How to treat a Ukrainian lady

Women from Ukraine are gradually becoming the most desirable wives among Europeans and Americans. And such reputation is well earned. No one would argue that these Slavic beauties are attractive, delicate, and unique. But there are so many differences between them and western women that most foreigners simply don’t know how to treat a girl from Ukraine.

Due to their peculiarities, these ladies require special kind of approach. This article will tell you how to treat women from Ukraine properly.

How to treat a Ukrainian lady

How to approach Ukrainian women properly

What you should learn about Ukrainian girls is that they love flirting. Most of them can easily tell if a man is interested in them and make him show it.

The easiest way to approach a Ukrainian girl is to give her a small present or flowers. If you go with the second variant, roses would be the best choice for you. Of course, you can choose other flowers but why not stick to classic? Just don’t pick the cheapest ones; otherwise, your new girlfriend might think that she’s not good enough for a better present.

The next step is to show your admiration for her beauty. Appearance is Ukrainian ladies’ strong suit, so don’t hesitate to compliment on it. Tell her that her eyes are as deep as the ocean or come up with something less banal. If her figure is beautiful, let her know that you noticed it. Tell that her smile is the best thing you’ve ever seen in your life; this phrase also works pretty fine. But it would be better not to compliment on her more private parts like breasts at least until you get to know each other better.

Since Ukrainian ladies pay so much attention to their looks, they will not tolerate those who don’t care about their appearance. Even though you’re not the most handsome guy in the world, you can make things better with a stylish haircut and clothes. Is it so hard to look after yourself? Looking and dressing sharp you have a lot more chances to get a Ukrainian girl’s attention.

How to treat ladies from Ukraine

  • You should care about her thoughts, feelings, and opinions

A Ukrainian lady is very sensitive, so the best way to treat her is to care about her feelings and thoughts. By taking an interest in her life, you show that you appreciate and respect her. She will be happy to have you by her side and cherish your relationships.

Learn to tell if she’s happy or upset from her feelings. This way you will know when she needs your support more than ever. Make sure that you’re with her when she's in no mood; your job is to provide a shoulder to cry on. Give her a hug and say that no matter what she is going through right now, you will always be by her side ready to comfort her.

  • To treat a Ukrainian lady right, let her know what she means to you

We are not talking about standard compliments you say to her every day, though they are pretty important too. If you want to know how to treat a girl from Ukraine, try to mix the compliments with some examples from your personal history.

For instance, instead of saying, "I like your new haircut," you could say, "Nice haircut. You look like when we first met." Such compliment is much more pleasant. Of course, this trick won’t work if you met a few days ago. In this case, you can compare her to your sister or mother.

Watch what you say about her family

Even if she's not quite close with her parents (which is unlikely because Ukrainian women cherish their families), don’t criticize them. It’s better not to talk about them at all until your relationship gets stronger.

If your lady has kids, don’t rush to get to know them. A Ukrainian woman will not hesitate to break up with a guy who’s not friendly and kind to her kids. Think twice before trying to discipline her children; it doesn’t concern you anyway.

  • To treat women with respect, choose your words carefully

Mind your words when speaking to a Ukrainian girl. They often take things personally, so you might accidentally offend her. Try to avoid dirty jokes or being deliberately impolite. Also, most Ukrainian ladies hate when people discuss how sexy other women are or talk rudely about others. By doing so, you may hurt their feelings.

What to avoid in relationships with a Ukrainian woman

  • Taking everything she does for granted

Everyone hates when their loved ones take them for granted. It spoils relationships and leads to breakups. Yes, a Ukrainian woman is a natural housekeeper, but you’d better never think that she "should" do something for you. Thank her for what she does for you and let her know that you appreciate it.

Show her that you’re grateful. Don't start complaining if the dinner she made didn’t taste good. Don’t like it? Make the next one yourself. Treat a Ukrainian woman with respect: be silent and finish your meal.

  • Taking all of her personal space

Be sure to leave your girlfriend some time to rest from you but stay in touch with her. You always have social networks to communicate with each other. But at the same time, it’s important to spend time together. It’s up to you to decide whether it will be a walk in the park or a sea voyage. This way, you’ll have something common to share. Most women from Ukraine are emotional and if you can’t give your lady something new, your relationship will quickly fade. It’s not the best way to treat a Ukrainian girl.

  • Discussing your previous relationships

Don’t mention your ex. Of course, it’s normal for any relationships to discuss some particular details regarding both partners’ past, but there are a couple of things that should be taken into account: if you discuss only bad sides of your previous relationships, you risk making your girlfriend think that you’re even worse than your ex. On the other hand, telling mostly good things, your partner may become jealous.

  • Showing your temper for no reason

Sometimes you may feel mad at your woman for no apparent reason. In this case, you should deal with your hostility before she starts to notice it. It’s better not to demonstrate your girlfriend that you feel aggression towards her. Show that you know how to treat a girl right.

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