Passionate Sagittarius in a love union. How compatible is he with a secretive Scorpio?

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Today's heroes are located next to each other in the sky, but that does not make them good neighbors. The fact is that they belong to two elements, which in nature do not combine. We are talking about Fire and Water.

Sagittarius and Scorpio compatibility

Secrecy and insularity characterize the second person, which causes a genuine interest in their impulsive favorites. At the same time, the first representative appreciates its freedom and prefers chaotic movements. In contrast, the second person hides behind the apparent unpredictability of its strategic thinking. It is no secret that many people do not tolerate the peculiarities of the Water character, including its unwillingness to compromise. Their chosen ones in this respect are challenging because they are ready to adapt to any circumstances but always want to feel affection for themselves.

Will the fiery Sagittarius and the passionate Scorpio create a solid sexual union? Behavior and compatibility of partners in bed

As with many other couples, the sex life of these two blossoms and smells only at the beginning, when the tandem is just beginning to take off. Let us emphasize that intimacy occupies an important place in their lives. It makes them passionate and interesting lovers, constantly bringing variety through new experiments and suggestions. Also, they are not familiar with the feeling of shame because they forget everything in the world in the heat of passion. 

However, when the wave of mutual desire gradually subsides, partners begin to notice each other's shortcomings involuntarily. And very soon, they first point them out and then accuse the other half of imperfection. As a result, this leads to treason or coldness toward the partner and a natural breakup.

Can we have a strong friendship with Scorpio? How high is Sagittarius's compatibility with a partner?

Experts unanimously agree on the union between such elements – it is impossible in nine cases out of ten. An easy buddy union cannot occur without the partners experiencing emotional closeness and loyalty. In the case in question, such a development is unlikely. A difference in character and temperament plays a vital role in this. It is often possible to say that today's heroes can not tolerate the opposite side.

Representatives of the water element tend to show their sting for no apparent reason. For example, they make constant sarcastic remarks in situations where they should have remained silent. Their kind and vulnerable partners cannot withstand this kind of attitude, which will inevitably lead to a rupture of the union. And the initiator is often Water, who can also not adequately perceive the retaliatory jokes about his person. 

In this case, the most acceptable type of tandem would be periodic meetings in large and noisy companies. If having a buffer in the form of other people, these people will be able to maintain contact. But it will be tough for them to be one-on-one for a long time.

Sagittarius and Scorpio compatibility percentage

Sagittarius and Scorpio compatibility percentage

Can a Sagittarius become a soulmate for a Scorpio? Will they make a good match?

Initially, these two personalities have opposite views on family, partnership, and love. For this reason, their potential harmony is rated below average by experts. For example, Water dreams of a faithful second half but is rarely inclined to absolute monogamy. At the same time, for Air, agreeing to a long-term tandem with someone sacrifices one's freedom. 

It is necessary to say separately that wards of the element of Water are peculiar to dominate their partner in a union constantly. Such behavior, in general, is assessed positively by a few people. Still, their fiery chosen ones can actively resist such encroachments. Nevertheless, it inevitably leads to conflict situations and, consequently, to the rupture of unions. Both sides must do a tremendous amount of inner work on themselves, suppressing undesirable character traits to create a comfortable atmosphere in their couple. However, let's face it, not everyone can do something like that.

How to get out of a situation when a Sagittarius is faced with potential problems? Is their relationship with Scorpio real or fiction?

No one is ideal in this world. So, perfect couples free of problems or sharp angles do not exist. However, the number of difficulties is merely off the charts regarding the pair in question. We have chosen a few of the most common problems that everyone, or almost everyone, faces. When this pair wins the object of their affection, they gradually lose interest in their partner. Both parties experience considerable discomfort if the tandem lacks space for their plans. Also, partners tend to lose trust in each other, even if there are the usual life troubles. Without faith, it is impossible to even hope for everyday coexistence. If there is enough motivation, the couple can overcome almost any difficulty. However, therein lies the central question – do the parties agree to make efforts to improve the building union? Statistically, the answer is often negative, although plenty of positive solutions exist.

How big is the compatibility of Sagittarius in marriage? How will get along with Scorpio in the family?

There is no need to hide; the harmony of these representatives in terms of family life is very elusive. It is often surprising how they could get to the altar first. Even at first glance, they are very different people. They can decide on marriage only under the influence of serious factors or expressive actions. 

Such unions are usually terminated because of trivial domestic problems, as even the most minor difficulties are brought to the whole point by too different an outlook on life. Waters is almost guaranteed to lecture their significant other, making her life unbearable. Their chosen ones will have no choice but to seek the peace of mind away from home.

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