Will the changeable Libra create a strong love alliance with the stubborn Taurus?

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Even from the moment of acquaintance, gallant Air completely captures the attention of Earth. Nice compliments and courteous courtship can not leave indifferent. Love feelings quickly flare up in the background of romantic dates, trips to movies, restaurants, and generous compliments. Partners will always find something to talk about; they will not be bored in each other's society. Both representatives of the pair are pretty optimistic; they like stability in life, and they appreciate honesty and straightforwardness.

Libra and Taurus compatibility

The couple does not tolerate long-feeling explanations and tries to avoid scandalous situations. Although Earth has a definite character and rarely makes concessions, Air can smooth out the tension due to its innate tactfulness. The candy-bouquet period of these two can last a long time, and others will have the impression that this is the perfect couple. But, starting a life together, partners may encounter the first difficulties: industrious economic Earth will not like the wastefulness and recklessness of Air. In addition, Earth is a jealous possessor, and often the duration of the tandem will depend on the partner's behavior. On the other hand, Air will be irritated by minor picking on the partner. But, given their mutual dislike for clarifications, such quarrels are unlikely to turn into a long scandal or become a reason for separation. 

Is the sexual life of energetic Libra and calm Taurus so bright? Will they experiment in bed, and how big is the compatibility?

There is a strong physical attraction between persons from the beginning; over time, partners know how to please each other. Sexually, Earth is more conservative, but Air, on the contrary, loves new sensations and is committed to experimentation. Being of a romantic nature, they seek to elevate their partnership to new heights without exerting any pressure. More often, Earth is excessively jealous. Still, Air's softness and tactfulness allow you not to bring this feature to scandalous situations. Both partners are pretty temperamental and know how to agree on their preferences. However, by trusting each other completely, the couple finds mutual understanding. 

Will Libra build a lasting friendship with Taurus? What is the compatibility of partners in this aspect?

The friendship between the airy person and the earthy representative is quite realistic. They can perfectly communicate without hinting at a romantic or intimate union, like brother and sister. Partners will not be bored in each other's company; they will always find a topic of conversation. The couple has a lot in common: joint interests and hobbies. They can easily keep company for a party or any event. Cheerful and friendly, they can tell each other deep secrets and be sure to keep them.

Libra and Taurus compatibility percentage

Libra and Taurus compatibility percentage

Is Libra a good match? Will they be soulmates with Taurus?

The potential of the two people will help to overcome difficulties that arise. Partners' harmony is not effortless, but if desired, partners can come to a mutual understanding. They unite by a love for the beautiful life and comfortable surroundings. Under the patronage of the planet Venus, both representatives are endowed with sensuality, regardless of gender, and present feminine traits. They love romantic dates and are generous with compliments. Therefore, partners work together to improve tandem, despite occasional contradictions.

Will Libras have potential relationship problems? Will they find a way out of the situation with Taurus?

Sooner or later, difficulties arise in any couple — the main thing is a mutual desire to resolve problems. Partners have balanced characters, value loyalty, and care for loved ones—significantly different temperaments. Air is always ready for a change, loves to travel, and is excited about extreme entertainment. At the same time, Earth prefers a sedentary lifestyle; they value peace and do not like to waste words. A sense of possessiveness, Earth's jealousy restrains freedom-loving Air, who wants to spend time with numerous friends.

Earth is a realist, while Air likes to build air castles. At the beginning of an acquaintance, they will attract each other. Still, over time, different life values can provoke alienation. An astrologer can make a more accurate prediction by knowing the exact dates of birth of the partners.

What will be the communication between Libra and a partner at work? How will Taurus react?

In conditions of equality, partners can create a productive business alliance. Earthly people will diligently perform any task assigned and will be able to calculate the possible risks. On the other hand, Air will not be afraid of any changes in activities. These two will always be able to agree and will be a reliable shoulder for each other. As a result, they can go quite a profitable business.

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