The art of trust: how to stop being a jealous girlfriend

Table of contents:

  1. Psychology of Men and Women
  2. The True Causes of Jealousy
  3. How can a man stop being jealous?
  4. Tips for the jealous man
  5. The easiest way to stop being jealous

Jealousy is an explosive emotion-based feeling, sometimes bordering on inadequacy. So how does a man stop feeling jealous about his girlfriend? There is always a way out, especially if there is no real reason to be suspicious of his girlfriend.

the art of trust how to stop being a jealous girlfriend

Psychology of Men and Women

Men are less affected by jealousy, and it's not just physiology but also the traditions of past generations. Yet, somewhere inside, every girl lives Othello in a skirt, capable of turning life into a nightmare. She has a built-in fear of losing the man she loves because she considers him the primary earner, the source of material values. Do not think a woman is so mercantile, just that what is given by nature is more difficult for her to control. 

But a man can also be jealous of his girlfriend, so he tries to keep her near him and shows possessiveness towards the lady. It is worth stating that the girl is not a thing, so it is better to reconsider your motives for behavior before it is too late and your love tandem is not at a standstill. But first, you need to find out how accurate your suspicions are.

A person can be jealous even of inanimate objects, and then jealousy takes on a morbid appearance. And illnesses must be treated. They may, of course, go away for a while while the "immunity" is struggling. However, to eradicate them from his life forever is the task the jealous hero should face.

However, a man's jealousy can be reasonably justified because of the behavior of his chosen one in public and in private. And if the lady has an attractive appearance, it increases the wildness and jealousy of the partner. So prevent flirting or not; it is up to each individual, but if it crosses the line, there are touches with other men and kisses, it is worth talking to his beloved frankly.

The True Causes of Jealousy

Because of men's polygamy, they believe women are just as prone to cheating as they are. However, statistics show this is not dogma but rather an unfair judgment. The second reason for jealousy lies in the insecurity of the guy. If a man tends to compare himself to others, he will constantly be jealous of his girlfriend to more successful and attractive competitors.

The third reason is failure in some aspects of life; for example, the jealous man may not be as successful as his friend or the beloved herself. Such dissatisfaction provokes the manifestation of selfishness. Thus, the man demonstratively declares – I have power over you.

Men's imagination and fantasy work just as well as women's. Therefore, against the insecurity in himself and his partner, he will see cheating in any lateness at work or conversation on the phone. Fear of losing his girlfriend and being alone also often gives rise to other worries, including jealousy.

how to stop being a jealous girlfriend and find emotional freedom

You often check your beloved's correspondence and break into her phone without asking, trying to look out the window and calculate the girl's direction by steps, jealous of every action and look? So it's time to change something and escape the abyss of fear and uncertainty. Allow your union to develop, to play with new bright colors, and do not allow the poison to your life with the poison of jealousy.

How can a man stop being jealous?

Methods of psychological influence by a man on a woman he is secretly jealous of provoke the formation of a chasm between the couple. Why build a love tandem with this person without developing it and letting the two fall into an abyss?

Take the relationship to the next level to improve it. After all, sooner or later, it can come to violence. And only a few can forgive a man for his actions; it will be challenging to restore the relationship, and marriages will fall apart in such cases. 

Let's note that in some cases, couples intentionally provoke each other, causing jealousy through frank attire and flirting with strangers and unfamiliar people. Thus warming up the relationship. This method, if it is good, but only for a while, as love – it either is or is not. If you have never suspected that your date may be acting in this way to attract attention to yourself, now you can check it. Please don't take it too seriously; maybe you should reconsider your behavior and pay more attention and affection to the girl with whom you are already building a relationship. Soon she will review her methods of attracting attention to herself. And other relations will be made on trust and harmony. 

Tips for the jealous man

To assess the destructive effect of jealousy on you as a couple and family values, you should know what this behavior will bring. Once you begin to show jealousy, you will lose your status as a confident and attractive male, although this is the image a man runs through his head when he is jealous. He also loses mutual respect, and instead of love, he shows his tyranny and selfishness.

Genuine relationships can only be built by maintaining personal space and the freedom of your other half. The other way is a trajectory to nowhere because by narrowing the limits of what is allowed, you provoke a backlash and make the girl unhappy. She will grow weary of misunderstanding the person closest to her, suspecting her of infidelity, which did not happen. All these depressing thoughts are not joyful, and the fear that you will raise your hand against her will subconsciously aggravate her condition. As you know, somatics and physiology are inextricably linked. When she has serious health problems, a man will not think to blame himself. And it's obvious.

With scandals and humiliation, the man only pushes his girlfriend toward possible infidelity. One more quarrel and the girl begins to dream with admiration and a quiet friend. What happens next – it's easy to imagine. Experts say – if a woman has decided to cheat out of revenge, she will do it.

If there are children in the family, this behavior and the amount of fighting that comes with jealousy hurt the little ones. It would help if you never made violent scenes in the presence of children. Their vulnerable psyche will react, forming an image of an unworthy father. In the future, a similar pattern of behavior in the family will cause the baby to have complexes. It is another powerful argument to overcome yourself and stop making scandals.

The easiest way to stop being jealous

It is better to start from your relationship when looking for an easier way to eliminate an annoying feeling. Revisit them, remember past moments, whether they are related, and talk calmly. A simple conversation between two people may put everything in its place. After all, jealousy often arises from nothing because of dissatisfaction in a relationship or oneself.

how to stop being a jealous girlfriend

We suggest you take up your favorite hobby in your spare time away from school or work: fishing, gathering in nature, hunting, playing sports, or even reading. Any hobby has its zest – it affects the cerebral cortex and not just soothes but gives confidence in the future that you can do more and that you are a productive, creative, versatile person. A girl looking at this firm and confident man will be encouraged and will soon love you even more. You will not need such tricks as excessive suspicion.

Do you want your beloved to like you even more? Then, change your tactics and focus your energy on self-development. Develop such character traits as focus, kindness, loyalty, optimism, and a sense of humor. It is these qualities that your lady will appreciate in the first place. 

A sense of style, of course, is out of the question, and good physical fitness should always be on the level. If a woman does not have it, it does not mean she will cheat on you with the first candidate she sees; as we have noted, internal qualities play a more critical role for all women without exception. While they may talk about sexy macho men, thousands of families would already be broken up if girls married only because of their bodies. Sense of style is recommended to improve with the help of the literature and professional advice from stylists.

Every man needs to understand that his woman won't leave him for another man if he takes up his hobby, and most likely, this will happen if you're drinking a lot and not spending time with your family or if you try to go to the "left" at the opportunity. It's also important to understand that you should not bombard your beloved with messages. It causes only irritation and is regarded as an attack on her freedom. After all, she is a person with needs, and she also has a lot of things planned for the day, including meetings, and no one cancels the fatigue. She will most likely want to escape from the one who is always annoying with phone calls.

Strange as it may sound, psychologists, advise changing jobs. A man should stay among a friendly group of women to strengthen his value to himself. So he understands the psychology of women and will be with her on the same wave. Very soon, there will not be a trace of his jealousy, and he will cease to be jealous of the girl to each pillar.

And one more piece of advice, it is crucial for a man to realize that a harmonious union is the work of both partners, including working together on mistakes. Please remember to compliment your girlfriend, but stay moderate. Give gifts, but do just what is necessary. Everything needs a balance. Put mentally into the scales the intimate life and person's charm, and in the other – the moral values and inner qualities; the scales should be at the same level. Change your life for the better!

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