Best 15 Ideas How to Get Revenge on Your Ex

Unlikely many adults have never felt the pain of betrayal when a beloved person cheated on them with somebody else. Most of these abandoned people who their ex-partners had previously cheated on experienced the betrayal quite painful but with dignity. But some of them are still thinking about revenge. Let’s take a closer look if revenge can fix these heart wounds.

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Revenge Do’s and Dont's

“Revenge is a dish best served cold.” And revenge against ex is probably the sweetest one. If someone has done something that annoys and irritates you so much that you have no choice but take revenge, it can be difficult to figure out where to start. You can take the best revenge on cheating ex passively, ignoring him\her and pretending that nothing has happened. Most often, this is the most acceptable option, besides, it allows you not to dive into the negative experience. On the other hand, there are plenty of other ways to get revenge on your ex, which can be far more painful both physically and emotionally. One can actively take revenge by taking legal measures (unless it violates human rights), undermining a person’s attempts to offend you or outsmarting the offender using the harmless but embarrassing tricks and plans.

Think carefully about whether revenge is really what you need, and if so, be careful not to lose your mind. There are many laws and rules both written and unwritten that you can break when attempting to get revenge over your ex. Remember some of your actions might not be justified by law, consequently, your mind must be cold to take the right decisions and never do anything illegal against other people, even if they deserve to suffer in pain.

To Love Yourself More Than You Hate Them Is the Best Revenge on Your Ex

“How long does the pain of betrayal last?” “Should I get revenge on my ex?” are the questions, you probably asked yourself when you lost respect and trust to the person who once had been the center of your personal universe. It is impossible to answer these questions for sure as everyone may have different emotional states. And, unfortunately, it is possible to fully understand the situation only after experiencing this pain.

If you decide to punish your partner, you should better stop right now. Why? Because punishment can slow down your recovery process, thus increasing the pain and despair which you feel and try so hard to reduce. That is, punishing the ex-partner means to punish yourself in the first place.

Whatever form of revenge you choose, it ultimately perpetuates negative feelings you are experiencing at the moment. It seems to you that your revenge can hurt your partner as much as they've hurt you, but is that so? Maybe he/she doesn't care, but you keep thinking about the revenge instead of starting a new life. Most often, the desire for revenge appears just after the betrayal. Of cause, the person who suffers due to betrayal attempts to create the image that he/she controls the situation, although, in real life, this person feels just powerless, unhappy and injured.

ex jealousThere is an ultimate reason why you don’t have to plan your revenge over the person who has cheated on you. This action is ugly and cruel. Remember the time when you accused your partner of betrayal, and today why are you any better than they are if you are planning to make them suffer in different ways?

You won't get any easier. This is not a way of forgetting betrayal and lightening your soul. Going into punishing a traitor, you don't think about yourself - it is a vicious circle of negative feelings and emotions. But you need to recover from all of it. Is it worthwhile to spend time on another person who is no longer close and interesting to you, instead of making things better for yourself and bringing some order into your messed life?

It is impossible to restore what has already been destroyed, as it is also impossible to influence a person who destroyed everything that he/she had once had. If a person does not regret what happened, you won’t change that. If they sincerely regret the betrayal, then for sure, there are other alternatives for punishment and revenge you can come up with.

Understand that your desire to punish is absolutely normal, but it is the result of your pain. Understand that deliberately hurting your ex-partner will still not ease your pain, even if it provides a short-term sense of satisfaction. Talk to your ex-partner about your feelings in detail.

The expression of your pain gives you a high chance of being heard and understood. It also enables your partner to understand what you are feeling through the loss of your trust, the damage to your relationship, and the loss of its integrity. Your punishment and revenge, on the contrary, can distract them from addressing these important issues and emotions. That is why before you decide on revenge, think carefully about why you need it. What do you expect from such a punishment? Do you want a person to understand how much you have been hurt? So why not just explain it in words? And if a partner does not understand, then, probably, this is just not a person you should build your relationship with. Will you be happier after the punishment? As practice shows, after revenge, in most cases, a person is emotionally devastated and nothing more. And imagine that eventually you somehow will end up together. If you don’t want anything to be related to this person in the future, stop planning your revenge, there are plenty of other ways how to live further.

Best 15 Genius Ways to Get Revenge on Your Ex

However, if you want to stab your ex by a punishing hand of justice, there are some genuinely original ways how to get revenge on your ex-boyfriend or ex-girlfriend.

Live Well and Let Them Know It. “The best revenge is to live well.” Act as if everything that happened and what caused your revenge did not affect you in any way. Put up a mental barrier and continue to live your life as always. Even if you were stunned by this unexpected change in your life, because someone offended you, keep brave and do not let the offender see your pain and inner feelings. The sweetest revenge is to continue to live and do that better than the person who hurt you.

