How to Date a Female Athlete

Have you ever considered dating a girl from a sports league? Or will she be out of your league? (No pun intended) Honestly, men are afraid of beautiful sportswomen because they think they are not worthy. A female athlete is confident, dedicated and assertive – these are the traits that some men lack. They think that those women are empowered enough to be self-sufficient without a man. So lots of chaps have a reasonable question in their minds: “How to date a female athlete? Will she even look at me? Are female athletes any different from usual girls?”

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Things you should know before dating

1. Dating female athlete is not easy, because she will start every morning with a training session, spend a lot of time at the gym, trying to work her ass off, and return home pretty hungry and tired.

2. Athletic women sweat a lot. They also walk around in spandex and leggings, but it doesn’t mean she is not fond of high heels and flowery dresses.

3. A sporty girl expects you to keep up. She won’t be satisfied with a lazy couch potato that isn’t interested in sports and have no idea how much effort she puts into her job.

4. A girl athlete will have a lot of teammates, and you will have to accept the fact there are some muscular men around her. But if she tells you they are just colleagues, there is no need for you to worry. Trust her.

5. She is unapologetic about her needs. She has a strong will to do things properly, and lives according to a schedule. If she has breakfast at 7 a.m., workout at 9 a.m. and a diet to follow, you can’t just ask her out to the movies for an extra-large popcorn and expect her to get rid all of her healthy habits because of you.

6. You need to understand that sport is everything for her. You can’t just assume you stand higher than that. Men who are insulted by the fact that a girl has a hobby of her life sound extremely selfish and self-centered when the say that. She doesn’t need an excuse to be strong and do what she wants to do. Respect her boundaries and priorities.

7. Never ever in life should you interrupt her while she is watching a game. Especially when it’s her favorite team. It’s not a Gossip Girl series that can wait, it’s her professional career and her future that matters.

Do`s and don’ts

Dating female athlete involves some peculiarities you will need to consider. There are specific things you should and should not do in order to win her heart. girl athlete

DO: say she worked out good muscles in certain areas. It will melt her heart like an ice-cream cone if you will be specific. Athletes apply titanic amount of work to achieve those results. And when you tell her what she did right, believe me. You will be noticed right away.

DON’T: compliment her tits or her ass. These are the things women were born with (although you can work out a nice butt, it will still be said in a sexual way). That comment is too generic to be noticed, and sometimes rude as well.

DO: ask about her favorite team, praise her for being strong and independent.

DON’T: play on stereotypes, telling she must be shallow or drugged up. Sadly, people still come up with phrases like that.

How to invite a sporty girl on first date

1. Say you have seen her playing at a certain game. Make her interested in you. Even if she is not a famous athlete, tell her you have heard of her from certain people.

2. Invite her for a game. But God forbids you supporting her hated team. If she is in a female football team, and you say you like Barcelona when she likes Real Madrid, it’s like total death for you!

3. Say you’d like to see her wearing a sundress when you walk in a park. That sounds sweet and innocent. But never tell something like “I wonder what your ass looks without those leggings” unless you want to get your bum beaten and not in a sexual way.

4. Say her she looks cute and you could go to the movies. That’s just one thing that works with everyone.

5. A hot female athlete will never want a man that never works on his body. So instead of inviting her to McDonalds, you can start gym dating, when both of you go to the sport center and perfect your bodies. If you are not an athlete, that is even better, because she will teach you and support you in everything with motherly care.

Dating female athlete: general ruleshot female athlete

1. Be supportive. Even if you are dating a girl athlete, it doesn’t necessarily mean that she doesn’t have much on her plate and doesn’t need your support. Caring is not embarrassing.

2. Be a gentleman. To a girl-athlete, sports aren’t everything in life. She still wants to be a fragile little girl who you can caress while she lays like a kitten on your knees. So do something sweet and gentleman-like every once in a while.

3. Dating a female college athlete means she will be out for the whole sports season. Just deal with it!

4. Athletic women like determined and serious men, so be one of the kind!

Sports first dates which will definitely impress her

Athletic date ideas aren’t that easy. You’ll have to be witty with that!

1. Kayaking or surfing. If you live near the water, you can invite your future athlete wife to do something crazy, fun and uniting.

2. Dancing. Maybe she wanted to be a hip-hop dancer before she entered the league?

3. Skating or roller skating is a fun idea. Maybe she is an awkward skater, that might be fun!

4. Rock climbing or going hiking. You can either do it in outdoors, or just go for a real adventure.

Well, now you know how to approach, meet and set a date with a female athlete. Maybe, one day she will be your athlete wife?

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