Sure Signs Your Girlfriend Is Cheating on You

Most girls are sensual and loving creatures. But the fact that a loving woman may want to have more than one man still shocks many people. There is a stereotype that men cheat more often than women. In fact, both women and men are equally unfaithful to each other, but the reasons for this are different for them. In this article, you will find the answer to the most popular question that torture many men.

signs your spouse is cheating

Why women cheat?

At the first stages of a relationship, a man gives his girlfriend attention, gifts, and is ready to get a star from the sky for her. But this doesn’t continue too long and some men start cooling down in a couple of months and some in a couple of years, it is all individual. There is nothing supernatural in it – this is normal for all relationships, people get used to relationships, they cease to treat them in a special way. But does a woman want less attention and concern after all this? No, of course, she wants to return that magical period of falling in love, which pushes her to find another man. And here female infidelity is born.

1. Deficit of care

Many men wonder why women cheat, but not so many think that every girl wants to feel loved, to be 100% sure of this, and not to doubt for a second the sincerity of the words of her loved man. Flowers, compliments, surprises, kisses are the signs of love. Indifference, inattention, and lack of care are the signs your spouse is cheating.

2. Lack of communication

Women need men not only for hugs and kisses but also for communication, reasoning about their problems and experiences. Such conversations bring lovers together, they feel each other’s feelings and emotions, which is very important for most girls. But the problem is that many men either forget about the importance of communication or don’t find even a minute for it. They don’t think that due to their actions, infidelity of a wife becomes more real. And indeed, a woman, whose causes of cheating lie in the absence of communication with her loved man, can find a “companion” with whom she ends conversations in bed very soon and don’t look for the signs that your wife is cheating on you then.

3. Problems with sex

You may be surprised, but for women, physical and emotional components are much more important than sex itself. You can be strong and handsome, but composure and lack of emotions will not make your woman burn with passion and love for you. The problem with most marriages is that for a man, sex with his wife ceases to seem special, he takes it as a commitment, a conjugal duty. What kind of emotional and sensual connection can be there? Why do women cheat? Because they find someone with whom they can feel what they can’t do with their husbands. They can’t stand it and are immersed in the abyss of infidelity because this is the psychology of women.

4. Lack of presence

Women generally don’t like loneliness, what can we say about the state when their hearts and souls are strongly attached to one male person. Yes, it is difficult for most girls to overcome moments of short-term separation from their men – whether they are at work, with friends, on a business trip. Female adultery begins with the birth of thoughts that her man doesn’t need her – a loved wife. women who cheatIt doesn’t happen consciously, a woman is not so stupid to think that a husband is purposefully sitting at work just to get rid of the society of his wife. No, everything happens at the subconscious level. It is difficult to restrain emotions and feelings because they begin to influence rational thinking. Thus, in the absence of a man, a woman begins to “go crazy”, her thoughts begin to fill with sadness and apprehension. Her need for contact with a man openly screams about the problem, thereby, attracting other men.

I want to note that all the listed reasons for cheating are very subjective, they are relevant for most female representatives, but not for absolutely everyone. Some girls are very tolerant of separation and some don’t need sex at all. Therefore, don’t rush to equate everyone because the psychology of female infidelity is too many-sided for this.

Do men or women cheat more?

The generally accepted opinion that men are more prone to cheating than women has been threatened. British sociologists argue that women cheat much more often. Scientists studied 4,000 cases of adultery. They were interested in how easy it is for men and women to agree to cheat and who cheat more often. As a result of the survey, it was found that women who cheat have an average of 2.8 affairs, while men have 1.8 ones. Sociologists note that women are more often drawn to infidelity and, being included in a game, it is already difficult for them to retreat until the goal is achieved. If a man perceives affairs as fleeting, then a woman gives a lot more value to them.

Men chase after sexual pleasures, try to diversify their intimate life and ladies look for not only pleasures in bed but also romantic ties. This explains the fact that women often fall in love with their lovers and men, on the contrary, rarely experience emotional attachment to their mistresses. Also, sociologists believe that when a woman has a desire to cheat, it is almost impossible to stop her. In addition, women have a much greater chance of doing so.

