Are Virgo and Aries compatible in a relationship?

If there is a chasm between the signs, it is precisely between the characters in question here. Light and darkness, sun and rain, day and night are as opposite as possible. The earth element is rational, quiet, and closed, for it is crucial to order and cleanliness, precisely making the regime of the day and thinking of every detail in advance. On the other hand, the Fire sign is stubborn, hot-tempered, conscientious, active, open, and constantly searching for adrenaline, new emotions, and feelings.

Virgo and Aries compatibility

One thing these two have in common is the desire to lead and control others. And for any relationship, this is a considerable disadvantage. However, the union has a chance if one of the partners is pursuing benefits. Otherwise, there is no probability that something will work out between the pair, given the big difference in their characters, temperaments, and outlook on life. At first, the assertiveness and passion of Fire will win over the earthly representative. Still, soon it will be apparent that he is unmanageable and reckless. Most likely, the sign of the earth element will be the first to leave the partner, not wanting to feed themselves with illusions that he will come to his senses.

And the dissimilarity of interests also affects the construction of relationships. Fire chooses hobbies that can give drive and risk, and the Earth seeks safety, solitude, and tranquility. They do not know how to give in and wait for the other to do it.

Virgo and Aries's sexual compatibility in bed

Here everything is ambiguous and complicated. If the woman is an earth sign and the man is a fire sign, problems are unlikely to arise because both will be happy with what is happening in the bedroom. If, on the contrary, the situation will be complicated. The lady will crave sex and beg her lover to satisfy her needs. Still, he is too well-mannered and shy to afford everything the passionate beloved asks.

For Virgo, extended, measured, and slow foreplay is essential; she does not like to get right down to business. And on the physical proximity sign will wait to agree; he needs a good-to-know partner to explore all of his backgrounds. At first, this person will have nothing against expressiveness, flight of fancy, desire to experiment or lover. But then it will get boring. It is necessary to bring up the matter for discussion and to be able to agree.

Virgo and Aries friendship compatibility

Despite all the disagreements, a positive outlook is present. If there is a sincere desire to communicate, the two can get along just fine. The expressive sign will bring fun and positive emotions to the melancholy and self-absorbed mate. It is unlikely that they will go out together, but they are okay with having a heart-to-heart talk. The rational sign of the element Earth is accustomed to logical thinking, to think over every step, he gives valuable advice, for which he is respected and honored. Fire will push the Earth to some extravagant action, which he will remember.

In the business sphere, the prognosis is favorable. If people are driven solely by monetary interest, they will form a strong team working for the result. The fire sign has no problem with imagination. He dribbles ideas and, at the expense of diligence and dedication, can implement them quickly and efficiently on the Earth, sign organization of every stage, planning, and risk assessment. Usually, he always provides ready instructions on how to achieve a result.

Virgo and Aries compatibility percentage

Virgo and Aries compatibility percentage

Are Virgo and Aries an excellent match to be soulmates?

Recall all the dissimilarity of each element's representative and conclude that it will be challenging to endure each other for a long time. Everything will start with intrigue and interest in exploring the dark maze of the partner's soul. The brightness and strength of Fire will attract Earth so that he will appreciate the calmness and cold-bloodedness of the chosen one. But soon, these traits will be in the eyes of opposites' weaknesses.

Virgo cannot give her mate the vivid emotions and experiences she craves. In addition, she loves to pick on, criticize, and bombard everyone with complaints that will piss off Aries. The latter will not be satisfied with her sexual life because of its monotony. However, the Earth will be surprised by the activity and curiosity of Fire. 

Potential problems in a Virgo and Aries relationship

It's all a matter of people's characters. One is bossy; the other is more malleable, the first likes to obey, and the second does not so much submit. At first, the partners may enchant each other, but things will not go as they draw in their imagination. Earth can love a fire sign for a long time, turn a blind eye to quarrels and conflicts, and interpret things differently. Then, if you want, she miraculously adjusts to the other half, which puts aside colossal problems.

Another difficulty that these two may encounter is on the physical side. The fiery representative is so passionate there are no complexes or prejudices in him. However, the earthly sign at heart still cannot open up with him. All this seems to the latter somewhere staged and somewhere – senselessly rude. She has different expectations and requirements for her lover.

Virgo and Aries – marriage compatibility

Everything is more or less normal if everyone radically reconsiders their views on life beforehand. Those born under the patronage of the earth element prefer stability in all spheres of life, including marriage. They want to enter the regime and expect constancy, and the restless spouse does not fit the perfect picture. Aries are prone to risk and unpredictability, which causes irritation and fear in the mate. He will quickly get tired of the boring family life with a heavy, on-the-rise, and predictable man.

What's the conclusion?

The horoscope predicts not too-rosy prospects for these individuals. However, as for friendship and business, the prognosis is better. 

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