How to hug your beloved girlfriend

Table of contents:

  1. The importance of friendly hugging: their emotional benefits
  2. The power of intimate hugging: different ways to show affection to your beloved
  3. Recommendations for action
  4. How to understand that a girl does not mind a hug

The current pace of life leaves less and less time for tactile actions. But the problem is much bigger. By embracing, we show our loved ones how much we are attached to them and appreciate their presence.

Don't know how to clasp an adorable girl without suddenly hurting her feelings? Then the information on the unspoken rules of embracing is for you!  

Hugs bring pleasant emotions and a touch of romance into our lives. They allow us to be closer to our loved ones and give us hormones of happiness, which is extremely important in everyday life. In the process of hugging, a person feels a sense of calm and peacefulness. Interesting fact. Couples who embrace are often more likely to maintain their relationship.

how to hug your beloved girlfriend

Before embracing a girl, you should think about the place she occupies in your life. If communicating with this person gives you positive feelings, you may try a gradual rapprochement. But what will be the reaction in response? Do not immediately spread your arms wide; try to pin the girl to yourself! You can scare away a person, and she will make a wrong impression on you. Instead, we suggest a simple test: as if accidentally touching her jewelry, asking a simple question, and studying the reaction. If the girl responds without moving away, she does not dislike you, and you can safely think of an excuse to embrace.

There are some reasons for embracing. They are salutations, support in a difficult situation, the need to cheer someone up, to lift their spirits, and inner worries.

Clasps with the opposite sex are divided into friendly and intimate.  

The importance of friendly hugging: their emotional benefits

The role of hugging is essential in our lives. Few people know, but these actions dispose of peace, tranquility, and normalization of sleep. To embrace a girl, it is not necessary to be her lover. There are friendly embraces intended for family members, colleagues, and buddies. These cuddles do not commit to anything; they are often done in an emotional outburst. How does it work? Read more about it below:  

A one-handed embrace means your hand is placed on the girl's shoulder, and the bodies get closer. This kind of clasp lacks intimacy.  

A side hug is when you embrace an adorable person with both hands without looking at her face. But, simultaneously, the girl is deprived of the opportunity to conduct a reciprocal cuddle. 

Is the girl upset and looking for your support? First, embrace her comfortably: one hand is placed behind the girl's head and the other on her back. As a rule, the lady concentrates the arms behind your back. It's a familiar friendly gesture. 

The power of intimate hugging: different ways to show affection to your beloved

How should you show a man your care about him? First, of course, embrace him more often! Without hugs, our life would be boring. These actions promote physical closeness. 

How to behave with your beloved? First, intimate embraces exist for a person who has firmly taken place in your heart. They imply more physical contact with your body. It is suitable for a girl with whom you have a romantic relationship or a spouse. There are several ways of doing this. 

First, a full cuddle is quite similar to a comfortable embrace. The arms are pressed tighter together. One hand gently touches the neck, and the other embraces the waist. Again, the girl mirrors the actions. 

When you hug a girl for a kiss, imagine that you are dancing slowly. The woman is hugging your neck, and you are touching her waist. This type of embrace is considered the most romantic. 

If you want to create the effect of surprise, try to perform an embrace from behind: come up from behind and place your hands on your waist, gently pressed against you. 

An overwhelming number of women like to be hugged. Unfortunately, some men mistakenly believe that hugging should be done only before physical intimacy, but this is untrue. 

A clasp is an intimate gesture you can give your beloved to reaffirm your affection. So please take advantage of it.  

Life without cuddles negatively affects both the individual and society as a whole. People who do not accept physical intimacy are often aggressive and dissatisfied with their fate.

Recommendations for action

In communication, you may need to understand how the person you have romantic feelings for treats you. For example, do you want to hug your beloved? Girls are jealous of personal space and may object to such actions. We suggest being observant by acting in such ways.

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What stage is your relationship in? Friendship, acquaintance, affection? All of this should be considered before deciding to make closer contact. If the girl is relaxed when communicating with you, you can try hugging her. Crossed arms of the charming person indicate that you should not be in a hurry.

Consent of the lady. Be persistent with the assurance of reciprocity. It is only in soap operas that it is considered romantic to hold your beloved against her wishes. In real life, you can get punched in the face for that. 

Appropriateness of the moment. With affection, we show friendliness, appreciation, and support. The appropriate environment is conducive to this. For example, do not wave your hands without reason; the girl may misinterpret your actions and consider you intrusive.

Duration also plays a role. A long clasp is appropriate for a sweetheart. However, for a friendly embrace, more time is needed. When you feel the girl is pulling away, don't hold her back.

Don't get loose. Consider the strength and area of the embrace depending on the nature of your relationship. It is desirable to keep your hands on neutral body parts so as not to displease the girl. For more decisive actions, you should be sure of your mutual feelings.

Observance of hygiene is obligatory! For example, it is not recommended to pounce on a girl after sports, jogging, or physical labor, without visiting the shower before.

A cuddle on a first date. It is advisable to offer the person to take you under her arm first. In the process, you can take her hands in yours. Depending on the reaction of your chosen one, you will understand whether it is appropriate to embrace her on the first walk together.  

Just by observing, you can understand how possible the manifestation of such feelings concerning the charming person is.

There are plenty of appropriate moments to perform hugs: when meeting as a greeting, you should hug in a friendly way, during a display of emotions, on a romantic date, as a support, and goodbye. However, do not be stingy with the manifestation of feelings; it contributes to rapprochement. 

How to understand that a girl does not mind a hug

It is manageable. Just look closely at the woman's body language and gestures. Even when you meet her, you can see if she is ready for class. If she is looking for your gaze, tries to touch your hair, her joyful gaze is directed toward you, the woman's feet are facing you, her hips - then go ahead, she is ready to hug.

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If the femme averts her gaze, the tone is even, perhaps even dry; you should not impose. 

If you want to notice a positive result, it is easy. First, you should sigh and move closer to the lady. Please do not do this abruptly; the woman should have at least a moment to show how much she wants this. Then, she should have time to move back if she wants to. This way, you'll avoid an awkward situation. Short cuddles have no subtext, and long ones become more intimate. 

Ending a hug should be done smoothly, without waiting to be pushed away. As a rule, it is confirmed by some phrase. It may be something like "How glad I am to meet you" or "Don't worry, I'm here for you." It all depends on the situation in which you were hugging.

A slow dance is considered ideal for a clinch. In the process of dancing, you will be able to understand how charming the person favors you. Please put your hands on her waist. Going lower, you run the risk of being rebuffed. It is acceptable only with a lady with whom you are romantically involved.

After all, you can ask if the lady wants to embrace you. Follow certain rules. First, ask permission. Breathe calmly to normalize the condition, pat the femme on the back, give a hug, will take some time, let the girl go, and smile at the end.

How tightly can you hug a lady? Remember that femme is not an anti-stress toy. The action should not be solid but comfortable, bringing mutual pleasure.

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