Are representatives of the same element compatible in a relationship - the union of Cancer and Scorpio

The couple's problems help them get closer and conclude a grandiose tandem. Partners are representatives of the same element, but are at a distance. Because their interaction is easy and understandable. Thanks to this, the couple always makes compromises and concessions. The demanding first and the active second agree that finding the right partner is difficult. This trait underlies their union. They know how to appreciate the present and are ready to forgive a lot if they are sure of reciprocity.

Cancer and Scorpio compatibility

Several water representatives quickly find a common language, as their value judgments often coincide. Getting closer in the early stages of a relationship is also easy. The same mindset allows them to establish rapport and turn it into a healthy partnership. High sensitivity, ability to support, and empathy unite these people who decide to create an alliance. Since their feelings are evident to their partner, finding a way out of the situation is not a problem. You can still connect with a related representative of the elements, as you can miss the chance.

One element in bed - the sexual compatibility of gentle Cancer with passionate Scorpio

Their harmony deserves praise because no such attraction exists in any other couple. On the contrary, partners are magnetically attracted to each other and cannot resist such a temptation. However, this does not mean there will be no problems in bed. Intense sexual contact is difficult to establish. It will be necessary to prepare for the reluctance of the first and the creativity of the second. Thanks to the ingenuity of the latter, the partner manages to reveal the sexuality of the shy half. It is difficult to satisfy the first partner, before that you must establish emotional contact with him. The other partner wants it too. He even demands it. Thus, close contact has a beneficial effect on the couple as a whole.

The key to comfort in the bedroom is comfortable communication. Partners can openly share their preferences and experiences. However, they also have a place for passionate things. Even if there is some barrier to their desires, they can quickly overcome it. The intimate life of the same representatives of the elements is unpredictable, creative and a pleasure for two. The similarity between them will create harmony.

Cancer and Scorpio what percentage of compatibility in terms of friendship?

Even here, the couple's harmony is very high since they both belong to the element of Water. Moreover, their characters also have similar qualities, so trust arises without difficulty. The sensitivity and capriciousness of the first partner seem excessive and often inappropriate to other partners. The same applies to the personality manifestations of the second partner, who uses assertiveness as the main element of controlling friends and soul mates.

The couple maintains good friendships because they find the same emotions in different situations. Everything is fine with them with understanding, because both members of the tandem try to provide the necessary support, even if their partner is silent about it. This approach brings them closer, because both are tired of the inconstancy of other people.

Cancer and Scorpio compatibility percentage

Cancer and Scorpio compatibility percentage

Soulmates Cancer and Scorpio - a great idea to become an excellent match

Partners are often on the same wavelength, so there are no obstacles to creating a pair. The secret of this tandem is that people in it are harmonious. They are ready to listen to stories, even if they are repeated. Building an alliance will take time to share experiences and stories that none of your loved ones or friends have heard. These people in a pair quickly become attached, and letting go of a soul mate also takes a long time. A deep connection underlies due to belonging to the same element.

It is difficult to break such a marriage. Partners energize each other and are ready to wait until the other enjoys his loneliness. It is this freedom that they often lack in relationships with other people. The way to their heart is through establishing a deep personal connection.

When a conflict arises, both willingly look for answers in their past. They will share their thoughts in the second half. Discussion of personal problems turns into a search for a solution to the cause of misunderstanding. Constant communication, with or without difficulty, leads to sharing one's past experiences and the lessons learned. Mutual understanding at a deep level allows them to establish trusting contact. Discussing the shortcomings of a partner will help to avoid quarrels and resentment. They are ready to listen to their partner and resolve the conflict.

Communication between calm Cancer and energetic Scorpio

The presence of similarities in characters and thinking makes the couple ideal in their connection. Both are ready to talk for hours about the past and exchange opinions about events. These discussions bring them closer, and both partners greatly appreciate this connection. Sometimes in the union, there is a need to spend free time alone. Then both sympathize with this desire. Therefore, representatives of this element need to spend time in their shells from time to time, which often protects them from overwork.

Understanding the other's thoughts is the key to their happiness together. Not having to build an alliance from scratch and sharing the same approach to networking brings them closer. Gradually, the couple may refuse to communicate with friends because everything they need is in the partner. Assertiveness does not scare a partner but, on the contrary, attracts him. The manifestation of this side of the character is often atypical, but they will be able to appreciate it and treat it with understanding. Therefore, the location of partners at a distance in astrological charts does not affect their connection.

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