - do they have perfect compatibility?

Difficulties may arise due to a clash of interests. Representatives of these elements usually lead very different lifestyles. Therefore, it is difficult for them to find a common language, to converge on some of the same things. These two could quickly become buddies if work or studies unite them. Mental intimacy or complete trust is out of the question. Everything here can be tied up with a practical point of view and getting some benefit, nothing more.

As for the business sphere, things are better. Individuals are considered ambitious; it is crucial for them to make a name for themselves, to earn a good reputation with colleagues and management. Therefore, they can work in a team, achieving tremendous success. But it can not last long, because the feeling of competition will be stronger. And this will lead to considerable problems in a joint project.

Capricorn and Aries compatibility percentage

Capricorn and Aries compatibility percentage

Will Capricorn make a good match with Aries? How to resolve conflicts and be soulmates?

The first sign faces obstacles when finding common ground with the fire element. The solution to many issues often ends up nothing because both people behave too self-confident and impulsive. They immediately feel the arrogance and haughtiness of their partner. Each one strives for power and dominance. Fire does not want to listen and, most notably, to carry out commands of others, while the Earth will try to pull the blanket over themselves and become the head of the ship.

Capricorn needs to achieve material stability and become financially independent. He will see his chosen one as a windy person who quickly refers to money, not accustomed to saving and counting every penny. They have no particular problems in bed, except that an unwillingness to give in to their beloved could hurt.  

Should Capricorn run into potential problems with Aries? Can a relationship be saved?

Here, the main obstacle in building a solid and happy union can be the desire of the fiery representative to make his companion a doer of his whims. Suppose the earthly one has a lot of household chores and other obligations. In that case, he will start thinking about freedom sooner or later. Capricorn is unlikely to like that the companion will constantly be begging. And this can manifest itself not only financially but also in other aspects. To buy, to tell someone about his achievements, to give, to give, to do for him. It is one thing if it is unobtrusive and infrequent. Still, if permanently and some abuse of Capricorn’s kindness and generosity appeared, such relationships risk ending. After all, the Earth has no benefits, and she often looks for them in all connections.

Let’s remember that there are so many contradictions. The earthly representative is jealous and often misinterprets the behavior of his companion. Aries like to flirt and stand out among the crowd. He is bright and charismatic; he needs communication, drive, and adventure. In life together, this basis can bring a lot of conflicts.

Capricorn and love. What is the final compatibility with Aries?

In general, there are no obstacles to this. The couple should consist of a self-fulfilled fire sign, which has achieved particular successes. On the other hand, the earth sign should be just at the beginning of his career path. Then, it will be the best option. In this case, Fire aims to “train” the companion and Earth – to learn from their “mentor” to harden their character. By the way, the earth sign can become stronger, more confident, and more demanding when in a long union with the fire sign. These two have a chance to build a strong and reliable marriage. They only need to avoid taking all the responsibilities and decision-making on themselves and putting their partner below them. Then harmony is assured.

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