How to proceed to kiss a woman on the first date

Table of contents:

  1. The attitude of a lady to a kiss on a first date: what should a partner take into account?
  2. Three steps that will bring you closer to each other
  3. Attempt to get some privacy at the end of the date
  4. Kiss like a pro
  5. What to do after
  6. How to behave if a girl rejects you

The first date does not always end with a kiss. The lady needs to charm. A man should make a perfect impression so that the girl will let him in, especially if they have met only recently. In addition, no matter who asks the young lady out on a date, he is considered a potential partner for life, while a man does not look that far.

how to kiss on first date

The attitude of a lady to a kiss on a first date: what should a partner take into account?

First, going on a date, you should not count on a kiss. Yes, you can do everything possible to make it happen, but there is no need to wait. Many people do not let a man get close to them at the meeting because they are not sure they need to do it. They decide to take this step after a while.

On the one hand, your pressure is flattering to the fairer sex because it will tell her that you sincerely like her. On the other hand, you may be in a hurry and need only one thing. If both options contradict each other, which one to choose? The best solution is to watch the young lady's behavior and give signals that show her interest, but without excessive pressure. And if you decide to kiss the lady, make sure she understands your intentions. Then, you will charm the lady during the communication, and she will wait for that moment herself.

Three steps that will bring you closer to each other

When dating, take everything seriously: from preparing for it to the last seconds of the meeting. And to fall in love with your chosen one, you need to follow specific rules.

Stage 1: Be the best version of yourself.

To begin with, remember the rules of personal hygiene. For example, take a bath before the date, get a haircut or make a beautiful hairstyle, and use your favorite perfume. Also, ensure that your breath is fresh. Otherwise, no charisma will help.

The second point is clothing. If you have yet to plan a trip to a sporting event, it is better to wear a suit, or at least pants and a shirt. The classic can transform any man. In addition, you will look elegant and presentable in a case.

how to kiss on the first dateCome to the date before the appointed time, at least for 5 minutes. This way, you will show that you appreciate your beloved and crave a meeting with her. If the rendezvous is scheduled in a part of town far away from you, be sure to leave well in advance and consider traffic jams. If you are late, write to the girl, explaining the reason in detail. Otherwise, she will perceive this situation as neglect.

Step 2: Establish intimacy.

Smile and laugh sincerely during the conversation. This way, you show your enthusiasm for your partner. The main thing is that it was not a strained fake smile. It would only push away.

Establish eye contact. It will help build trust and affection. It is okay to look away sometimes, but not when she is talking. Otherwise, your companion may think that you're not listening to her.

Be interested in the young lady. Any girl will not like it if a man talks a lot about himself. So it is essential to be interested in the companion's life, to ask her questions, and show as much sympathy as possible. In principle, everyone likes when people talk about him. It is the best way to unite the conversation partner or the fair sex you want.

Establish a sensory connection. Every time you get a chance to touch her, do it. For example, put your hand on her arm at the table, and touch her back. The main thing is to do just what is necessary. Before an intimate moment, feeling her at least a couple of times is essential. This way, you will create a comfortable environment and understand if she is ready for the next step. After all, if the sweetheart moves away and takes her hand, she does not want closer contact.

Play with the lady. Be sure to compliment her and touch her hand at this moment. If she responds to you in the same way, then, most likely, she is also waiting to continue.

Step 3: Set the mood

At the very end of the evening, stay for a few minutes. During this time, it is not necessary to talk a lot. You can be silent. The main thing is not to be nervous. Next, you should minimize the distance between you. Get closer, take your hair away from your face, or take your hand. Your touch will let her know that you are in the mood for a more intimate moment. If she doesn't turn away, then there's a chance.

Next, you should glance at your companion's lips for only a few seconds. At this point, the mouth should be slightly open. If your beloved will also look at your lips - this is a good sign.

If you still need to figure out if the woman agrees, ask. You can add a compliment to this question to add points to yourself. For example, you can say, "You are so beautiful, I want to kiss you now. Do you mind?". If she answered yes, go ahead. Lean in and press your lips to hers. The kiss should be gentle and sensual. At this time, you need to pay attention to your body language. If your partner starts pulling away, you should not exert excessive pressure.

Attempt to get some privacy at the end of the date

how to kiss on a first dateThe most common option is to directly offer to go to your house for a drink or to be alone in a secluded place. Of course, everyone understands that it's not about any coffee. Some people may even reject this proposal, but everyone will be glad to know that the man liked her.

The second option is to relax and wait for the young lady to show her initiative. However, only a tiny percentage of the fairer sex dares to take such a step and not rely on it.

The third option is to initially invite the young lady to some unfamiliar and noisy place. It may even scare your new friend, but if you create the right atmosphere, she will relax. You can try to repeat the trick from the movies like it's noisy and hot here. I wish we could move to a quieter and more private place. If she agrees, that's already a good sign.

Kiss like a pro

Do not be nervous under any circumstances. Try to calm down. A man should be relaxed and confident. You do not want a woman to feel your clenched lips and rapid heartbeat. If possible, check your breathing, and make sure there is no food residue in your teeth.

You have to wait for the right moment. Then, when it comes, you will know. The moment of intimacy should be perfect so the girl wants to touch your lips again. Do it like in a Hollywood movie: slow and beautiful. You probably saw hundreds of movies where he and she met each other's eyes, stared at each other for a few seconds, and then leisurely and gently kissed each other. It would be best if you repeated this.

Close your eyes before touching. Looking at your partner at this moment is uncomfortable, and it can spoil the mood for both of you. During kissing, use your tongue. It should move in an average rhythm, not fast and not slow. You can start with rhythmic circles and then adjust to the woman's movements.

At the moment of contact, the hands should be kept busy. There is no need to paw the girl actively. Instead, it is better to keep them on your beloved's waist, shoulders, or back, gently stroking her hair. Her body language will tell you how long the kiss will last and whether it is worth continuing. 

What to do after

A second kiss can follow the first one if you see that the partner agrees to it. The pause between them should be brief. Otherwise, I will miss the moment, and the girl will shut down. The second time can be more passionate, stroking her back and hair.

The most awkward moment comes after everything has happened. Your girlfriend looks away shyly, and there is an awkward pause. Relax, and talk. You have already achieved the desired goal. She was interested in you, and then the relationship will continue.

How to behave if a girl rejects you

It can also be the case, but it doesn't mean all is lost. For example, the young lady is flirting, and it seems that the right moment has arisen, but at the last second, she pulls away. One of the options is that you thought that there is reciprocity. In this case, the chance for a further relationship is still there, but it is not worth pushing. The second is that she is interested in you but has yet to be ready. Try to ask the girl about it gently. Maybe she is hampered by the bad experiences of past relationships, and she is just afraid. The main thing is not to get angry; it pushes her away.

In addition, women sometimes don't do this on a first date with someone they like. They are afraid to seem easily accessible and winded, thinking that a man will lose interest in them. Every girl wants to be respected and achieved. Show your woman attention, understanding, and appreciation. If you hook the woman, intimacy will happen in a short time.

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