Falling in Love at First Sight: Does It Work?

What is Love at First Sight

You have to agree that in the first minutes of acquaintance there was a sort of anticipation that something will bind you with this person, the feeling as if you met an old friend who you haven’t seen for ages. Force, unknown and incomprehensible, pulled you to him/her, and it’s as if the whole world was built for this moment of your meeting, planets have aligned so that you could meet this special person.

Falling in Love at First Sight: Does It Work?

The question arises, why, out of the thousands of people who we’ve met on our way, this person left such a weird, yet beautiful impression? From the first minutes of your acquaintance, your body is shaking, your heart is beating wildly, the body gains lightness (sometimes they say that "wings grew behind your back"), and the soul experiences incomprehensible joy? There are quite a few versions of perceiving this entire subject.

You may think that it was love at first sight, a magical thing of sacred nature. Physiologists explain this by the action of pheromones - the special substances released by a person’s body to attract the opposite sex. They do not smell but affect certain receptors, cause strong emotions and sexual attraction. Only one thing is not clear: why do you attract one person by "covering him/her with this wave", and others are indifferent to you?

Love at First Sight Signs

Before we even try to tackle the question of “is love at first sight possible”, we have to kind of grasp some sure signs of love at first sight.

Yet what is it, this magical thing we are talking about, what does love at first sight feel like? Anthropologists believe that love at first sight has a literal meaning. It's about the eyes, or rather, their contact with the eyes of another person. They believe that this is an instinct that we inherited from animals. The animal's gaze forces them to take a fighting stance and sends an impulse to the brain zone responsible for the action - to approach or to leave. In our case, this primal emotion is perceived as falling in love. Studies were conducted where it was proposed to unfamiliar men and women in communication to look at each other in the eyes with varying degrees of intensity. It turned out that a long look only increased the feeling of love and caused confidence in the partner.

If a person who likes you looks at you intently, you respond. As a result, love arises. And if you do not like this person, then you just look away and do not feel anything for them.

Some psychologists, Freud's followers to be exact, believe, that a person's first and bright love appears during childhood - it's a love for the father or mother. And after a girl becomes a woman, she starts looking for a man like her father, and men, respectively, are looking for a woman like their mother.

Therefore, if you had a good relationship with your father, then when you meet a man who looks like him visually or in details, you can suddenly get a wave of "love at first sight". Or, on the contrary, if there was a conflict with the father, then a woman is looking for a man like him to finish the dialogue and prove that she is better than he thought about her.

According to another saying, the woman unconsciously looks for a man who looks like a man who once left an indelible impression on her, whatever it is. They can be like a boy next door, who in her childhood gave her a ride on a bike, a guy with whom was the first love, or the first man she had sex with. Sexologists came up with a term describing this phenomenon - the "topography of love." As if the notches of pleasure and pain that remain in our heart. Therefore, when we meet a person who is similar to the one who gave us joy or despair, we immediately fall in love - in spite of all logic.

When a woman has been alone for a long time, in a circle of "wrong" men: a low level of education, lack of culture, etc. She creates the ideal of her chosen one. And when he meets a man who, even if a little suit this image, she begins to feel love for him.

Sometimes people fall in love with someone's feelings. If you are loved, you feel beautiful, clever, you feel an upsurge of healthy energy. And in return you are ready to pay that person back because they managed to raise your self-esteem so much! People who are fond of mysticism are sure that there are couples who have a karmic connection, which means that they will meet in a new life and they will know each other. This can be attributed to lovers once separated. Or enemies who did not forgive one another. Having met in a new life, they continue their unfinished dialogue.


There may be more versions of interpreting this thing called love at first sight, but there is a question: is it possible to fall in love at first sight, and even more to trust this feeling? There is no guarantee in love. All you can do is to recover from the feelings that have flooded in on you, turn on your mind and ask yourself questions: what do you expect from this person and is it all real, all of these things that are happening right now?

