Are Leo and Cancer compatible in a relationship?

Opposites attract, or is that a myth? Anything is possible in astrology; here, mismatched signs can reach out to each other like magnets, seeing something in the other that strikes to the core. Such can be said about this couple as well, Fire and Water come together. Yet, these elements are very far from each other. Therefore, acting carefully and prudently to achieve success and fruitfulness in the union is necessary.

Leo and Cancer compatibility

The Sun's ward is a fiery sign – a confident, robust, and militant man who adores attention, praise, compliments, and recognition of his flawlessness. Sometimes his self-love goes beyond all limits. His exact opposite is the sign that the Moon rules. The water representative is subject to frequent changes in mood, of which he is not even able to keep track. He can be irritable and tearful; he has a lot of fears, and it boils a waterfall of emotions, but he is good-natured. Vulnerability is associated with a fine mental organization. Such a person seeks a stable and calm partner.

Despite all the popular beliefs, this couple is a union of strong personalities. Of course, on their way, there are controversial situations. But they can achieve mutual understanding because the desire to come to a compromise drives them both. And for this, listening and hearing the loved one is necessary to preserve the union. When the halves have a common goal: professional achievements, collective future, and children, it easily compensates for the disadvantages of such a tandem. 

Leo and Cancer's sexual compatibility in bed

In this aspect, everything is all right only if there are deep feelings. Water signs are very reserved and closed; it is difficult for them to loosen up and let out the indomitable animal. But when they do, it means that Cancer has met someone he truly loves and appreciates. In this case, he shows utmost care and attention, pleasing his partner. Such behavior allows Leo to feel significant and to exalt himself even more, so he will reciprocate. The Water element is responsible for novelty, but the Fire element maintains a high level of energy and passion.

Leo and Cancer's friendship compatibility

Not a very good hit. All because of the enormous differences in personality and temperament. These traits prevent such people from finding a common language and coming together on some hobbies or activities. Cancer prefers to spend the evening with family or sit in a cozy remote corner of a favorite cafe in the small company of friends. The fire sign will choose a noisy party with a crowd of people, where he needs to capture everyone's attention and be at the epicenter of events. These persons always find themselves on different sides, so they will be uncomfortable maintaining friendly relations. Things are better in business. Both signs prefer to stand at the head and command the others. But if the fact is that the water sign does not care what position he will have. What matters to him is that the work should please him, ideally, if the couple will involve a third person in the project, preferably of the earthly element.

Leo and Cancer compatibility percentage

Leo and Cancer compatibility percentage

Are Leo and Cancer an excellent match to be soulmates?

This union has a good chance of prolonging its bond as long as possible. Aquatic signs are weak and vulnerable, most like being bossed around. Fire signs enjoy it because they love to command and lead. And the contrast is in favor. One – is calm, the other – active; for one, stability is crucial; for the other – adventure and novelty.
And in terms of sex, everything is excellent. Leo can reveal his aquatic partner to discover new facets of his personality, positively affecting him. He gives Cancer a sense of protection and shows that he can trust him and will not betray. Representatives of the element "Water" are malleable and loyal. They are not in danger if he sincerely admires his mate's strength.

Potential problems in a Leo and Cancer relationship

The difficulty lies in the inability to achieve emotional and mental harmony. It is worth remembering the changeable moods of the water sign and the fiery temper of the fire sign. If the latter is not out of control, it will cool down for a long time. And if you hit the water representative, it will be a considerable period before he starts to shower compliments on his soul mate again.

There is also the eternal confrontation between Fire and Water. They both have enough power to destroy the other. The main thing here is to stop and wait until the storm raging inside is not extinguished to return to your partner with a sober mind.

Leo and Cancer – emotional compatibility

The emotions of such people are overpowering. However, a tremendous emotional dependence is shown by those born under the water element's patronage. They need a loved one to support them, protect them, and participate in their affairs. To build a successful and harmonious tandem, Water must pay more attention to the emotional support of Leo. In this case, he will feel his importance and be calmer and more balanced. It is necessary for both of them to feel safe and secure, so they will be able to show their emotions and feelings stably.


A union is successful if the two find a compromise and agree with each other. Water is prone to mood swings, but Fire knows how to stabilize it. The former is looking for a loyal, strong partner who will give them confidence. The Fire sign has all of this. The latter adore praise, and the ability to be a leader takes a dominating role. If Water allows Fire to lead, a harmonious union is guaranteed.

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