How to comfort your girlfriend in a difficult moment

Table of contents:

  1. How to comfort your girlfriend when you are not with her: over the phone or text
  2. How to show your involvement
  3. How to calm your beloved when you're near
  4. Calming conversations
  5. Support
  6. What to avoid if you need to reassure your girlfriend
  7. Reasons that lead to tears

The emotionality of girls is one of the trump cards of the "weaker" sex. Women perceive information differently and deal with feelings of sadness differently. It does not mean anything wrong. You are different, but finding ways to create harmony is worth it. Every guy in a relationship needs to know the methods to calm the beloved.

how to comfort your girlfriend

It is not necessary to know the reasons for sadness for the right course of action. Unlike men, girls want to get warmth and support. They often don't need advice or a solution to a problem. If such a need arises, she will voice it directly. Therefore, leave the attempts to calm down the girl with logical arguments. There is a better time for this.

The most ordinary actions allow you to show your masculine nature. Make tea, take care of some sweets, and listen to the girl. It is sometimes enough to restore comfort. In addition, there are other ways to calm the storm of emotions. We will talk about this below.

How to comfort your girlfriend when you are not with her: over the phone or text

The first thing worth noting is that not understanding the causes of tears does not make them unreasonable. Women's and men's problems are different. But ignorance is not the best option. Just don't voice your opinion. Don't say the girl made up the problem. This will only exacerbate the situation.

Communicating in text messages causes specific difficulties when you need to reassure your beloved. Everyday actions are not available now. However, you can always restore a girl's emotional state. There is a chance. Use a mobile device as the apparent solution.

The girl's tears have a discouraging effect. Men don't know what to do. They want it to stop. Nevertheless, there are several ways to support your soulmate. First, let her know that you care. You can do this directly. "I want to know what's going on with you." This phrase is enough.

Guessing about the reasons for the emotions is better left to yourself. You will only make the situation worse. It may seem to the girl that you leave her alone. You do not need this. Instead, stay in touch and try to understand the words. It will help to convince the girl that you care.

When she is silent, you should not force her to talk. The conversation, in any case, will lead to the fact that she shares her problems. She needs more time. Stay close to her, even if you have silence and distance.

How to show your involvement

Speak up. Nothing more is needed in this situation. Take care of the silence around you. Listen to what your girlfriend is saying without interrupting. She will gradually come to explain the situation. Further action depends on what you heard during the dialogue.

Respond with short phrases to keep the conversation going. Ask additional questions. Get to the heart of the matter. Stay on the phone as long as necessary. Demonstrate your agreement with the girl's emotions and thoughts. Adhere to her point of view, at least temporarily.

Make sure to point out flaws if there are any. Forget for a moment that you could have done things differently. Stay close to her. It would be best to create a comfortable environment: discuss the problem, not the causes. 

How to calm your beloved when you're near

An emotional crisis can happen when you are near. For example, when talking about a girl's world, a quarrel with a friend or receiving unpleasant news is a good reason for tears. Now you have a new task. It would help if you calmed your beloved and you were near her. What should you do?

Close contact with your loved one promotes the production of endorphins (happiness hormones). It is easy to activate this "function": embrace the girl. Clear answers will be obtained after the hug. But take your time asking them in flood. You won't help the cause.

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Other manifestations of your presence (stroking, kissing) will allow you to consolidate the effect. Being in your arms, the girl will hardly remain closed. It is the first step to restoring calm. Have you shown that she can trust you? Move on to the next step.

Calming conversations

As before, you need to show empathy. The girl's problems are partly yours; you need to convey this message to the girl. How to do this? Tell her that you want to help. It will calm her down a little. Use your feelings as an affirmation of caring. Talk and get to know everything that's bothering you.

Support the conversation with nods and strokes of your hair or back. Remember to give other signs of agreement as well. Respond in short words, and don't try to analyze the terms. Take time for this after the tears have disappeared. Be aware of your differences psychologically.


As your significant other is vulnerable right now, she needs your support. Logical reasoning is optional. Your opinions are currently relegated to the back burner. It shows that you can forget about yourself for a while. Your concerns are temporarily unimportant.

It is not easy to find words of support. But you can say the girl is strong and will find a way. Tell her that you understand the reasons for her bad mood. Reassure her that you are a reliable support who is ready to help. Then, take her side and confirm it with actions.

What to avoid if you need to reassure your girlfriend

Common mistakes during an emotional crisis exacerbate the situation. Men don't think about the consequences because their actions seem right. But remember: the ways to come to your senses depend on the person. It would be best if you didn't suggest options that are right for you.

Tasteless jokes will only make the crying girl angry. Please don't say that her mascara is running and she looks like a panda. It's better to leave it out of your attention altogether. Humor helps solve conflicts, but the rule doesn't always work. In the beginning, when the storm of emotions rages, the girl cannot appreciate any jokes.

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In addition, pay attention to your reflexes as well. For example, you may want to laugh. Remember: it's unnecessary. Absolutely and without variants. Such behavior will make the situation worse, and the other half will close from you. Do you not want to remain emotionless stump in her memory? Control yourself and your emotions.

The absence of any action is a great way to avoid problems. But it's a losing tactic in advance. The indifference, aloofness, and ignorance cause negativity on the girl's part. They are not used to such a manifestation of "feelings."

Leaving the room is an equally obvious option. This way, you leave her alone with her problems. But unfortunately, it won't help your other half to come to her senses. By remaining neutral, you are only making things worse. And not just to the girl, but to yourself as well.

Another way that doesn't work is to say, "Calm down." It works like a red rag on a bull. That way, all the negativity will be directed at you. We don't want that. And you? Avoid such expressions to stay close after the tantrum is over.

Reasons that lead to tears

The female psyche is different from the male one. There are more reasons for them to cry. A quarrel with a friend is only one of a variety of reasons. Some of them will be "silly." Think about it afterward. Your attitude about the grounds will not affect the girl or wife's emotions.

It would be best if you first pointed out that she may have problems at work. Moving to a new position or demotion also causes emotions to run high. It leads to a feeling of stress and a lack of options. Constantly being in your unhappy thoughts causes tears. In this case, you can divert your attention.

Lack of contact with loved ones can lead to tears. Distance affects the girl's emotional background. It is essential to her. The tension that arises inside can't just come out. That's why she sits around you and cries over watching a movie. It cannot be easy to calm her down, but you should take some time.

Irritation manifests itself in many ways. Tears are one of them. Uncomfortable furniture, lack of order, and other "building blocks" cause stress. It is challenging to get rid of the emotions, so she cries. What can you do? Remove those things that irritate her. 

In addition to the above, hormones can also cause tears. They affect the body and make you upset for no reason. Girls rarely agree to admit this to those around them, so it is not worth touching on this subject now. Later, she will decide to talk about it and tell you herself.

Manipulation is no less common cause of tears. Perhaps the girl does not have enough of your attention, which is how she gets it. It would help if you listened to arguments and explanations for the tears to assess the possibility of manipulation. But it would be best if you still reassured her. The main thing is to not agree with what you are uncomfortable with. It is an effective way to eliminate tears in the future.

Showing emotion is normal. It is much worse if a woman stays silent and accumulates irritation. Secrecy is not suitable for you. In addition, the girl's health will also not be in the best condition. Remember that it is not productive to voice your conjectures and counterarguments. It is better to leave it for later.

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