How often women cheat

We have to mention that a certain tendency has already been developed. Female representatives quite often become guilty and cheat on their loved husbands, who, in turn, are ready for everything for the sake of their loved ones. Unfortunately, it is the fact that misunderstandings and betrayals often occur in our days. If we answer the question of how often women cheat on men, statistics will show that, in reality, some of them become unfaithful almost every day. Each case is unique. You should simply understand the fact that everyone behaves differently in a relationship. And yet, how often do women cheat on their husbands? Are there any specific data?

  • There are very devoted women who don’t cheat on their husbands. By the way, they are worthy of respect and praise because not everyone will be able to remain faithful for many years.
  • Other women cheat 1-2 times a month, maybe half a year, but they do it because they simply don’t have enough diversity in their lives. There is a type of girls and women who lack one man and they need much more to get everything they want.
  • Infidelity, which can’t be called intentional. Usually, it occurs once and doesn’t repeat. So, you need to think about whether to call this infidelity.
  • Stable cheating as a way of life. There are such girls. They cheat on their husbands for different reasons. Most often they just want to experience something new and unusual.

And here is an interesting question – at what age are girls most likely to cheat? There is a certain pattern: representatives from 20 to 25 have affairs most often. In general, the younger you are, the greater the desire to experience extreme and get a boost of adrenaline.

Signs your girlfriend is cheating on you

Girls are cunning and can go to a rash act and cheat when you don’t expect it. However, they not always have enough strength and courage to admit this. So, it turns out that infidelity remains hidden. And how do you know that a girl is cheating on you? There are many signs, thanks to which the answer to the question of how to find out if a girl is cheating quickly becomes obvious. So, how to tell if a girl is cheating on you by her behavior?

1. You irritate her not giving a reason

Those days when your communication was perfect and harmonious have gone. Now every sentimental phrase, which you dare to utter, annoys her; in your every word, she sees an excuse for anger. If these scenarios are familiar to you, perhaps she subconsciously tries to justify her infidelity. Thus, she shows signs of guilt after cheating. If she points out every mistake you make, then this is the cause for concern.

2. Your loved one has a “friend”

The appearance of some unknown “friend” whom you have never seen is one of the most suspicious signs of a cheating wife. Maybe she says that this is a new colleague or a school friend, but she never shows him and doesn’t tell specific things about him. How do you think, why? Don’t you think that these are the signs she is cheating with a coworker?

how to tell if a girl is cheating3. She sets priorities not in your favor

If she starts an interesting and passionate romance with someone else, you will definitely feel that you cease to be on the list of her priorities. Suddenly, you stopped going to the movies on Sundays or skating on Saturdays, besides, she went to the dance on Mondays. Usually, at the beginning of a romance, people tend to see each other as often as possible and former relationships remain on the sidelines.

4. A girl tries to look more sexy than usual

You like everything about her, but she unexpectedly starts using a lot of new women’s stuff. Do you remember how you tried to impress each other in every possible way at the dawn of your relationship? It is one thing when she just wants to look better and quite another when she does it, not consulting with you, as if her efforts are aimed at someone else.

5. A girl starts living separately

Her desire to escape from your cozy world for two and become autonomous should also be considered. She stopped saying “we”. Moreover, she begins to do more and more things without you and ceases to ask you about your joint plans. In short, she behaves as if she wants to show you: I don’t need him anymore. Perhaps she hopes that you may understand everything or she needs more time to understand what she wants herself. In any case, the conclusion is that she doesn’t want to be with you and is almost ready to break up.

6. She’s bored spending nights with you

When you started dating, you were both full of passion and were ready to have sex every minute. Now everything has changed and you have sex much less often and only if she wants it. And one more unpleasant moment: while you are having sex, she starts to seem uninteresting, as if thinking about something or someone else. Therefore, if you no longer satisfy her in sex, then perhaps it is because someone else takes over this role. This is one of the clearest signs your wife is cheating.

7. Your loved one doesn’t dedicate time to you

She starts complaining that she doesn’t have a free minute, but she rushes to meet her friend as soon as she (he) calls her. Or she often goes on business trips or works overtime. When she returns, she doesn’t tell much or she tells you about her plans at the last minute constantly changes them and forgets to include you in them.

8. You feel insignificant for her

Apathy towards you is the worst emotion that a girl can feel. She is not interested in you at all; she doesn’t ask you about your desires, thoughts, and feelings. In other words, you have ceased to be important to her.

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