If you are drawn to a man only in physical terms, then think about what binds you apart from sex: education, interests, the general social environment. Are you a graduate of the conservatory, and his favorite repertoire is just something random, whatever is playing on the radio? Alas, perhaps you are guaranteed a stunning sex, but to hope for a long relationship is not worth it. After falling in love at first sight, think: maybe he is an alphonso or a pick-up artist? Most men use different techniques to seduce a woman. So, you may be misled, thinking that you’ve got the answer to is there such thing as love at first sight.

Perhaps you created the image of a perfect man, but it does not correspond to reality. And when you begin to notice dissimilarity with your image, you become irritated. But if, after being carried away by a man, you can see the person in him and love him just like that, at first sight as he is, then probably you will be able to build a future with him. Tired of being alone, a woman will go for any man who will pay attention to her, and she begins to stretch and change her image of a perfect man to fit that one who went for her. This is a big mistake. There are no ideal people, and you will not find a person who will fully correspond to your image of a perfect partner, of a person, to whom you will truly connect, just stick and never let go. Love out of loneliness is perceived as obtrusiveness, and overall, it is a sign of despair, you are desperate to find someone, therefore you hop on the first man you see.

It is good to fall in true love at first sight with a man who already loves you. But there may be two ways of development of events: you will fall in love, and this romance will soon end, since both of you will love only one person - you. But if your man pushes you to love him as well, then your relationship has a future. Love, which appeared at first sight, does not differ from love at the second sight or through half a year of acquaintance. Life is full of love stories at first sight, in which everyone is happy. But there are other stories, when people date for a very long time, weirdly long time to some, test each other's feelings, and when they make their relations formal, they get divorced after a couple of months, also a no-no.

If you fell in love at first sight - enjoy this feeling. And no matter what the sequel will be, the main thing is that you love and you were loved. Is there love at first sight? You decide! The Statistical Probability of Love at First Sight

The question of “do you believe in love at first sight” is still relevant and still split in the answer. Nowadays, a very large variety of people believe in the existence of this kind of love. And yet they believe that it exists, and that they will meet it once in their lifetime. And there are people who live their whole lives with the conviction that there is no such thing as love that appeared immediately, from the first sight. Such people often believe that you can truly fall in love with a person only when you learn him/her fully and you understand what he/she is really about. Everyone has their own opinion on this matter. Yet, we believe, that there is no right in this, it is all very subjective and it is very hard to speculate on the topic of love, since all this is just small biological particles moving around in our brain, there is an evolutionary explanation and sense to everything we feel or do, so to attach a higher meaning to it is wrong, yet to get all radical and physiological about it, too rational, I suppose, is also wrong, there has to be something magical about it, yet I digress.

Scientists conducted very large studies on this subject. Some of the experiments showed that the subjects fell in love immediately if they really believed that a feeling like love can appear spontaneously immediately after meeting a person.

And about a half, even a little more than a half, of people who participated in this experiment, answering, does love at first sight exist, confirmed the statement that sudden love still exists. And also, there were people who are very skeptical about finding love in this way. Of course, as the study has shown, they did not fall in love immediately, precisely because they believed in it. Also, it is necessary to say that those people who fell in love instantly, soon began to think about the wedding. Their relationship became more serious and people became close to each other much faster. And yeah, it’s obvious, it is, what they call, the “placebo effect”, where if you believe in something very hard – it creates a physiological manifestation of it for you, at least, this explanation is accurate for the love at first sight, the more accurate definition is different, yet you get the point. Plus, it was found that about twenty-five percent of all people who fell in love instantly and subsequently got married, became victims of a divorce. And such an indicator is much lower, compared to all statistical data on divorce. Therefore, we can conclude that people who fell in love during the initial meeting had significant success in marriage compared to those who did not experience such a love relationship in their lives.

But we need to understand that there is a sudden love, and there is a passion and a physical attraction of two people to each other. And such concepts, in any case, cannot be combined. When such a couple spends the night together, then any love, passion, and romance disappear, as if they were not at all there in the first place. And if all the same in your life has not happened, and you have not cooled to a person yet, then, most likely, it is your partner for life.

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