Tips and Advice to Date Beautiful Muslim Women

It is no secret that it is forbidden to date (meetings in private) before marriage from a religious point of view. However, the concept of dating is very subtle and can be interpreted differently. Meeting in the context of long-term relationships, dates, and solitude is a relationship that does not lead anywhere and causes a haram. So, what are the common dating Muslim women rules? One of the answers is as follows, "halal acquaintance" and "halal dating." But firstly, let’s dwell on some peculiar facts about beautiful Muslim women.

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Why Do Muslim Women Cover Their Hair?

The hijab is translated from Arabic as "barrier" or "blanket" and is often called the handkerchief with which Muslim women cover their heads. However, the meaning of the term is much broader: the hijab is not only a headdress but also all the clothes corresponding to the Muslim ideas of what a worthy woman looks like.

The basic principles of the Muslim dress code are contained in the Koran and are unambiguously interpreted by theologians. Ayat 24:31 says that Muslims should "protect their reproductive organs," "cover their breasts with blankets" and not show their beauty to anyone except their husbands and other relatives belonging to the category of mahrams, this is the name of all relatives a woman cannot be married to by law. Ayat 24:60 specifies that elderly single Muslim women who are no longer going to marry may not follow the hijab so strictly, but it is better not to deviate from the rules. Finally, in Ayat 33:59 there is a requirement for a headdress: Muslims are advised to "bring their blankets on themselves," so that other people do not regard them as "slaves or harlots," i.e. they are treated with respect. The girls have to wear the hijab from the beginning of puberty, the first menstruation.

In most of today's Muslim countries, the tradition of covering one's head existed long before Islam, which appeared in the 7th century. The customary dress was only adapted to the requirements of the new religion, without dissolving in them finally, which gave rise to many varieties of national Muslim costumes. In Arab countries, women are most often seen in black embroidered abayas, in India, Muslims wear bright sari or salwar-kameez (sets of wide trousers, long tunics and a scarf), and Iranian women from villages around the Persian Gulf cover their faces with embroidered beads or metal masks resembling mustaches. Muslim dating sites do exist. This Muslim online dating site is used by hundreds of hot Muslim women waiting for you to write.

Famous Muslim Women

The stereotype that a Muslim woman, especially from the Middle East or Central Asia, is a hijab-bound woman who, even if born in a privileged position, is completely or almost completely disenfranchised, and her freedom of expression is limited to the female half of the house, claims that this is not the case. We want to tell you about famous Muslim women who have achieved fame, success, and recognition.

Saufeeya Bint Goodson @saufeeya

Saufeeya not only has her page on Instagram, but she is also the creator and author of the most popular blog about Muslim fashion, Hijab Fashion (@hijabfashion), which is read by almost 3 million people. The girl is a real star among fashionistas, and her images are imitated by hundreds of thousands of fans.

beautiful Muslim womenLeena Snoubar @withloveleena

Leena lives in America, and her style is distinguished by its femininity and tenderness. She loves all sorts of ruches and flounces, as well as pastel colors. If you like feminine style, be sure to check out Leena's Instagram! Habiba da Silva @lifelongpercussion Habiba lives in England, where she is known not only as a fashion blogger but also as a designer. Interestingly, da Silva is engaged in the production of hijabs, the girl demonstrates her creations on her Instagram, clearly proving that they can easily fit into the European style and fashionable image.

Ruba Zai @hijabhills

Ruba is another famous person among pretty Muslim women. Updates to the blog of Ruba are being watched by a million people, including not only Muslim fashionista but also European ones, the secret to the popularity of Zai's images is the ability to combine Muslim restraint with Western fashion trends.

Dina Tokio @dinatokio

Dina lives in England, so her images are rather European than Muslim, but the hijab, nevertheless, remains the main (and daily) accessory of Tokio. By the way, she knows how to tie it in almost a thousand different ways.

Mariah Idrissi @mariahidrissi

The smiling Mariah became a real star in world fashion two years ago - that's when Idrissi became the first girl in the hijab to star in the H&M campaign. Every day Idrissi shares new stylish images with her subscribers that invariably delight them.

Marwa Atik @marwaatik

Marwa lives in California, and she is not only a blogger but also a designer (of hijabs), she, like our other heroines, can combine in her style Muslim traditions and current European and American trends. The Atik blog will be interesting for those who do not like to limit themselves to the framework and prefer to experiment with images.

Tips to Date Muslim Women

A "halal date" is an acquaintance with someone to get married or getting married in an acceptable manner that does not cross the boundaries of what is permitted in Islam. That is, if a guy kisses a girl, sleeps with her, it is haram, and hence forbidden. In this case, your intention to marry is irrelevant, as it is forbidden to do such things beforehand. An allowed date in this context means meeting to get to know each other better for potential marriage life. Some kinds of allowed dates we will consider below.

Before you meet with a potential bride, make sure your intentions are clean and unbiased. If you are looking for religiosity in the person and their desire to follow the Sunnah of the Prophet. — Meetings should not be in private, but with friends in a public place. Your conversations and meetings will take place in front of people you’ve known for a long time, and they, in turn, will not allow anything inappropriate. Ask your friends to allow you to talk tete-a-tete. This does not mean that you should be alone. You can be in the same public place but at a separate table. This should happen at the beginning.

Let your parents know. It is also important to get permission from the girl's caretaker. Let your parents know your intentions from the beginning so that you can get their approval before you move on.

Do not meet in private places. You know that when a guy and a girl are left alone, there will be always a third between them, a shaytan that will try to knock them off the right track and to induce the haram.

Don't waste your time on a date - try to learn the lifestyle of your future partner, their goals in life. Speak openly about the qualities you are looking for in a partner, about your goals and interests. Do not lie, embellish or hide important things. Identify the most important moments for yourself.

Do not discuss your past. It may not be quite religious, but your present is more important. Do not go to extremes and talk about inappropriate intimate topics. This is a topic for "family" life.

Try not to delay the marriage. If you understand that the person suits you, create a family, if not, then do not waste time with each other. After meeting with each other, read a prayer that will help you make the right decision. After reading this spirit, Allah will help you understand if this person is meant for you and will make your task easier. Allah knows better.

We hope these tips on dating Muslim women will help you find your soulmate. Seek your life partners in a permitted way, be decent husbands and wives, and ask Allah to send you the best partners you can have.

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