Top 10 Hot Female Runners in the World

Modern sport helps not only improve body shapes and have good health but thanks to the ubiquitous television, we can thoroughly evaluate all the virtues of girls participating in various competitions.

These women are beautiful. Many men immediately fall in love with them when they watch women’s athletics on television. Of course, they want to watch not competitions themselves but admire wonderful women runners. What could be better than looking at girls in the most revealing outfits? It is just delight and nothing more. Female runners are the most charming and attractive of all the athletes.

Reasons why female runners are really hot

Men have always been attracted to competitions where women take part. In this case, sports become not only spectacular but also adds additional interest, especially when you know that some of these lonely women seeking men. As a rule, runners look very attractive and the persistence with which they overcome difficulties adds sexuality to these cute women. Of course, they are all beautiful in their own way but today we will focus our attention on the hottest female runners of the whole world. So, what are the reasons they are so attractive?

They are healthy

Women runners don’t have bad habits, which in itself is clear propaganda of a healthy lifestyle. Regular exercise can prevent or control a wide range of diseases. Some of these diseases may include mental health. During training, the brain produces various substances that make runners feel happy and relaxed. Exercises help these women feel better. When they see results, they experience not only relief but also pride in themselves. And regular exercises make them more resilient, strong, and confident.

They are psychologically strong

Their physical condition improves every day: endurance is trained, cardiac activity improves, muscles strengthen and grow, physical strength and coordination of movements develop, flexibility, mobility and “cat grace” appear, speed and ability to perform fast movements are developed, etc. These female sprinters made their body sexy, hot, and athletic.

They are competitive

They set a high bar for themselves and they never refuse to achieve their goals. Famous female runners are very motivated people. They are used to working to the limit and always get what they want. There are even cases when they were able to “trick the body”: they recover from completely unrealistic injuries and return to sport.

Hottest female runners

They are all insanely beautiful. Thousands of men dream of them. Their social networks are followed by thousands of people and everyone knows that they are really good. So, look at these hot female runners:

1. Michelle Jenneke

hot female runners

She is a sprinter from Australia who not only runs fast but also works as a model for advertising sports goods and also she dances well. Thanks to this dance at the Junior World Championships in Barcelona, Michelle became a YouTube star and one of the most beautiful female runners. In addition, Jenneke plays football and handball well. Having an attractive appearance and certain successes in sports, Jenneke often receives offers to shoot for glossy magazines. For example, Michelle is the face of Coca Cola, works with Puma, and participated in the Top Gear Festival.

2. Christina Vukicevic Demidov

women runners

One look at Christina Vukicevic Demidov and you are her fan. She is so perfect. She is a seven-time Norway champion in the 100 meters hurdles, winner of the gold medal at the European Youth Olympic Festival in 2003. In 2004, Christina finished fifth at the World Junior Championships and was second at the same competition a year later. After another 6 years, in 2010, the Norwegian won a bronze medal at the European Championships. In 2016, she left sports since she married Vadim Demidov who is a famous footballer.

3. Melissa Bishop

female running

She is a Canadian runner who takes part in female running at a distance of 800 meters. She participated in the 2012 and 2016 Olympic Games and won a silver medal at the 2015 World Athletics Championships. She was the first who won the World Cup medal among Canadian women. Melissa is also one of the three Canadians who ran out of 2 minutes at a distance of 800 meters. Currently, the athlete is the national champion among women at the same distance.

4. Genzebe Dibaba

woman runner

This girl is an Ethiopian runner and one of the most beautiful athletes at long distances. She is also an African champion among juniors at a distance of 5000 meters in 2009. A pretty girl from exotic Ethiopia has modest physical data – her height is 168 cm and her weight is 52 kg. She is the sister of the Olympic champion and one of the hottest runners Tirunesh Dibaba, and also the cousin of another Olympic champion and beautiful woman Derartu Tulu. She is not only a professional runner but also one of the sexiest athletes in the world.

5. Alica Ѕchmidt

female runners

In 2019, 20-year-old Alica Schmidt from Germany was recognized as “the sexiest athlete in the world among women runners”. Schmidt received a silver medal at the European Athletics Championships. Alice’s page on Instagram is followed by 333 thousand users. She often arranges photo shoots at the stadium, posing in crop tops, mini shorts, and tight leggings. In addition, the girl collaborates with sportswear brands.

6. Allyson Felix

famous female runners

This hot woman specializes in short distances. She became the Olympic champion 6 times and the world champion 11 times. This sportswoman is the most titled athlete in the world – the only runner in the history of women’s athletics who has 6 gold medals. By the way, she had many photo sessions for commercials and almost 600 thousand followers on Instagram. Isn’t that proof that she’s sexy?

7. Ivet Lalova-Collio

hot female runners bodies

She is a Bulgarian athlete specializing in 100-meter and 200-meter sprint distances. When Konstantin Milanov was her trainer, the woman had incredible success in her career. She took part in high-level competitions and became a champion. She is the winner of the European Indoor Championships 2005 in the 200-meter race. Her Instagram is quite interesting: she is very feminine, beautiful, and loves a tattoo.

8. Natasha Hastings

sexy female runners

Natasha Hastings is the only American athlete who gets new titles and sets records every season. The beauty has already won the titles of the Olympic and World Champions, and she also set the U.S. record in the 300m race (36, 25 sec). Her pages on social networks are already followed by more than 160 thousand fans. At the same time, Natasha herself says that she is not looking for a path to fame. She is just happy that she has the opportunity to do what she loves.

9. Carmelita Jeter

hottest female runners

She is an American woman runner who won the bronze medal in the 100m race at the World Athletics Championships and won the 2007 world athletics finals at the same distance. She is one of the fastest women runners. Currently, Carmelita has three results, which are among the top ten for all times. Not surprisingly, the athlete is nicknamed “Jet”.

10. Tirunesh Dibaba

female sprinters

Ethiopian athlete takes part in long-distance races. She holds the world record at a distance of 5000 meters. She won three gold medals at the Olympics, two of them in Beijing in 2008, at distances of 5000 and 10000 meters, the third at the Olympics in London in 2012, at a distance of 10,000 meters. Also, Tirunesh won at the World Cross Country Running Champion. In a word – the madness of this athlete knows no bounds!

Who of us doesn’t like sexy female runners? They are successful, constantly improve their hot female runners bodies, and can’t live without sports. Many of them are so beautiful that they could easily conquer the world of fashion as they conquered the world of sports. Their beauty would bring them unprecedented success if they decided to try themselves as models. But unlike models, they can boast not only grace and thinness but also muscle strength and immense health.

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Melissa Bishop is the most beautiful woman from this list. She is an excellent athlete with an incredibly beautiful figure. I’d like to meet such a sporty girl.
21.08.2020 11:22

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