Is the earthy Capricorn successfully compatible with the airy Aquarius in a love tandem, or is it better not to try?

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In the zodiac circle, the location of these two representatives is in the neighborhood. Their differences are so apparent that they do not raise questions. The seriousness of the earthly person makes his approach to life more conservative. Still, far from tradition, Air constantly wants to expand the boundaries of knowledge and is looking for different ways to do this.

Capricorn and Aquarius compatibility

It is impossible to believe that these two will ever meet because they seem to be in two opposite dimensions. However, nothing prevents them from being fascinated by each other at the first meeting. If we consider them neighbors, there should be a high fence between them. Ruling planet Saturn, who loves harsh discipline, can overthrow Uranus harshly, which leads his ward to original, unexpected ideas. Therefore, the union of these two personalities can be extremely dangerous.

The first meeting may be of interest to the Earth because a person of Air can surprise with his intellect and ability to present himself. The detachment and composure of the partner are very attractive to the Earth. She always has the same environment, and her halves' originality and sense of humor can refresh the life of an earthly representative. If the Earth decides that she wants to get to know someone, she will do it immediately. A member of the air tandem will appreciate such a gesture because he likes people who achieve their goals.

However, at the same time, such interest can quickly fade away. Earth has more traditional beliefs, and Air, in turn, is a non-conformist, using a unique demeanor. The partner will need help to predict this. This impossible task will disappoint the representative of the pragmatic Earth. The Air is restless, so the partner's excessive seriousness can annoy the representative of the air element. Whether each of them will be able to learn something new from the features of the second half, time will tell.

What will be the sexual life and compatibility of Capricorns with a partner? Will Aquarius show himself in bed?

There will be no excess of sexual chemistry in this couple. This situation often happens with neighboring persons. These two energies are entirely different. Although they are close in heaven, it isn't easy to be near them in life. It all comes down to their essential character traits. Its practicality, stability, and exactingness distinguish Earth. He is pretty traditional in his preferences.

Air is the opposite. He is enterprising, relaxed, not attached to anything, and loves innovation. Representatives of this person value diversity and experimentation in intimate unions, so they do not refuse sex toys or new positions and places for sex. Its independence stops people who are too demanding of an Air. The role of the submissive for Air is not the most comfortable. The fight between these people can start when they have decided who will take control. But, unfortunately, this is more likely to lead to disappointment than involvement in the game and passion.

Capricorn compatibility in friendship with a partner - reality or fiction? Will the team work with Aquarius?

Air is characterized by such features as coldness and detachment, while earth persons, in turn, are reserved and pragmatic. There can be "dryness" between representatives of these people, not only in terms of emotions but also friendship. A plus for this friendly union may be the lack of sentimentality and sweetness, so they are ideal partners in the business field. They can always make a plan and voice the facts. Both representatives will not reveal their weaknesses and vulnerabilities to each other. Therefore, they will have to open up and find emotional common ground for close tandem.

Capricorn and Aquarius compatibility percentage

Capricorn and Aquarius compatibility percentage

Are Capricorns a good match? Will he be able to become soul mates with Aquarius?

The emotional closeness of one to the other can bring some problems in a joint future union. Earth-like to mind its own business and then return home to a warm welcome. Air is not ready to give them comfort and relaxation. The independence of these two people will not make it possible to connect so close as to become kindred spirits. They may continue to be neighbors, but they are unlikely to become truly close people or romantic partners unless their natal charts have other harmonious aspects.

Are Capricorns facing potential relationship problems? How will they communicate with Aquarius?

One of the significant areas for improvement between these two people is using different methods to solve problems. It is always easy to communicate with an air representative. Still, the fact that he is a fixed person often leads to inflexibility in his views and approach to various life situations. The process of an earthly representative always has a logical basis. It is as down to Earth and practical as possible. Air may not accept Earth's point of view, which will annoy the Earth's attitude toward the interlocutor.

If the couple decides to coexist, they can eliminate the contradictions themselves. To do this, you need to apply rationality. Negotiability is the ability to build a business, and individually, they achieve mastery. Therefore, the approach of the partial delegation will help the union. If the participants of the couple share their areas of competence, peace will come. For example, Earth will be responsible for the budget, which his partner will verify. At the same time, Air will be accountable for entertaining children, joint holidays, and weekends while choosing a movie to watch may alternate. And even if Earth does not have the action movie selected, the partner will have to endure. He will have a legal opportunity to take revenge by putting on a melodrama next time. The division of areas of responsibility will allow you to live without conflicts, which both people will support.

A happy marriage to a stubborn Capricorn. Will Aquarius survive?

If these two people decide to tie their fate, they should seriously think about it. Earth shows seriousness and practicality in everything, while Air is more inclined to broadcast optimism and complaisance. The former may consider the views and lifestyle of Air too frivolous and impose a more severe approach on them. The second will not like it if his partner insists on changes, which will be a challenging obstacle to a lasting union.

But Earth may pay attention to the new views of Air. At the same time, the air person itself may be impressed by a strong and reliable partner. If both people can balance in such tandem and appreciate the qualities they lack, a solid marriage can come out of their team.

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