Clear Signs of Female Attraction

Female Body Language Signs of Attraction

Body language is a set of non-verbal signals that we send to our interlocutor – it is the most truthful part of building a relationship. These non-verbal signs form sympathy or antipathy towards a person at the subconscious level. If you tell one thing with your words, and your non-verbal signs tell a completely different story, then your partner will believe your body language instead of the words you say.

signs of romantic attraction

You should be attentive and discover new facets in your interlocutors because every social interaction involves a lot of body language. It is extremely important when it comes to romantic relationships. Today we will list some of the clear signs of female attraction.


When we smile - we become beautiful. Even the most unrefined smile makes a person beautiful and attractive. Let's do a mental experiment. Take two female twins, their age doesn’t really matter in this case. One of them will smile, and the second one will have the most neutral face. Which one is more attractive? The answer is obvious. It doesn’t really matter that a smile won’t fix a person’s problem or general unattractiveness. A woman becomes more beautiful than she was before. And most importantly - men are more likely to approach those girls who smile, and not those who are more beautiful. Beauty without a smile scares the immature sexual desires of men away.


Women consider the ability to make them laugh to be an important quality in men, it is pretty high up there, even on the same level as “self-confidence.” Laughter, like a smile, artificially makes us more attractive. Sincere laughter is one of the signs of attraction from a woman.

New Gait

There is nothing more attractive (for a man) than some smooth rocking of luxurious female hips. The dance of the lower back of the female body while walking turns an ordinary leg movement into something that a man is willing to sell his soul for. The reason for the male attention to the female gait lies in the depths of our evolutionary origins. The specific structure of the body, the balance of height and weight, and a number of other parameters create this gait. And the structure of the body determines the health, physical strength, ability to bear children, and other functions that are useful for the survival of the species. If a woman changes her regular way of walking, especially if it happens during a date with you, then it is likely to be one of the signs of romantic attraction towards you.


A man is able to appreciate the feminine beauty, not only during actions but also when a woman is just standing still or sitting. Moreover, women do not always have the opportunity to get up and walk in front of their potential partners to show their femininity. Women correct their posture, arch their backs, correct their appearance as much as possible. Roughly speaking, a woman tries to be at the right angle so that all of her natural gifts can be seen by her partner. This may be indicated by the overall tenseness of a woman’s body, and if you feel like she is trying to keep up her posture, then it means she is attracted to you. However, it is one of the more subtle signs of attraction, so it will be hard to notice it.

Flirty look

What about instant attraction signs? There are lots of women in the world. Most of them are quite charming and mind-blowing. And a "decent" man always pays attention to the beautiful women he sees. But once he stumbles upon one particular sign of attraction, all the others cease to exist, and the men's legs carry him towards the woman.

signs of mutual attractionIf you get a repeated eye-contact with a woman, and there aren’t any other factors to distract her, this may indicate that she is attracted to you. Men perceive this as an unequivocal invitation to initiate communication. There is no weapon that is as strong and potent in the women’s arsenal as to simply look at a man with all the interest in the world. This eliminates the entire problem of approaching a random woman in general, she has already given you a sign of attraction, and a man’s mission is partially successful.

Presenting themselves

Here’s one of the strongest attraction signs women show. Women try to arch their backs and maintain their posture so that their breasts get in the right position and shine their light right in a man’s face. They take an asymmetrical pose, exposing their shoulder and thus, their back. Or, in an effort to increase their chances to conquer a man, they put their knees on display. No matter which part of a woman’s body is highlighted if it is done correctly – it will surely fascinate any man.


Here, the entire historical path traversed by the modern clothing industry works for women and their insidious desires. Modern female outfits are very revealing, they are designed to make an impression on any given man. The straps slip off the shoulders, the notches show the elasticity of the forms, and all of the exposed parts of the female body scream with passion.

Closing the distance

A woman readily accepts the intrusion of a man into her intimate zone or she takes the initiative and invades it herself. This is certainly one of the signs of the deep attraction of a woman towards you. Here’s a tip: if you have discovered that your face is in less than 30 centimeters away from her face for more than one and a half seconds, and she hasn’t moved away from you, this means that she is waiting for some sort of continuation, and she is attracted to you.


