Why Exactly Do Russian Women Make Great Wives?

The popularity of Russian girls for marriage isn’t going anywhere. Why? We all know that Slavic women actually belong to the most beautiful females all over the planet. But that is certainly not what really makes them stand out. Here is the explanation!


7 reasons to marry a Russian woman

1. She is a true lady and knows how to respect men. The very first quality foreigners notice in Russian women is their femininity. Unlike more independent ladies from the West, they are mostly brought up in a patriarchic environment so they do not fight for their rights as hard as their sisters do it. On the other hand, this doesn’t mean a regular Russian girl is unwilling to reach heights in her life and run her own career. I just want you to understand these women are taught to respect men. In your turn, you are supposed to act courteously towards your perfect match since Russians love to divide gender roles in a traditional way.

2. Her life priorities and expectations are determined. I would say that the main reason why so many westerners look for Russian women for marriage is actually their family-oriented minds. While the world is obsessed with short-term relations because modern people are too afraid of commitment, Russian women continue searching for constancy in love. Most ladies from Russian Federation would never choose a career over a family. Their biggest dream is to meet a decent man for building a strong relationship. Children are an important component of a healthy family as well; a Russian girl definitely knows she will once become a mother. So she tries to get ready for her mission well ahead.

happy-mother3. She approaches relationships seriously. As a consequence of what I’ve told you above, Russian ladies don’t really want to waste their precious time and individual resources on males who can’t state their dating goals clearly. Usually, a Russian girl sees any attractive man she meets as her potential husband so she will estimate you thoroughly. You should be ready! Another core Russian characteristic is loyalty. Women from this land want their love last as long as possible (ideally, forever). They demonstrate impressive fidelity in marriage and want their beloved ones to do the same.

4. Her intellect and flexibility allow her to effectively support you. If you go to Slavic dating sites to only find a hot Russian wife, you are wrong. Most of these girls have something behind their outer attractiveness – kindness, bravery, wisdom, charisma etc. On average, any Russian girl receives a higher education and attends some extra classes with the purpose to develop her talents and capabilities. Likewise, her intelligence helps her manage routine issues of different kinds.

5. She aims to get to know your soul via being sincere. You can’t marry a Russian girl several months after you’ve got acquainted. Well, there are ladies who hunt for foreign single men but we are talking about women who go online with fair intentions. To some westerners coming to Russia, it might seem like people there neglect most etiquette rules. Yet this is just how the mystifying Russian soul is expressed. They tend to behave suspiciously towards strangers they meet but when you establish a connection, they show all their merits!

6. She will provide you with her caring attitude. A typical Russian woman struggles to make her beloved man happy because this keeps her in high spirits. When citizens of the European Union or the USA have inner problems, they likely go to psychotherapists. Russians still appreciate many Soviet traditions. In the past, they didn’t have so many opportunities to receive professional consultations. Today, most Russians prefer discussing everything with their closest friends or relatives. So your Russian wife will always do her best to understand you and to help you deal with your difficulties.

7. Such a woman will do everything to get along with your family. If you manage to find a Russian bride, keep in mind she will be happy to meet your family prior to making any critical decisions. When the bond between you two becomes certain, she will definitely invite you to her place. Do not hesitate to do the same! Marrying a woman who comes from the other culture is also beneficial for your lifestyle. For example, Russian ladies are very skilled at housework and they all are literally obsessed with healthy nutrition. Your existence can change for the better!

These were the 7 key reasons you should think about Russian dating. I want now to give you advice on how to actually find a compatible romantic partner from overseas.

How to get a Russian wife: simple instructions

Know where to search for a potential bride. There are many ways to find a Russian wife: you can check out immigrant communities in your home area or travel to Russian and nearby countries. Or you can go to online dating sites that provide access to single Slavic women. The latter is probably the easiest because you can chat to a number of candidates simultaneously and make your choice after you become close enough with one of them. The essential thing here is that you should carefully pick a reliable dating service.romantic-evenong

Determine your goal. Considering what you already know about Russian brides, it is obvious that you should be honest with yourself and with your prospective girlfriend. Do not make ill-advised steps! Decide what your aim of acquaintance is and make sure you are mentally prepared for long-term relationships with women. Pay attention to what’s written on ladies’ dating profiles: they specify what kind of men they look for and what they want to get from this relation. When two people have similar purposes, it is much easier for them to develop the romantic connection.

Use different methods and techniques. Do not instantly focus on one and only candidate. The Internet today is full of hot Russian brides so you need to communicate with each of them properly before choosing your preferred match. So I recommend you gradually narrowing down your circle of prospective girlfriends. Also, it is wrong to have text chats only. Try live video conversations, exchange contacts and find your most comfortable regime of interaction!

Master the art of flirting. Russian girls want to be wooed because they highly appreciate all those common romantic stuff. Though men should make the first step, you don’t have to be overly intrusive or assertive with such a woman. But I suggest you show your potential bride how chivalrous and mindful you can be. Vary the tone of your conversations by tackling big issues and funny topics – this will give each of you a comprehensive impression about who you talk to.

Be yourself. Western men often lose the ability to speak when they see so many beautiful Russian brides on the Internet. It seems to them like these ladies are unapproachable. Yet the reality is quite different: Russian women want to build love with confident gentlemen. What they can’t stand is artificialness, so don’t wear a mask! Just be the best version of yourself and project self-assurance. Your prospective wife wants to learn your essence for the beginning and she wants to see who you really are. I can definitely tell you she searches for someone she can feel comfortable with!

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