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Most men find it difficult to imagine a date with a girl without alcohol: to make communication easy and become closer, it is not enough to amaze her with your charm. You need at least a glass of sparkling wine to interest a girl. So, how to behave if you meet sober singles? You have to know what such girls are.

About Non-Drinking Girls

Sometimes, there are sober singles around us. That is, they don’t drink at all – either on holidays or on the New Year and even on their birthday. The reasons can be completely different. Someone doesn’t drink for ideological reasons, another one just doesn’t like this activity. Non-drinking girls are very pleasant in communication. Moreover, you will not be ashamed of them. They don’t drink at parties, lead a healthy lifestyle, travel, enjoy life, and feel the best without alcohol. Moreover, if you have an addiction, such a girl can help you get rid of it. And don’t think that they’re boring. On the contrary, they can show you the world from the other side.

What Are the Pros of Dating Sober Girls?

If your girl doesn’t drink, this has a lot of advantages. At least, you can be sure of her good health. She will not get drunk, torment you with stupid questions and requests, and so on. In this case, the main thing is not to make her drink if you do it yourself. Accept her as she is and don’t try to change her.

· Lead an active lifestyle

The main advantage of girls from non-drinking dating sites is that they monitor their health. Poor ecology affects women’s health, leads to their rapid aging, and the development of serious diseases. If a woman poisons herself with alcohol, then she shortens her life by tens of years.

· They’re strong

Sobriety strengthens the will and develops a personality: the rejection of alcohol encourages a girl to find new skills and improve existing abilities to solve problems. Sober methods of rest and stress relief strengthen a woman, fill her with energy and power, and lift the spirit.

· They have great friends

Non-drinking girls can’t have a lot of friends. They carefully approach the choice of their environment. Most likely, such a girl finds friends with the same interests – first of all, it should be people with a healthy lifestyle. That is why trying sober dating online, you should tell her about your preferences in advance.

· They’re never hungover

Trying sober online dating, you should know that such women never have questions like how much to drink so that to feel good in the morning. After all, unequivocally safe doses of alcohol don’t exist. Any amount of alcohol is intoxication with all the consequences. With the complete abandonment of strong drinks, overdose is simply impossible.

· They’re like guardian angels

If you are at some party with friends, she always monitors the amount of alcohol you drink. She understands the consequences that may be and will stop you when she realizes that it is enough. She will never let you drive a car and much more. So, you are lucky if your girl doesn’t drink alcohol. It is often about Ukrainian girls!

What Are the Cons of Dating Sober Girls?

However, everything is not so simple when you date a girl from a sober dating website. No one says that you have to drink to semi-unconscious state, but still, alcohol sometimes helps brighten up everyday life. And if your girl doesn’t drink, and even forbids you to do it, then, first of all, you may face a misunderstanding.

· You can’t drink with her

Sometimes after a hard day’s work, you want to come home and relax drinking a glass of red wine. And it would be cool to do it with your girlfriend. It relaxes the atmosphere. But unfortunately, if your girlfriend doesn’t drink, you can’t force her to do it together. Most likely, you will do it alone.

· You will be convicted after drinking

There are non-drinking girls who are uncomfortable among those who drink. Don’t make assumptions. You may not have to give up habits to please your girl. If you use a dating site for sober singles and find a girl there, then ask her straightforwardly how she relates to alcohol and respect any of her positions.

· You may not have fun without alcohol

Of course, alcohol gives a feeling of lightness and relaxation. All parties are accompanied by alcohol as they are more fun with it. But if your girl is from a sober dating site, you will not relax to the fullest. After all, even if you are incredibly fun together, sometimes you want to warm up a relationship drinking alcohol.

In order to dance till the morning, have fun and talk about everything all night, it is not at all necessary to be a lover of alcohol. So, if a girl refuses to drink with you, this doesn’t mean that she is a stingy bore and will not want to have fun on a date with you. Most likely, she is even better than those who drink alcohol.