Women begin to copy your posture, your gestures, your facial expressions. Their gestures acquire a slow, viscous smoothness. The plasticity and elegance of such movements are truly fascinating and will attract any man.

Lips and tongue

When a woman is at her peak of attraction to a man, and she practically wants to have sex with him, then her lips and tongue come into play. A woman slowly opens her mouths and moves her tongue around, while giving a man just a second to see it. The most telling and revealing of intense sexual attraction signs is when a woman is biting or sucking her lips, that is it, that is the finishing maneuver.


Is the girl standing or sitting and slightly pushing one hip forward, which emphasizes her waist and makes her legs look longer? This is one of the typical signs of strong sympathy and a desire to be with a man, according to the opinion of body language expert Robert Phipps.

Unconscious Signs of Attraction

What are some subconscious signs of attraction?

1. Lie detector

When we tell a lie or move away from answering a question, we experience light stress, pressure rises, which causes tingling on the tender inner walls of the nose and an irresistible desire to scratch it. If your lady frequently touches her nose - something is definitely wrong here.

2. Tone of voice

If the voice of your potential girlfriend has suddenly become quieter, then she is deceiving you in the opinion of a renowned professor of psychology Richard Wiseman thinks. However, be careful! The timbre is a completely different thing. If she has started talking in a low, velvety half-whisper like tone, she definitely tries to seduce you.

3. Lip reading

According to years of research and observations of the former military investigator Greg Hartley, the famous author of the bestseller "How to Spot a Liar," when a person lies, there is an outflow of blood from the lips. James Bond was able to expose a girl in a lie by her cold lips during a kiss.

4. Playing with her hair

It is one of the most classic signs of female attraction. If a girl, while being next to you, starts playing with her hear, she subconsciously says, "Touch me." While this is not a guaranteed sign of attraction, and there could be some neurotic exceptions, it is certainly a sign to keep in mind.

5. It's all about her earrings

If a girl starts pulling on one of her earrings, then she flirts with you and is interested in having a second date.

Signs of Mutual Attraction Between a Man and a Woman


attraction signs women showThe first of the signs of mutual attraction is emotional interactions. When someone is dear to a person, they are just like a mirror reflecting the emotions of their interlocutor. Try to have a simple experiment: observe the emotions of a person you like during a story that you tell them. If they smile back to when you smile or are sad when you are telling something sad, they appreciate you very much, and they definitely like you.

They want to know each other better

The previous point was about emotional responses to the stories that a person presents to their interlocutor, but such emotions can be faked, it is hard, but it can be done. But sincere interest in what a person is going to say cannot be faked. It will take some effort from you to understand whether a person is interested in your story or not, but it will be quite revealing of the state of your relationship if you manage to grasp their level of interest.

They open up their souls to each other

Let’s say you know that the subject of your sympathy very rarely speaks about their feelings and prefers to keep everything to themselves, but when you do it, they get more open about their feelings and tell about all the problems and things that disturb them. Such a gesture indicates that this person will entrust you very much and, very likely, is sympathetic towards you.

They introduce their friends and parents

For guys, this is a very serious and crucial step. If your partner decides to introduce you to their close friends or, say, parents, it means that a person is sure of you and considers you to be an excellent interlocutor and may want to have a relationship with you.

They are not afraid to speak

If you, in any case, chat with each other on all sorts of topics - this is a great sign. When communication takes place at an instinctive level, and we do not even think about what to answer to any given question, this indicates that the level of trust with such a person is extremely high. Your object of passion may not even imagine their day without talking to you. This behavior means that they definitely feel something towards you.

They see each other a lot

If you spend a lot of time doing joint activities like watching movies, going outside, shopping, playing video games or etc., then this means that you enjoy each other’s company.

Unplanned meetings aren't rare

Have you met each other a couple of times in a place that both of you like without planning to have a date? This may mean that your subject of sympathy is looking for a date with you and chooses the right time to meet you at that place.

Other partners aren’t mentioned

This is one of the vaguer signs of mutual attraction. If no friends or people of the same sex are mentioned by your partner, then this allows a person to focus all of your attention on them, thus, eliminating any possibility of you getting interested in someone else and leaving them.

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