If you regularly see a person, come up with a couple of great stories about yourself to show how well you are doing and how beautiful your life is. If you meet your offender at work or school, tell about your wonderful weekend in the city in a huge company of interesting friends, or about a cool bike ride.

Cultivate That Break-up Body. Once you are no longer together you have to learn how to do without a person you once liked. You have to be a fully independent person, and the end of your relationship doesn’t mean that you have to give up on your life and dreams. Sum things up to understand how did it happen and what you can do in the future to prevent the repetition of such a situation.

Do What You Always Wanted to Do. Look at the positive side of the end of your relationship - now you are no longer obliged to ignore your inner desires. Now you can live as you want to: visit places that you always wanted to, taste the food you could never try because your partner did not like it, do what you always wanted to. The world is your oyster - remember it. Now it's only up to you to decide on what to choose and what to be prepared for.

Let the World Know That Your Ex Sucks. You can be as strong as never before, and this is the most suitable time for it. Show everyone that your ex-partner is an idiot who has lost the most precious person they could have ever had. Becoming successful in everything you do in your life is just another way how to sort things out and make everyone understand that it is you who really deserves to be respected and adored. It is you who can overcome any difficulties and live happily ever.

Do What They Love Without Them. Show that your life continues, make your ex-partner feeling jealous about your extremely interesting everyday life. Show that you don’t care about their life and what they are thinking about you. If you occasionally meet in a crowd, pretend that you don’t see your ex. Show that your life goes fine even without him/her.

Write It All Down and Then Publish It All Too. After a difficult divorce or breakup, the thing that can seriously raise your mood is to write down all the negative thoughts and all your resentment about your ex-partner. This simple but quite working technique helps visualize and embody all your negative thoughts and direct them in the right stream to ruin your ex's life and image of self-predominance.

Write a Story About What They Wrote About You. This is another quite handy method to shed light on the truth of the real situation of why you broke up your relationship. This might be extremely significant information for those interested in the topic of “how to take revenge on your ex.”

original ex revengeName a Cockroach After Your Ex. You can name your pets after your ex to show that he/she deserves to be treated like an animal. All your friends when visiting you at home will notice how you call your rat, snake or cockroach after your ex-partner. If they ever talk with your ex, they will surely spread this information making your ex be irritated even more.

Upgrade Your Life. This is one of the best ways of how to get revenge on your ex-girlfriend. Start visiting the gym, linguistic courses, professional training, cinemas, theatres, and even start shopping more often to look awesome all the time.

Get into a Long-Term Relationship When You Are Ready. Nothing cures emotional wounds better than a new successful relationship with a smart and pretty girl\man who can understand your wishes and your inner world. Being in a relationship with a loving person will raise your mood and help you forget all the negative moments from your past. And on the contrary, your ex will be irritated by the fact that your life goes smooth and happy.

Date Their Friends. What can be even more mocking when you want revenge on an ex is to date your ex’s friend. If this person is a well-mannered man or woman who knows how to appreciate relationships, then maybe he/she will be a better partner than your ex. Among all ex revenge ideas, this one is the cruelest. The fact that a friend is gone will make your ex mad.

Keep the Dirty Secrets. Even if you trust the person you are dating, always keep some secrets that you can use in the future against this person if necessary. This is not incredulity. Let’s call it a caution gained and nurtured with experience.

Erase Those Memories on Facebook Also. Information that resembles you about your previous life with your ex-partner can hurt you even after time passes. That is why it is obligatory to clear all your profiles on all your social networks to prevent any flashbacks from the past.

Get Public. Try not to stay at home all the time, but go outside more often since social contacts usually help avoid stress after the break-up. Being an active social person, you will make sure that the world is full of pleasant events and kind people who can be your friends, and someone may even get a chance to become your new beloved one.

Think Outside of the Box. If you can’t change something about your past, it doesn’t mean that you can’t change anything in your present or future. Learn from your previous experience and don’t let negative thoughts to keep you in a prison of your fears and illusions. Think progressive, and you will find the way out of any bad situation you may encounter in your lifeline.

Losing your partner and planning revenge on them is a common thing. If you feel that you need it to fix the moral damage, then you probably have a full moral right to embody your vengeful ideas in real life. Do it and feel the long-awaited relief. Revenge can heal some moral wounds, but remember, it can’t fix what has already been broken. Life goes further, and you should go as well. Read a detailed guide on this topic from our online dating and relationship specialists.

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An ex-partner no longer deserves your attention. I think that there is no need in revenge. It’s better to do what you want, develop yourself, and live happily without thinking about the ex.
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