Guess if Gemini and Virgo become happy and compatible in a relationship?

If you notice people talking non-stop to each other about everything in the world, you must have met Gemini and Virgo. At first, you might think that such sociable grumblers cannot get along. However, this is not true. The signs are under the influence of the planet of ideas and thoughts, Mercury, so they have a lot of topics that these lucky ones can talk about for hours. Partners are competent by nature, distinguished by inexhaustible curiosity and wit. However, they are prone to anxiety and spend too much time thinking, sometimes even gossiping.

Gemini and Virgo compatibility

The Earth always does everything with increased caution and isolation. She prefers to think everything over before getting down to business. Such people do not like surprises and want to be ready for any life situation. Gemini's mood can change as suddenly as the weather on the ocean. They can be impulsive, if only for a fresh experience, which will enrich them and not make them bored. Their close connection can lead to quarrels and skirmishes due to the dissimilarity of each other's lifestyles. Such a pair cannot be attributed to the most compatible combinations of zodiac signs because one cannot go far on erudition alone. But, on the other hand, we cannot say this is the worst couple because the presence of mind and logic help to get out of conflicts without prejudice.

We love with our ears: sexual compatibility of a couple. Dialogues at Gemini and Virgo in bed

Both partners value open communication, talking about their intimate ideas, and can embody the most sincere desires. They tend to think about themselves and not hesitate to voice their dreams. If they can create a role play in the bedroom, it will help each partner have fun and open their hearts. In this case, physical intimacy will reach a new, more lasting level based on trust.

When it comes to intimacy, there will be no extraordinary brightness of feelings and fiery ardor, but Gemini and Virgo can find unusual ways of development. Stimulation with verbal puzzles and teasing foreplay can ignite a spark between these two representatives of the zodiac circle. Their flirting will begin far beyond the bedroom and will not last long. By nature, these two representatives are curious, so in bed, they can lure with variety and experiment, inventing role-playing games and creating stories.

Gemini and Virgo are fellow conversationalists. Friendship and social compatibility

As for friendship, here we can say more confidently we have a good couple in front of us. First of all, this is because these two people can be called thinkers. They both love to learn something new about the world, make analytical conclusions, and gossip about everything. Often such a couple becomes friends in the professional field. Creating business plans and promotion strategies is easy for them.

At first, the Mercurians had much in common and could talk on the same wavelength for hours. That Gemini, that Virgo, can joke, using witty remarks and ambiguous flirting. However, later they may have problems due to the rejection of each other's characters, and here the ability to appreciate the common and the different is required. And they lack self-irony for this.

Gemini and Virgo compatibility percentage

Gemini and Virgo compatibility percentage

Are smarties Gemini and Virgo a good match to be real soulmates forever?

In the intellectual sphere, these two make up a perfect couple because, as far as horizons are concerned, they have a lot in common and are understandable. Both signs are pretty erudite, love to read, and have a sense of humor. Even the simple correspondence of these two signs becomes very interesting thanks to their wit.

As for intimacy, there are specific problems, and this is understandable. Partners in this union cannot express their overwhelming emotions. Both signs are mutable, and from time to time, everyone lives in a "nervous," restless energy. Moreover, the couple can rationalize their feelings, making it difficult for deeper intimacy in this couple. They will substitute thoughts for emotions in an attempt to hide their discomfort.

How are a Gemini and Virgo joint relationship resolve potential problems

For communication to deepen, one of the partners must become less emotionally detached, learn to express his feelings, and give a sense of security. Both partners are used to avoiding such tasks, so they will wait for this from a friend but not take the initiative. In the event of problems, both signs can observe what is happening as if from the side. In general, this is good for objectivity, but when it comes to personal problems, adults should solve them and not move away from them. None of the couple members admits what he feels, even if he drowns in anger and resentment. And even more so, will not take the lead.

The representative of the element of Air can teach the Earthling to stop overexerting himself, find a buzz in the rest, and appreciate surprises and unforeseen circumstances. At the same time, the Earth, in turn, can teach Air to make strategic plans and adequately allocate its time, ceasing to be late. Will they see the benefits of such an alliance?

Partners can constantly criticize each other and not hide their opinions or say hurtful things. Sometimes this couple does not succeed in friendship, but they achieve an idyll in a relationship. But here, much depends on the sense of tact. Therefore, dates can be difficult for both. In the zodiac circle, they are located at a distance of 90 degrees and form a square. This position of the stars often leads to tension in communication between individuals.

Will partners get along enough to end up in a happy marriage?

Do they have qualities of characters that prevent them from achieving harmony? Undoubtedly. Air is optimistic, but Virgos looks at life more soberly and sees it without embellishment. The mood of the air sign is generally upbeat, but its shades are constantly changing, which indicates the mobility and changeability of aspirations. But the earthly representatives are calmer but have high organizational abilities. They generally like order in their affairs and plan their schedule, if not by the hour, then at least by the day.

Gemini will endure the chaos around them without seeing it as a problem, while Virgos are used to striving for perfection and will not tolerate laziness and mess. From this, we can conclude that the signs will only converge in approaches to life if they consciously look for common ground. However, it is worth noting that this is not enough for marriage. To maintain such a union, it will take a long and challenging work on the character of each. However, under favorable circumstances, this contributes to the personal development of both partners.

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