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Dating a female cop


Eastern European female police officer dating

Female cops are hot. Especially cute Slavic cops. Not only are they dangerous and sexy, but they are also extremely serious about their jobs. Let’s find out how to date a cop, what the usual perks of these ladies look like. Also, you will receive some dating advice! 


Some words about a Slavic female police officer

A usual police officer in Ukraine or Russia looks nothing like cliché cops from America, eating donuts and joking with their friends. Eastern European cops know they are involved in dealing with the criminal world, which is far more nasty, than other European countries. With bribery, system corruption, and weak laws, it’s usually a problem of local cops whether a problem can be solved. Dating a female police officer from Slavic countries will be difficult and exciting, as those ladies wear their uniforms with knowledge and pride. They are not cool and funny, they are usually serious and concentrated, but have a chatty side.  Dating a female cop will mean that your date will have an unstable routine, with sudden calls from chefs that will swipe her away in a second, and she can’t do anything about it. That is why men like police singles – because they are so close and so far away at the same time. You definitely don’t want to piss her off on a bad day, because police hierarchy can be tough. Sometimes, women are handed jobs they are not supposed to do, like urgent work with documents or an outdoor investigation.  As for her good sides, a female cop is definitely supportive and protective, she is strong and independent, and looks good in blue uniform. They rock pencil skirts and black stilettos like no one else.


Wise thoughts from a Russian woman 

“Hi, I am Natalia! I work as a nurse at a state hospital in Krasnodar. I want to share some knowledge about us, the Slavics, so you will understand and treat our ladies with dignity and kindness. Also, I want to give you advice on dating a police officer, because my husband is one of them, so I know lots of his female co-workers. In fact, Ukrainian girls and Russian girls are extremely familiar. They often come across as serious and cold-hearted professionals, very prideful, arrogant and self-absorbed. But that’s not true. Once a Russian woman falls in love with you, she would give away all of her time, money and effort to please her man. She will always be there no matter what. She will help him and support his family. What you can do to treat this girl right is be consistent about your feelings. Slavics hate wishy-washy things. If you say you love her, you should put a ring on it and let her blossom, treating her like a princess. It’s not a wasteful work, because she will pay you twice as much with whatever she can provide. You should always be gentle, protective, and value her feelings and traditions. If this girl says she wants to celebrate with her family or decorate your house, don’t get in a way. Slavic women are usually not selfish, so they do what’s best for the couple anyway.”

Meet your Slavic female cop

Single police officers are not something extremely rare on Russian dating sites. What’s more, Slavic girls of this profession are usually single (when they are under 30), because it’s hard to combine this job with dating a Russian or Ukrainian guy. So, these ladies usually hang out single, or date fellow cops from the job. But if you have a will to try dating a cop, she will be a crazy good mother, a cool friend, and a close soulmate to you. Young girls from the new police system in Ukraine are extremely beautiful and ambitious about their future, so they will never disappoint you.  To meet your perfect Slavic female cop, you don’t have to commit a crime, it’s better to hop on a good dating site that can provide you with this option.

Why exactly romancecompass is the perfect place for you to find an Eastern European female cop?

There is not a single cop dating site in Russia, and they are not very popular internationally either. So with our site, you get a list of girls who already work or worked as cops, they can provide you with a nice portfolio, share some knowledge, or exciting, cool or scary cop stories. Although they don’t work in a duet in Russia or Ukraine, cops often work as a big friendly team so you can feel a part of it in an instant. Romance Compass is one of the biggest Eastern European dating sites that give you an infinite choice of girls, and many of them get to be cool sexy cops. Dating a police officer is not hard if you do it with a Russian or Ukrainian girl. Although they may seem tough, it’s only an exterior. You should surpass this image in order to reveal her gentle and passionate soul!