How to Date Hot Gamer Girls

How to Date Hot Gamer Girls

Why are so many guys fascinated with the idea of dating a gamer girl? It's simple - we are used to idealizing certain situations (these are dreams, our desires). And in them, a young man does not divide time between his hobby and girlfriend but shares leisure with her.

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Well... But yet, only men seem to be interested in meeting gamer women, not the other way around. Although there seem to be no fewer girls whose hobby is gaming than when it comes to men. Ever wonder why? 

Hot Gamer Girls: What Are They Like?

Here’s a thing you should remember about dating a geeky girl. Girls that get into videogames sometimes do it because no one seems to understand them in real life, they either have only a few friends, and they are introverted by nature, or they just have plenty of time on their hands that they want to spend at home. Some spend this time painting, others use dating services to meet someone and hang out in real life, and still others prefer to spend this time playing videogames.

If you are a gamer then you pretty much know a lot about gamer girls, we all have our interests and passions, and they are no different in this. Figure out the reasons why you are playing videogames, why you don’t really enjoy hanging out at all sorts of nightclubs since it is quite likely that a gamer girl you find to be interesting shares your view on these activities.

The gender inequality in the vacuum of video games is well known. Today, games are made by taking into account the wishes of the girls. They fought for this right. More and more interesting female characters appear every single year.

But what about other manifestations of our love for gaming? What about various shows and conventions – the majority of the participants are women. There are so many female streamers nowadays… however, not all of them seem to be interested in focusing their audience’s attention on gaming, but rather on their beauty and charisma. And let’s face it, men watch these women because of their beauty. Male streamers almost universally focus on either their skill, their ability to put out content every single day, or their charisma. Articles like “top 10 sexiest female videogame characters” or “hottest gamer girls” are also oriented on app for gamers

Here you might think that I raise my hands and feet for feminism. But this is not the case. I am for a rational balance in the interests of both parties. Unfortunately, most of the "groups for equality," having achieved their goals, do not calm down and having received their piece of the pie, they still want to eat the rest of it and leave everyone else hungry.

Since there are very few geek and gamer girls in the media, it seems that they don’t exist at all. But this is not the case. Although the situation seems to be improving every year.

Let’s now talk about the issues that are associated with dating gamers, what should you know about hot gamer girls?

How to Date Gamer Women

The system of values changes with age. Sometimes it changes too rapidly. And it is different for boys and girls. Moreover, the values are different even within groups of boys and girls. This is influenced by many different factors, ranging from innate abilities, ending with the people that surround us every single day. The system of values is very close to the concept of life goals, from here come careerists and family people. Generally speaking, it becomes clear depending on what a person does in their free time.

Let's think for a second where you can "fit" such a hobby as "video games" – obviously, one would associate with family people. People that are careerists by nature, those who are obsessed with time management, are unlikely to spend a lot of time playing videogames.

For family people, the main thing is, of course, family, which is obvious, isn't it? Strong family, home, secure future. Most of the time, such couples spend with each other. And it seems that this is a common interest that will hold relationships for a long time. Well, maybe, but what about everything else that comes with family life? Who is going to cook? What about the future? What about children? Who’s gonna do the dishes? While it sounds great to just sit around and play videogames together all the time, it will not work out, there are a lot of things that should be considered about a joint life with a gamer girl.

But you should not feel discouraged about gamers dating, you just have to be realistic. Whatever you two are fond of - it will be a thing that brings you together, but everything else about life cannot be ignored. You have to earn money, cook food, pay the taxes, do household chores, and think about the future. And then, there will be more of such issues every single year. But ok, let’s say that we throw all of these arguments away, she still can be quite different from you in terms of her character, and, god forbid, preferences in videogames. Therefore, you will have to search by nature, by education, by appearance, life goals, and hobbies should be a nice addition to the overall picture. You need a soul mate, as they say. It should be noted that you can get along with anyone, it is only a matter of effort and comfort.

Passion for games should not be a priority in choosing a partner. A person that you need can be already nearby while you keep staring at someone else with values different from yours.

Let’s now find out where to find cute gamer girls.

Where to Meet Gamer Girls

dating for gamersLet’s first figure out why you want to meet gamer girls. Let’s be honest for a second here, many male gamers don’t have the richest experiences in relationships and sex, and this is why they end up coming off as awkward and silly. Maybe you don’t realize what you want from gamer women, and all you want is a girlfriend, just a girlfriend? But anyway, if you are laser-focused on finding a gamer girlfriend – then the best way to meet them is to… well… play videogames, be engaged in the community.

But what about meeting gamer girls? You can meet women on various forums and social networks. However, you should know the waters. Only 1/5 of the World of Warcraft player base consists of women, and as for Sims, on the contrary, 1/5 of the player base are men. Also, don't forget about anything related to gaming. Comics, movies, music. The hell for an introvert, of course, are public events like Comic Cons, but this is a great way to meet gamer girls that live in your area.

Are there any dating services online for gamers? Yeah, there are quite a lot of them.

Dating Sites for Gamers

Here’s a list of the best dating sites for gamers:

  • – probably the most popular dating site for gamers. It is also one of the best dating apps for gamers.
  • Bottom line

Lots of gamers dream of meeting a gamer girl that will make the first step and fall in love with them, and that’s fine, but you have to be more realistic about a joint life with a person and all the issues and nuances that come with it. Be honest with yourself and your partner, let a relationship grow around your love and friendship rather than your love for videogames.

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